Super Mario Parkour In Augmented Reality Is Beautifully Bonkers

Super Mario Parkour In Augmented Reality Is Beautifully Bonkers

Video: Meet two parkour superstars who bring the Mario brothers to life in this spellbinding display of ninja-like gymnastics. As you can see, no CGI Koopa Troopa is safe. The video was made by the folks at Dark Pixel, a YouTube channel that released a similar video three years ago. This sequel is just as awesome as the first. These guys need to be fighting crime or competing in the Olympics. Or just keep making Nintendo-themed parkour videos until the end of time. Watch the whole glorious, Goomba-stomping video below:

[Dark Pixel]

GIF via YouTube


    Is it really AR if all you're doing is editing in CGI afterwards? I'm pretty sure augmented reality would only apply if this is what the guys doing parkour were actually seeing.

    Last edited 26/02/16 1:52 pm

    Yeah, unless it's rendered on the fly, it's just post / comp. I love how majority of game journos have no idea when proper use of these terms apply.

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