SMITE Injects Another $100,000 Into Australian Esports

The kitty for local esports continues to grow, with SMITE developers Hi-Rez announcing that $100,000 would be given away in Australia alone in 2016 for their third-person free-to-play MOBA.

The interesting key with SMITE's prize pool is their focus on sustainability. Rather than investing into one major tournament, Hi-Rez are spreading the $100,000 across three separate stages. Each stage will have an offline finals as well, with the first being the CGPL Autumn LAN on April 16-17.

Cybergamer, the largest tournament website in Australia, will have the responsibility for hosting qualifiers for SMITE's Pro League. Those will kick off towards the end of this month, with the Challenger's Cup starting on March 7.

Despite the growing local scene, Australia's international SMITE record hasn't been too crash hot. Avant Garde won a spot at PAX Australia last year to represent Oceania at the global SMITE championships in January, but they ended up being summarily dismissed from the tournament after their first two matches.


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