That pesky Batguy did it again, he managed to guess Tallen Boyd's delightfully scribbled ScribbleTaku. It was indeed Rolo To The Rescue. Well done to Batguy and thanks to Tallen Boyd for sending in such gorgeous drawings.

Today's scribble comes from your boy Decoy.

He bet me $5 it would last more than 15 minutes.


    Aha! nobody will ever guess its Biker Mice from Mars!

    That is a slot machine but from what game. GTA San Andreas?

    Definitely the much-awaited Resident Evil pachinko

    I was going to say the slot machine from Duke Nukem Forever but it only had three reels.

    A Sonic Fruit Machine? (guessing that's a ring from sonic there)

    Dammit! I know what this is! It's on the tip of my fingers....

      Keep guessing. Nobody has come close :)

    I see a face with a CHRISTMAS hat

    Viva Pinata I think. Looks like the shop Menu.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure its Costalot's store from Viva Pinata.

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