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    Morning all, how was your weekend?

    I ended up finishing Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and getting up to Aldia's Keep in SoTFS - my first Dark Souls 2 playthrough. Is it just me or are the bosses in Dark Souls 2 easier and more boring than in other soulsborne games?

      Yeah, I'm less negative on Dark Souls 2 than some, but its boss design suuuuuuuuccckkkeeeeddddd. Like 80% of them can be beaten by sitting in their underarm, and the other 20% are cheap jerks in arenas filled with trash mobs (okay, it's more like 60/20 with some decent ones making up the rest).

        The Royal Rat Authority - enough said

        Dev A: This boss fight feels kinda samey.
        Dev 1: Throw in more trash mobs.
        Dav E: More trash mobs??
        Dev I: MORE TRASH MOBS!!!!

      As someone who prefered Dark Souls 2 over 1, yeah the bosses aren't that great. Most of them are some sort of knight, which I guess fits the setting of the game but isn't particularly exciting.

        I feel the same. Overall the game seems more refined than 1, but I was able to beat Velstadt the first time as he was more just a remix of other bosses. I can't wait to see some more of the interesting ones that DSIII has already previewed

    Morning all! Thought I'd finally managed to get the first post, but @edc just crushed my dreams. Thanks, guy.

    Hope the weekend was exciting and/or relaxed. I managed to talk my girlfriend down from getting a cat (which I would be horribly allergic to) to getting guinea pigs, so we went out and bought all the necessary stuffs to keep them alive and happy. We are adopting them from a research lab, so here's hoping they aren't secretly murderers a la Spooky Fish!

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      Love me some Guinea Pigs, even if they're garbage pets that don't do anything but complain about not being fed.

        As long as they don't make my eyes water like Niagra, my nose run like Usain Bolt, and don't constantly drive me to pray for death... I'm happy.

      Oh man Guinea Pigs.. I had them when I was 8 or so. Ended up with a few dozen on accident one year. Then the local carpet python helped relieve us of a bunch of them & then we had an extremely cold winter & then it knocked off most of the rest. They're pretty rad, but watch out for their teeth, they can do some serious damage to your skin & then you bleed like a stuck pig >_> they can also be pretty chill & have a rad personality.

      Edit: I use to have some pretty serious allergies to our cats, but our guinea pigs never seemed to trigger them, so you should be sweet, maybe?

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        Yeah I've done a bit of reading up and that's the general consensus, it's something specific to cats so hopefully I should be fine... and if not, I've sunk a whole stack of cash into equipment for nothing!

          Maybe. We used to have guinea pigs and while it's so long ago I can barely remember, I feel like they may have made me end up getting all sniffly. Not sure if that was from the lucerne we gave them (which I also can't remember if that was a thing, or if that was just the rabbits), or from the animals themselves. I feel like I used to get sniffly when having to deal with their cage, so who knows.

          But, uh. Yeah. Good luck!

    Morning everybody, the new PC case has arrived!
    Now all that's left is the graphics card and RAM (Which is currently on order) then the building begins, it's going to be beautiful! :D

      What're the specs? Having built a system less than 12m ago, I have a 0% chance of building a new one any time soon, so I need to live vicariously through you guys.

        Board: ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6+
        OS: Windows 10 Pro Retail on USB
        CPU: i7 6700 Quad Core 3.4GHz
        RAM: Kingston 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 2800MHz HyperX Savage
        Drives: Kingston 240GB SSD + 1TB hard drive
        Graphics: Geforce GTX 970
        Monitors: 2x BenQ 24"W HD LEDs (1x RL2450H and 1x RL2455HM as I got them over a year apart)
        Power: Thermaltake 750W DPS 80 Gold

        Oh and if you want a look at the case, here you go!

        I've gone all out with this cuz I want this to be great to celebrate 6 months of living in my own place that I'm not renting. :)

          That case looks like it got stuck transforming from a tower into a freaking fighter jet.... 5/7 would buy.

