Star Wars Versus Mario Kart Is The Best Thing Ever

OK. This is some next level stuff.

Mario Kart meets Star Wars. Super high production, super cool ideas. Mario in an X-Wing, Bowser Jr. in a broken Tie Fighter. This is unreal.

It was created by YouTube channel Dark Pixel. This is one of the best video game related YouTube videos I think I've ever seen. Unreal. Everything about it is on the money. Everything.


    Man. This needs to be a thing.

    I hope Mario Kart 9 has a track editor.

    Last edited 11/02/16 8:27 am

      Prediction: It'll be a entirely separate software package.
      Mario Kart Maker.

        I'd still buy it. I would welcome a second mario kart in the same console generation.

          Nintendo are sort of doing DLC now, so it could be an add on.

          I'd settle for more track packs. Or a Double dash expansion.

    Mark, that's a broken Tie Interceptor, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

      Came to post exactly that. The TIE Fighter is Bowser's vehicle, more specifically Vader's custom model.

        Well technically Darth Vader's TIE is an early TIE-Advanced know as the X1. Not to be confused with the "relegated to legends" TIE-Advanced (or TIE-Avenger)

          I bow to your clearly superior knowledge.

    If this was on the Wii-U, I'd buy another one tomorrow.

    More to the point, make this a launch title on the next console and slaughter the marketplace.

    No idea how this works...but it does. Genuinely top notch stuff across the board. The details of both Star Wars and Mario Kart are excellent, the music is a brilliant combination of both. Approve of this, Yoda does.

    Hot dang that IS one of the best video game related matchups i've ever seen, amazing work!

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