Welp, looks like my victory was short-lived.

Congrats to Batguy (and shout-out to Nexi) for guessing that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Streets of Rage.

Good luck with today's (ridiculous good) drawing from Tallen Boyd.


    It's a the look of it from a JRPG. So I'm gonna guess Tales of Xillia

    Wow, I would have thought something so detailed would get recognised straight away but this thing's hardly been touched. Must be obscure as hell.

    Also, that's no scribble :P

    That colour's making my head hurt! It's so familiar. :(

      This right here ^ ive been on google the last hour going through all the RPGs in my brain trying to trigger the pathways.... its so frustratingly familiar..

      This here as well, I am almost certain it is a snes era RPG but buggered if I can remember which. I know I know it and tomorrow or whenever I will have a mighty "dammit, I knew that" moment but I'm just not there today.

    man, I guess I had better draw a clue for tomorrow. it is pretty ambiguous I will admit... that's why I did it >:D

    One of the Heroes of Might and Magic games? IV perhaps?

    Tales of Phantasia for the SNES? Or maybe Lufia? It has that kind of RPG vibe.

    I have seen this compass before. But where... gah!

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