Strong Game Sales Are Helping Power Nintendo

Strong Game Sales Are Helping Power Nintendo

Nintendo has posted their financial data for the nine month period between April and December of 2015, showing some rather strong software sales: just Splatoon sold over four million copies, for example. For the 3DS, Nintendo's best-selling game in this period was Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, selling at a total of 2.93 million units worldwide. The Wii U had two major sellers released for it in the same period, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, which sold a whopping 4.06 million and 3.34 million units worldwide, respectively.

On the hardware side, compared to the same period last year, there hasn't been much change for the Wii U: Nintendo sold 3.06 million consoles compared to last year's 3.03 million consoles:

  • Japan: 0.75 million units (vs last year's 0.49 million units)
  • Americas: 1.45 million units (vs 1.64 million units)
  • Everywhere else: 0.87 million units (vs 0.9 million units)

There's been a drop in worldwide unit sales for the 3DS — 5.88 million vs 7.08 million:

  • Japan: 2.01 million units (vs last year's 2.81 million units)
  • Americas: 1.98 million units (vs 2.19 million units)
  • Everywhere else: 1.88 million units (vs 2.08 million units)

However, it's worth noting that the bulk of these 3DS sales are for the New Nintendo 3DS which, distributed between its two models, moved a total of 4.23 million units worldwide in this period. That's over 70 per cent of total 3DS sales, and well over last year's figure of 1.84 million New 3DS units sold worldwide.

As a result of its sales (which includes some strong Amiibo numbers), Nintendo generated an operating income of 42.4 billion yen ($500 million) for the period, which is an approximately 34 per cent increase compared to last year's figure of 31.6 billion yen ($372 million).

[Nintendo, April-December 2015]


    So what is the install base of the Wii-U , and also the 3DS now?

    Last edited 03/02/16 9:48 am

      12.6m and just under 58m, respectively.

      Wii u isn't selling so hot, but it has a decent attach ratio, and Nintendo games both cost fae less to make than the usual Aaa fare, and they never go on sale.

      Splatoon and Mario maker are all profit. Mk8 has sold over 7m copies.

    Splatoon is awesome. One of the best purchases I ever made.

    Here's a little test, watch the amount of articles and Youtube Reactions (Patent Pending) about 'Nintendo VR' based off what seems to be an imprecise or off-handed remark by an analyst on social media.

    That's apparently becoming the sideshow to the overall financial condition of the company.

    Which is fine I suppose, but that's exactly the sort of funny business that made even audiences of enthusiast sites think the Wii U was an add-on.

      I see what you did with the reactions (Patent Pending) :P

    Nonsense. Everybody knows that Nintendo doesn't have a clue what they are doing and should stop making hardware to focus on releasing their games in PS and XB... At least that's what the internet keeps telling me.

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