SUPERHOT Trolls Console Players With A Master Race Joke

SUPERHOT has got some pretty awesome Easter Eggs, but PC fans might get the biggest kick out of this one.

If you've read Kirk's review, you'll know that SUPERHOT has a little more going on than you'd expect. The game launches into an operating system that's a little reminiscent of DOS, and as you play you'll encounter text messages and IRC-like chat rooms.

One of those, accessible from the main menu, lets you listen in on a channel called #hacking. The text isn't too bad — it would have passed for a regular conversation on Austnet back in the late 1990's.

It's actually worth checking back in with the #hacking channel over the course of the game, as the conversations seem to change depending on how far through the game you are. If you fire it up before starting the game, and you're patient enough, you'll get some helpful tips about the in-built replays.

You don't get this information at any point throughout the game, even after uploading multiple replays to the third-party Killstagram service.

Thing is: SUPERHOT isn't just launching on platforms that rely on a mouse and keyboard. It's coming to consoles too. And one of the "hackers" thought to ask this — what if you don't have a numpad? What if you're playing SUPERHOT with a controller?

The ensuing kerfuffle is one that any moderator of an IRC channel would have appreciated back in the day. (Because it was an easy call on whether to ban or kick those involved.)

And if you keep watching, the #hacking channel launches into a chant of SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.



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