Street Fighter V On PS4 Versus Street Fighter V On PC

Street Fighter V is out this week. It's a big deal.

But what format should you get it on? Console or PC? I guess that depends on a number of different factors, but if you care about the nitty gritty of visual performance, this is the video for you.

It's by those goddamn wizards over at the Digital Foundry, and goes into the nitty gritty of the differences between the PC version and the PS4 version of Street Fighter V. Personally, I prefer the ease of playing on console, but this might be helpful if you're struggling to decide what platform to buy.


    The differences aren't that noticeable to me tbh. I'm getting on ps4 because I spent an insane amount of money on a Mad Catz ps4 stick

      Have you tried connecting it to your computer with ds4windows? that might do the trick

        Yeah that should work, I'm just concerned about any issues such as input delay and the like. Its just more the fact that I got into the ps4 beta last year and at that point old sticks weren't an option so I caved and brought a new stick that honestly cost almost as much as my ps4 lol

    I've had my PS4 for less than a year and the touchpad on the controller seems to be stuffed. I've checked and it seems like a common issue.

    So that's nice.

    I might dive into the fight stick scene at last. Question:

    Best way to hold/sit while using one of those things? I am half-toying with the idea of a standing desk-like setup ie like an actual arcade case.

      I find the best way (and most common) is just resting on my lap while sitting. Having a standing set up would be pretty good to I reckon.

      Best way is whatever's comfortable. Resting it on your lap is incredibly common but there are pro players that rest their stick on a chair in front of them or even sit on the ground. I play at my desk, so I just slap my stick down where my keyboard normally is.

    Noob question, but how do they get both versions to show the exact same action?

      Cross-play. They set up multiplayer matches between PC and PS4 then record both.

        Thanks! Should have been able to work that out myself, but as usual couldn't :P

          Dude mentions it in the video twice if you were watching with sound

    Big deal? I went into eb and it was a ghost town never seen it so empty

      Maybe everyone went elsewhere because EB sucks?

      From another Kotaku article:

      This time the winner is Big W, with a price of $64. EB Games seems to be selling the game at full retail price ($99.95) for now.

      Last edited 16/02/16 11:57 am

    street fighter iv was full of cheaters on pc, will probably be the same on this version.
    cross-play will spread them to both :(

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