Streets Of Rage II, Binary Domain, Condemned Are Free On Steam (For Now)

Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, Condemned Are Free On Steam (For Now)

Big Bo! Big Bo! As part of Sega's "Make War Not Love" promotion, it's continuing to give away a bunch of PC games on Steam. To get 'em, head over to Sega's website and click on the "redeem prize" button, which prompts Sega to send you a code via email.

Sega had previously given away Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, and Hell Yeah! You have to pay for them now, unfortunately, but hey, more free games are coming.

Next up? Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops (underrated!), and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Streets of Rage II, Binary Domain, Condemned Are Free On Steam (For Now)


    Damn it, somehow missed the article on this yesterday.

    Ohwell, got this lot at least.

      That sucks. We post links to our articles on Twitter and Facebook, so you won't miss out next time. At least you found out before all the bundles came and went!

    the next unlock is worth it just for Gunstar Heroes alone. such a good game.

    Free? I love free!

    "Must supply email address for subscription"

    No problem!

    *Makes new spam email*

    All I've received so far was an 80% off voucher for Alpha we actually get free games?

    Nevermind - Steam bugged out, entered the code again and it gave me the free games.

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