            It's gorgeous, it'll be my second Decepticon, Computron! Along with my carry bag with a Decepticon car badge on it, Bagatron

          That case makes me think of my old A380. Turbines for all!

            What was that?! I can't hear you over the sound of these awesome turbines!

          Just watch out that any small animals around the house don't get sucked into those turbines.

    Came second in a Netrunner tournament on the weekend by winning just one match. Each of the matches is made up of two games and if I'd won just won more game, I'd have won the whole tournament (or still come second on tiebreakers).

    Funnily enough, two of those games were entirely winnable. One I lost because I was using a deck that typically tries to stop the other player from playing Netrunner and I tried to force that gameplan instead of playing a standard game of Netrunner and winning easily. Another I lost because my opponent could've run over me if he played more aggressively, so I tried to bluff my way into not letting him play Netrunner instead of just trying to win normally.

    Moral of the story: to win a Netrunner tournament, sometimes you have to play Netrunner.

    The "what are you playing" mobile article inspired me to finally give mobile games a go. I've always had Tetris on my phone or 3ds when travelling, but on recommendations in the article I gave Trials Frontier and Real Racing 3 a go. Have to say I was impressed with the freemium models used in those games. Regarding paid apps, anyone here had/have the Chrono Trigger port for iOS and care to share views on it?


    Good weekend - couple of ales friday night for a friend's birthday, wound up sitting up with my wife watching Ben Folds Live At MySpace when we got home. Saturday was a BBQ for a different birthday...

    Rise of the Tomb Raider still really good, but I spent more of the weekend in Elite.

    Did some long range smuggling for the first time. Good money, and not as hard to avoid being scanned by the cops as I thought. And then I went out to the Pleiades nebula, a couple of hundred light years outside the main bubble, and to one of the "barnacle" sites - an alien organic structure that looks to be some sort of biotech mining system. Landed right next to it. Pretty cool. Also was in the Mobius PvE group's team speak, and there was channel called "We're going to the Lagoon Nebula". Couple of guys in there who had not done any significant exploring before, but had a pair of Anacondas. So they went to the barnacle sites I mentioned before, then out to Barnard's Loop and the Orion Nebula. Decided they were enjoying the group explore, so looped out round the lowest edge of the galaxy and then back up to Lagoon. We swapped some exploring info as I've been to Lagoon before, and told them about Thor's Eye, so they headed there while trying to decide which way to go next! :)

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        Yes. Yes indeed. That's how I feel every time I get a new ship in the game...

      I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider (not 100%) on the weekend! Overall I enjoyed it, though as with the first game, the combat encounters started to wear on me by the end. I was excited when I read people say it has more tombs than the last game, but they seemed to be shorter this time around, so I was disappointed, since the tomb puzzles are my favourite part of the 2013 reboot.

    So... Reading the Fallout 4 patch notes for 1.3 made me think it's time to get back and go past the grind, and finally go to diamond city after 50 hours of play.
    I read that you get a house you can customise.

    I reach the outer gates, and what is this? Different looking characters? Real dialogue? Actual motion captured body language to go with that specific dialogue?
    It's a little jarring after 50 hours of generic settler-bots as my primary character interaction. Also a bit weird to have such a difference between these bits and the entire rest of the game.

    Anyway, burned through a bunch of story, got as far as the memory sequence, built a new holding building for my power armour collection in sanctuary, and I'm now at level 38 so not far off topping out on the crafting skills for the best weapons / armour.

    A question about theft - if I see something that I want, like I really want it more than the other guy, is it forever tarnished in red as a stolen item like every previous Bethesda open world (at least oblivion/Fallout 3/skyrim)?
    I want the X1 helmet on the brotherhood ship but I have no idea if there'll ever be a legit way to obtain it since the vendor doesn't offer that right now.

      Oh and spoiler: the patched version is far more glitchy for me than the launch version. Disappearing hair, dodgy shadows, randomly missing textures, randomly vibrating objects and things just spontaneously bouncing around the place. Not sure why I expected the patches to make things better since Fallout 3 didn't work that way either.

