Sydney Has A Sexy New Cosplay Competition

And it's got a huge cash prize. Cosplay competitions have been cropping up all over the place in the last year, though none are quite like this one. This year, Sydney's Sexpo will be inviting cosplayers to show off their most risqué costumes, competing for the chance to win a $2000 prize along with flights and accommodation for one of Sexpo's other Australian events.

Sexy cosplay at pop culture conventions is a contentious issue — for the most part they're marketed as family friendly events, so at what point should an outfit be considered inappropriate? Some conventions in the US and UK are 18+, serving as an 'outlet' for costumes that otherwise might not be welcomed.

Considering Sexpo has a man running around literally covered in dicks, a sexy cosplay is unlikely to draw even a second glance. While not everyone is going to be happy about it, the Sexpo cosplay competition is actually filling an important void in the Australian cosplay scene.

The competition works on the same premise as most traditional cosplay competitions. The judging criteria seems a little different however:

Competitors will be considered for heat selection, and again during the heats and the final, on two criteria: 1. Most creative and sexy cosplay outfit 2. The most creative interaction the competitor has with the MC/Host and audience

Image via What A Big Camera

While the stakes are high (to my knowledge the largest cash prize offered for an Aussie cosplay comp to date) the competition seems like it's going to be a bit of fun — all in line with Sexpo's aim of celebrating sexuality, of course. While some people may think this is at odds with the more serious side of cosplay, the hobby actually has its roots in some pretty NSFW stuff. The rules aren't as strict as other cosplay competitions either, with the guidelines inviting cosplayers to dress as literally anything they can think of:

•Your favourite adult star from your favourite movie (before they get undressed) •Create a sexy version of your favourite movie or TV star •Sexy Superhero or Villain •Indulge in kink, latex, bondage or leather cosplay •Video game characters •Anything you can imagine – there are no restrictions on what you can dress as

It's interesting to note that 'video game characters' is the only category that doesn't have a 'sexy version of' qualifier tacked on. Hmm...

The competition will run in four heats of ten costumes each, with each heat winner taking home $500 and the grand final winner getting an extra $1500. With $3500 in prize money on the line, I won't be surprised if plenty of cosplayers get their sexy on this May.


    Do cosplayers get annoyed when their revealing costumes at a normal convention end up on blog sites under click bait "10 sexy cosplay costume" type articles? Or do they want those pictures to be going viral?

    Last edited 18/02/16 3:37 pm

      It's usually the language that's annoying and unnecessary. "This cosplayer titillates with a sexy shiny latex catsuit, showing off her ample cleavage."

      Also the calibre of sites that publish those are unlikely to credit properly or link back.

    Sexy cosplay, you say?

      The Gookygief will be out to play? I mean pay. I mean get paid?

        Perhaps this calls for a greater power :P

      Hell yeah, there'll be sexy Professor Xavier, and sexy Howard the Duck, and sexy Daleks, and sexy Street Sharks

      All the sexy stuff

    Everyone is just too clean in cosplays IMO, they need to roll around in some dirt first... hehe

    Bonus points for Orgazmo!! [and chodaboy]

    Last edited 18/02/16 4:49 pm

    So, there's going to be accurate Dejah Thoris cosplayers and the typical things seen at World/Dragon*con afterdark. What thing's, well think of bodypaint applied to a nude female in the style of Rainbow Dash & Sally Acorn and go from there.
    From what I gather a Sally cosplayer actually did that at a family friendly Con and pics supposedly exist and I'd like to verify their epicness as the RD I've seen was somewhat lacking.

      I don't know what this means but it makes me feel bad

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