Slap That Arse, Ryu

Slap That Arse, Ryu

Gif via sirius89 Turns out the same animation meddling that allowed the return of R. Mika's butt slap in Street Fighter V also lets Ryu (and anyone else, I guess) get all slap-happy on their own derrière.

This swapping of models also allows for wonderful scenes like this, where Ryu's character model is used for both Laura and R. Mika, and which is how I'm forever going to remember Street Fighter V:

Slap That Arse, Ryu


    If Ryu slapped his butt for real I doubt it would be censored. Or get angry comments.

      If Ryu slapped his butt while wearing a costume as revealing as R. Mika's, I think there would be some complaints.

      1. "Censored" is the wrong word.
      2. There'd be plenty of angry comments about Ryu being "gay"
      3. Surely you understand that context is relevant

    I've not really been a fan of the visual style they went for with SFV, thinking the characters look like something between a PVC and plasticine model. Seeing that last gif makes it look even more like that but in gif form it also looks kinda cool so I'm not sure what's different (Maybe the reduced colour depth?). Capcom should add it as an alternate costume though.

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    This is fantastic and I love it.

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    I somehow think those animations would be better with Ryus grim voice.

    OMG i've been triggered. #proudfeminist #blacklivesmatter #gamergate

    What a dream boat. I'm lost in his eyes

    Ya see everyones okay with this one cause its Ryu this time lmao.

    but honestly who wouldnt be okay with this, that beard is so good.

    This is the kind of options I like to see.

    Anyone else remember the hilarity of Soul Calibur's theatre mode? Swapping characters around in the cutscenes and have them act wacky - sexy Lizardman!

      Spent so much time substituting characters in the intro. Fantastic feature.

      YEEEEESSS that was the best! SC needs to come back strong. The character creator was amazing.

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