Lysander's ScribbleTaku lasted two hours yesterday. That's a good innings. Congrats to Gemini who correctly guessed 720 Degrees!

Good luck with today's effort.



    Super Mario Land GB.

    Apologies Mark, played the heck out of that as a kid and its stuck in my memory

    Last edited 19/02/16 12:19 pm

      Damn, was too slow. :-(
      On one of the rare ones I knew too.

      Last edited 19/02/16 12:26 pm

      Don't apologize, it lasted 3 minutes. That's 2 more than usual! :P

        They dont usually appear bang on 12:15, at least not here. Usually takes a minute or two to pop onto the feed.

          I mash refresh every 30 or so seconds every once it hits 12:15 for ST

            I've done the same and still found its taken a few minutes to appear. Might just be me (at work, there would be some filters), and doesnt really worry me, but it does happen.

            If you look across the three sites, you'll notice that stories always get timestamped on the quarter hour, which to me seems like a tall order to pull off, so just assume theres a lag either way with that time stamp rounding off.

      Super Mario Land on the Super Game Boy, because of the square border around the main frame of the game...
      (if I snake this victory from you, I apologise)


    I'd say Super Mario Bros 3 but people seem pretty sure it's not.

      Totally see why you would think that, but it's the GB version for sure! Was one of the first GB games I got and played the hell out of it! No mistaking it! :)

      Because they're right :)

    Dang, should've got up earlier :P

    Totally picked it from the thumbnail.

      Yeah, I was training all day today, and only just got to see now. Just figures it'd be one that I knew immediately.

      Ahh, all that time spent... Also, some Nintendo comic I pored over for years, where Mario busts out of the GB version and some 90s teen helps him out.

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