      Regarding the stolen item, not sure if you can wash it or not but you can get that thing elsewhere...


        I'm a bit behind the times since I've basically done nothing but explore and build up settlements. Inefficiently.

          Wash as in make an item clean :P

          I haven't tested it in F4, but in previous games you could reverse-pickpocket (sneak and put the item in someone's inventory) and then kill them and remove the tag. You might be able to reverse-pickpocket a merchant and then buy it off them?

          In Elder Scrolls games it was way easier. You can fence stolen items and buy them back clean.

            I'm happy with being able to get it elsewhere. For now. Good to know about that trick though.

    So apparently GW has well and truly brought their Age of Sigmar pricing model to 40k now... Dear god..
    Case and point - New wulfen have been release... $100 for 5 models!!!Ν=product.repositoryId&qty=12&sorting=phl&view=table&_requestid=18606702
    Compare this with the other 5 man units already available, the long fangs and the wolf guard, at $45 and $42 respectively.
    The Space Wolves Wolf pack, at 10 models, is $60.
    The Blood claws set, which builds 15 models is $85. 15 models and still $15 short of the $100 price of the Wulfen.
    You wants to be able to play those wulfen in game? That will be another $125 for the rule book, or $320 for the special edition.

    What sort of insanity is this?

    The biggest problem is they keep doing it because 'tards keep buying it...

      Eugh, why does the 40k lore have to be so damn compelling. I swear, despite having multiple armies I never really played all that much, but I kept getting sucked back in because I'd read some new lore tidbit and fall down the rabbit hole and oh god I just sold a kidney to buy another blister pack

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        I have to keep stopping myself from starting my own Necron army because I know I won't use it much... but they're bloody Necrons! D':

          I have like... half a necron army stashed somewhere, but I lost the other half in a move and I know I'll never play with it but yeah... they're bloody Necrons, and if I don't help slake the Nightbringer's thirst then who will?

        This is the exact problem I have.
        This is why i started playing games like relic and conquest to try and have a less-expensive filling of the 40k money hole, but I think it may only make it worse.
        I almost have a complete cityscape table now too, despite only playing very rarely, and having more minis in my pile of shame than i am willing to admit.

          That's why I started playing the RPGs. I only have about 1000 points of second-hand Eldar so not even close to an army but I can't be bothered assembling, painting, and building the rest of it. That's expensive and time-consuming and I'm mostly just lazy.

            You know, 1000 points actually isn't bad.
            I know they are trying to push people into 2000 point armies these days, but some of the fastest and most fun games can be played in just 850 points

      Games Workshop: It's a good long term deal because we'll raise the prices again soon!

        Well yeah - they have a price rise just about every fin year. With their new director and current pricing trends i expect at least a 5% increase across the board.

      That's why everybody just switched to Warmachine.

        As far as price per mini goes, warmachine isn't much better - you just need much smaller armies, which is where the real cost saving goes.
        Colossals are GW level expensive, for sure.
        The difference is that you may be able to say that the Warmachine ones are more expensive due to the material (usually resin and metal) compared to the plastic minis from GW.

        In fact, most miniature games (apart from the things from mantic) are really quite expensive... but GW is certainly leading the way in insanity

    Forza horizon 2 has an unskippable live action intro so full of coachella douchebaggery that I almost gave up before the cars showed up.

    But I refused to let another half hour of installing and a giant-arse patch get the better of me.

    Once the tassle-clad, trust fund babies got out of the way it seemed a lot like test drive unlimited.

    Then it was declared that I wouldn't be racing against ai, and I thought "cool, multiplayer!". The next breath from the ceaseless voice over marketed the word drivatar at me with no hint of sarcasm.

    I can't stand any of the people in this racing game. How is that a thing?

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    Hi, TAY.
    Picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition and Crysis on Saturday, as they were on sale.

      You sure are a crazy guy.
      Slow down there, buddy.

