Street Fighter V’s Ridiculous Breast Physics Are Still In The Game 

Street Fighter V’s Ridiculous Breast Physics Are Still In The Game 

Last year, Capcom (hilariously) assured us that the bouncy jiggle of Chun Li’s breasts was actually just a glitch. Eventually, Capcom said, they’d fix it.

Well, now the game is out, and… uh, the exaggerated breast physics are still in there, as you can see in this video by Eurogamer:

As we reported in 2015, the breast glitch only happens on the second player side. At the time, Capcom said it was just a peculiar hiccup in the E3 build of the game, which they planned to “fix”. Seems like they didn’t get to it!

Obviously, this is far from a dealbreaker when it comes to Street Fighter V, and the game seems to have a number of more important issues that Capcom should probably see to first, like server stability and better single-player offerings. It’s just funny to see this particular peculiarity still in the game after all this time.

It’s such a weird glitch, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that not all women characters have it in the first place. Video games, ladies and gentlemen.


      • Gotta remember its source – Japanese company. It’s pretty clear its heavily influenced by manga and they love to exaggerate just about every feminine quality.

        • …did you guys read the article? It’s about a glitch in the game, where boob physics are on for P2 but not for P1 at the character select screen. That’s got nothing to do with culture.

    • I find it disgusting… that Patty H basically stole Eurogamer’s article for clicks. Why do your own ‘journalism’ when you can steal someone else’s?

      • I can’t speak about particular individuals and I have no stats to back this up, but I’m guessing that a large chunk of writers are just paid bloggers with no journalism backgrounds.

        The majority of these ‘articles’ are just rehashes from other sites or Reddit. Once in a while there’s some good stuff, but the standard as a whole is pretty shit.

        • You need to notice who are the author of each articles. Generally US articles are quite rubbish and there are a few of them that you can’t take their article seriously. Patricia is one of them, thus the article of such quality.

        • If you can show me where anybody actually said that, I’d appreciate it. Different bugs/problems can get different articles, you know.

          • Have you seen the outrage since it was shown from the e3 footage last year? It has been going on and on until now to the point that it is silly that despite their huge issue with the server, somehow, the boob jiggle deserve another article worth discussing.

          • Well it is somewhat of note that it was pointed out at E3 last year and specifically addressed by Capcom as something that needs and will be fixed, but then the final product is released and it’s still right there for all to see.

          • Yeah but in all seriousness, is that boob physics glitch really deserve the amount of exposure and complaints as it is? I mean it is just a boob physics.

            I’d be too busy trying to combo and use skills than staring at the boob jiggle.

          • Server issues happen to every game in launch week – especially when the single-player stuff won’t be patched in until June – and usually go away fairly quick. Something actually coded into the game, however, does not… especially if “it was just a bug” and “we thought we fixed it already”.

          • especially if “it was just a bug” and “we thought we fixed it already”.
            Are you implying that it’s not a bug? If it really wasn’t a bug, it wouldn’t be restricted to player 2 and it wouldn’t only appear in the character select screen.

          • No, I’m saying the bug survived their initial sweep, so it’s deeper in than they thought. Which usually takes longer to fix than “everyone crowding a game at launch”.

  • I’d be more worried about the character outfits then the physics for the lady characters. Not a game I’ll be playing when anyone else is in the room which is a shame.

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