SUPERHOT Has Some Super Cool Easter Eggs

There's nothing better than a cool Easter Egg, and when your game starts up with an interface that is a little bit like the PCs from The Talos Principle or the first Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can bet there are some good eggs to find.

When you load up SUPERHOT, apart from the core game — superhot.exe — there are a bunch of other folders that you can open and wander around in.

The first I immediately checked out was the Games folder, but then wondering whether SUPERHOT had a Galaga-style game the same way the Mortal Kombat arcade machines did.

There's two games in there: shrl.exe, which I still haven't been able to play due to some form of "piracy protection", and treedude.exe.

Treedude is cool. He's got a nice ASCII beanie.

It's basically a super simple game that relies on speed and sensibility. Press the left or right arrow keys to chop from either the left or right side of the tree. Don't run into a branch. Simple stuff.

But there's plenty more stuff as well. You can view the original trailers through the fake operating system that doubles as the UI. The fun part, however, is that you'll only be able to view them through the limited graphics of the OS.

Here's what the original SUPERHOT trailer looks like, for reference.

And here's what it looks like in-game:

Not really watchable for long stretches, but it's a cool touch nonetheless. There are two other videos in there as well, featuring one about video games that involves a lot of people screaming. A lot. "Endless competitive fun," the trailer mentions.

It seems a bit creepy, but people have already pointed out that it's a trailer for a Google Cardboard game made by the SUPERHOT developers and Submachine Factory. It's called Ready Steady Mental, and the objective is "to scream and shake your head for 10 seconds". "The more you go nuts, the higher the score."

But back to SUPERHOT. There's a whole stack of ASCII art in one of the folders, and some faux VR demos that remind me a little of the old DirectX test that used to run sometimes when you'd install a new game or were just messing around in DXDIAG menus.

There's not one, but two carpet generators.

On top of that, you can waste some time watching a bunch of apps that makes me feel like you're browsing through test applications for BASIC.

It's not something that every game can do, but now SUPERHOT has got me thinking: what other games this year are going to riff on the "game within a game" theme? Or the concept of messing about with a fake OS?


    This game is the most innovative shooter I've played in years.

      I don't want to spoil the ending...

    This game has such innovative gameplay that would be so well suited to superhero games. Consider a Flash or Quicksliver game where you could control when you go into slo-mo mode to deal with large amounts of enemies, it would be so fun!

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