Some Of 2015's Best Games Are On Sale On Steam

Okay, another Steam sale. I know. I know. You can't take it any more, but wait.

Some of 2015's best games are on-sale right now. That's pretty cool.

I mean, we can argue about game of the year till we're blue in the face but...

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is 50% off at US$29.99 Rocket League is 35% off at US$12.99 Undertale is 20% off at US$7.99 Ori And The Blind Forest is 50% off at US$9.99 Hand of Fate is 66% off at US$8.49 Fallout 4 is 33% off at US$53.56 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is 25% off at US$44.99

So yeah, when you look at it from that perspective, that's pretty much a solid games of 2015 list right there.

Anyway, not the grandest Steam sale ever, but still some good stuff in there...


    I spotted Shadow of Mordor for US$16.49 (75% off) and Invisible Inc for US$9.99 (50% off).

    Also Spelunky is US$2.99, probably the lowest price yet. Did you know I like Spelunky? It has consumed my soul.

      It's one game I just have to admit to myself I will never beat. I love it to bits, though.

      Spelunky is damn good. Really nails that 'one more go' feeling. It has a really surprising amount of depth and intricacy too.

    Shadow of Mordor GOTY has been US$14 or so for the last 3 months on some of the indie games sites...

    Spelunky looks good though (if you don't already have it)

    Can't recommend Undertale enough. Probably my game of 2015. One of those rare games that stick with you long after you've played.

      I still haven't played it. Thinking about picking it up in the sale.

        Dude. We both already know that everyone is all like "you HAVE to play Undertale!!!!" ... But seriously, it'll be the best US$8 you spend on games this year. Best part about it - it doesn't take that long to play through.

          I really did not like the game. I made it to the 2 hour mark before giving up so I gave it a decent shot but I just wasn't feeling the humour and I felt like the game would have been better for me if it had less actual gameplay :P

          Having read about the story and some of the nifty things the game does later on, I get why people like it but it is not and would not have been my cup of tea.

    Pretty much my whole wish list is on sale, but my new years resolution was to start working on my pile of shame.

    Most of my wishlist is on sale too. So I've gotten a few bargains in this sale. Hitman Absolution for US$5. The Escapists bundle for US$8-ish. I'm contemplating Tomb Raider (the 2013 one) which is also US$5 (or US$7-ish for the GOTY edition) and Metro Redux bundle is going for US$7-ish.

    It does still pay to shop around, though. I've found one or two games on my wishlist were even cheaper elsewhere. One game was cheaper on the Humble store and one was cheaper on the Mac game store.

    I have enough games. I have enough games. I have enough games.

    (I'm too scared to check out what's in the sale)

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