Tales Of Symphonia Is Busted On PC

Tales Of Symphonia Is Busted On PC

Publisher Bandai Namco released Tales of Symphonia on PC yesterday, which would be good news if it weren’t such a disaster. This version of the classic action-RPG is plagued with issues, following in the grand tradition of PC ports for games like Batman: Arkham Knight. The problems, as neatly rounded up in this NeoGAF thread, include a locked 720p resolution, extreme loading times, brand new typos and incorrect button displays.

I tried to test out Tales of Symphonia today on our office PC, but it wouldn’t even run. Fahey had the same problem on his home computer. Fun times all around. Bandai Namco hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.

In a post on the Steam page for Symphonia, a representative for the developer (who changed his handle from “LaZyMoFo” in the wake of this PC mess) wrote that Bandai Namco is “aware of the various issues“.

Thank you all for your comments and concerns regarding the current status of Tales of Symphonia for Steam. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. is aware of the various issues affecting gameplay and our production team is working to make sure that these matters are addressed.

Fixes have already begun rolling out; expect to see continous [sic] improvements moving forward with the title. We’ll continue to post updates on this board when they are available. Thank you for your continued support for the Tales of franchise.

Symphonia, which was originally released for the GameCube in 2003, has spawned a bunch of manga and anime in Japan. It was ported to PS3 in 2013.


    • The PS3 version plays pretty well, as well, and includes the sequel. Although given the quality of the sequel that’s not much of a recommendation.

      Let’s not forget as well that the WIi has backwards compatibility so you can also play ToS on the Wii (if you can find a copy of the GC version).

  • Hey, whoever posted this one, I know it’s a competing outlet but I think the article would be greatly enhanced by some nods to Durante’s (guy who did DSfix) article on PC Gamer.

    Basically, all of these issues could be explained by someone in Bandai Namco management deciding that this project has to be completed on a budget equal to one executive lunch. Companies often make budget decisions which are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, so I could live with that.
    Yet, there is one additional fact that tells us even this scenario—terrible as it is— does not suffice to capture the full extent of incompetence or apathy at play here. Because apparently, the budget was sufficiently large to license the “VMProtect” anti-tamper system. Which, by the way, generates randomly named executable files for each run, providing the headline for this section. Not only is this system apparently completely ineffectual—with a cracked version of the game appearing in mere hours—it also actively hampers efforts of modders (should any even show up after such blatant disregard for the platform) trying to fix what is broken with this release.

    • You’ve got to wonder why there isn’t someone going around scaring these decision makers into overpaying for QA systems the way they do with anti-piracy systems. Seems like there’s a fortune to be made post Arkham Knight PC/Steam refunds. “Arkham Knight lost over 500% of it’s sales to refunds due to minor bugs that entitled players to refunds even after they had completed the game, but don’t worry, my patented system will ensure that doesn’t happen to your release for only [random number based on how stupid/rich they look]’.

  • Well then I’m glad I can just play it on my GameCube, or on my PS3 in HD with all the extra content.

  • They didn’t really care about this because it was a free bonus from hitting a certain sales number on Steam. They already had most of the money they were going to get from it so the minimum level of effort was applied.

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