Man Casual Prolix. On a roll.

He was first to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Corncob 3D. Machine.

Thanks to Planky for sending it in!

Good luck with today's effort. it's by Lysander. Good luck!


    Chibi Robo

    I want to say Monument Valley.
    Strangely, I also want to say Snake, Rattle and Roll.
    I say both of these things pretty sure that it's neither.

    Futurama Video Game ?

    But seriously all I can see is a power plug adapter ?

    Escape from the Planet of Monster Robots?

      That was the first thing the isometric view made me think of.
      I don't know anyone else that's even heard of that game. Old school.

        I distinctly remember it because it was the first game I ever played on anything other than my old Commodore 64 or Amstrad.

        At the time the graphics blew me away... and actually they're still quite charming.

    Super Mario 64?
    Or Bomberman 64?

    Last edited 18/02/16 1:35 pm

    720 Degrees

    *Edited for specific-ness ;)

    **hrm, on second thought the NES version is slightly different. Maybe Amstrad? Definitely 720 though.

    Last edited 18/02/16 1:57 pm

      Almost got 2 hours out of that one...

        Never understood the killer bees or whatever they were :)

    First thought was the face of that Mud guy from Star Wars Podracer for n64...definitely not though.

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