      Dragon Age is pretty great, although it does have the problem as being released around the same time as Witcher 3.

        I find it funny that DA2 and TW2 ended up being compared a lot because they came out at the same time, and then years later both their sequels also came out around the same time and they're both open world games. It's like the two series are fated to clash.

    Morning Peeps!

    Just a repost from yesterday for those that missed it!

    Anyone thinking of buying ARK: Survival Evolved?

    if you subscribe to Humble Bundle Monthly for $12, you'll get the game, plus this months Bundle. Then you can cancel your subscription if you want!

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      I've been meaning to get back into that. Usually I think crafting/survival games are garbage but DINOSAURS!

        I plan to get back in to that game one day, but things keep coming up.

    My cousin had another baby a couple days ago. It's a girl. Everything is going well for the both of them. It's nice to see the extended family growing.

    Only thing is since it's a girl it means it's not going to like me until it's about 3 years old. It's been that way with all the babies in the family. All the girls don't want anything to do with me until they're around that age, after which they won't be able to get enough of me. With the boys though they're always cool with me straight away. I guess it's just some sort of biological thing that baby girls prefer to be around other women. Or maybe they just don't like the sound of my voice. I dunno.

    Did anyone buy the Metal Gear Solid V Collector's Edition?
    I'm thinking of buying it at $190 but is it really worth spending that amount of money for an extra Blu-ray, physical map and a small plastic hand?

      Honestly, I didn't like the game enough to splash out that kind of money on it. The gameplay is good, but the story and ethos are kind of rubbish.

      Have you played it yet?

        Funny thing is, I haven't played many of the Metal Gear games!
        I've only finished Metal Gear Solid on the GBC and only played bits of the original Metal Gear (MSX) and Metal Gear Solid (PS1).
        I've got the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection on my Pile of Shame and was thinking of adding this MGSV CE to the pile.
        Maybe I should just get the standalone game instead...

    Got a query for anybody who's had it happen to them. Any help could be appreciated.

    Over the weekend Paypal limited access to my account. I had thought it was related to suspicious activity but thankfully that was not the case. $300 spent on Steam over the course of one week, I will own that no worries.

    Upon looking at the Resolution Centre, Paypal is asking I:

    give them points of ID
    proof of address
    confirm I am not linked to political persons or parties

    I can't do anything without coughing up this information, anybody hear of anything like this before?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. It's absolutely legitimate.

      Give them a call and ask them to explain what has triggered this... my guess is that your spending patterns have probably drastically changed in a short period of time? (ie spending 300 on steam one week, as opposed to 0 every other week?) probablyh just trying to ensure its not a hijacking. you have to understand that technically, they are a bank...

        Actually they are pretty far from being a bank. They have more in common with the payment schemes like Visa than they do with CBA or Westpac

          hence the the term technically. they hold, and currency exchange your funds, are an accepted payment method online as well as many establishments locally, and in some countries offer loan services with interest free periods. so i suppose they are a bit of a hybrid. i actually even have a $500 overdraft limit...

        They are 100% definitely not a bank. They're pretty much unregulated and can do whatever the fuck they want with your account or your money with very little you can do about it. They can be utter shits honestly.

      I have heard of this happening (them asking for points of ID, proof of address, etc) before but I've never had it happen personally. I do know it's something they employ as a security measure though.

    Morning all! I hope you all had a weekend that was suitably epic sized.
    Mine was a bit of fun, took my son to the Chinese New Year festival along southbank and he had a ball, being only 3 he was amazed by every little thing.
    Saturday night, I went Karaoking with a bunch of others at Charlton's bar and also partook in some shuffling of the feet they call dancing to some doof-doof music. Didn't get home until almost 5 Sunday morning. I had to get up 4 hours later to do some adventure caving which was awesome fun! Saw some glow-worms, a cave lobster and a bunch of weird looking things they call spider crickets. Lots of tight spaces, lots of crawling and cuts and scrapes involved. Good times.
    Proceeded home to crash into bed for a while to recover from the night before shenanigans, woke up did the lawn and cleaned the house. Overall, great weekend 5/5 would repeat again.

      Lots of tight spaces, lots of crawling and cuts and scrapes involved.

      Are you trying to give me nightmares? Because that's how you give me nightmares.

        It was only beginner level caving but it was enormously fun! You should try it :)
        It looks like I might be trying another cave where you have to abseil into the hole to get inside at a later date. Awwwww yeeeeeaaaahhhh

          My family did a bunch of beginner caving years and years ago (one of which had a short abseil at the start), I think it was around the Blue Mountainsish, but I can't quite remember. So much fun, need to add it on to the list of things to get back to when I stop being a blob.

          I remember reading a story when I was alot younger about a spelunker getting stuck in the Devil's Pinch... complete with photos. I couldn't even make it through the article without breaking out into a sweat. I'm not claustrophobic or anything, but daaaaaaamn... shit is scary.

          I mean, look at this. Look at it!

            hahaha yeah there was a few similar areas in the cave I went into. Nothing quite as small as those gaps though but small enough to almost get the helmet stuck lol. Good times!

              You just take care of yourself Mr. Haggis. If you get caught in some cave-in, who's going to tell awful jokes if we ever make it to page 6 again!?

                yeah but getting stuck in a cave builds character, through, you know, delayed grottofication.

                  I should have expected this kind of becaveior from you...

                  I wasn't planning on joining the fun... but I caved.

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    Mornin' all. Had an okay weekend, worked all of it, but that's okay. Worked with this girl from the BWS from in the next town, she was kind of a nightmare to work with sadly. She was doing the close shift & when I came in the next day she hadn't filled or faced anything. So of course the other bloke I work with on Sundays spent the first 2 hours of his shift filling & facing everything, causing him not being able to do anything he would normally do on Sundays before I start at midday. Which would normally be fine, but we have a new manager starting today & we wanted to tidy the store a bit more so this new boss comes into a nice orderly store. Frustrates me to no end that no one wants to do their job properly when it's not their store. But oh well. Close shift for me tonight & then opening the next two days /o\

    My weekend wasn't all lost though! I finally got around to getting the new Ghost album 'Meliora' cause I totally forgot it came out 6 months back. It's pretty awesome. I also got to watch Metallica live from The Night Before the Superbowl, they sounded amazing. Then again I can't remember when Metallica sounded crap live to be honest.

      Then again I can't remember when Metallica sounded crap live to be honest.

      ... how about when they were touring St. Anger?

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        You know what? I actually like the raw sound of St. Anger. I always thought it was a misunderstood album. But then again with the Some Kind of Monster documentary I get why people hate it. It's probably my least favourite 'Tallica album, but I don't hate it. I also always thought if someone other than Metallica released St. Anger it would've been regarded as a masterpiece especially if it was some up & coming garage thrash band. But that's just my opinion.

          I 75% agree. It's not a bad album, and it would have been better received if someone other than Metallica released it (although I wouldn't call it a masterpiece)... but they did, and it's not even in the same league as Ride the Lightning or any of their earlier stuff.

            Oh totally, it's not a masterpiece, Ideally I think they needed to make such an album.

            RTL & KEA imo would be way better if they were cleaned up & re-released. I've really only enjoyed the songs from those albums when played live, they just sound better.

              Hmm, you reckon? I really like the relatively shithouse production values on KEA, RTL and MOP, I think part of the problem with basically everything from the black album onwards is it doesn't have that raw energy that the earlier albums had, which is at least in part due to the better production.

                Honestly, if both were cleaned up, re-engineered & mastered properly, yeah man. I think both would sound great. Remember Metallica are still releasing on CD every original version of their albums, none of them have been digitally remastered etc for CD release, which is kind of a cop out, especially since they own the rights to their masters.

                If you ask me, Master of Puppets has a great sound & production, it's the first album where Metallica got serious & got real outside help, they got an awesome guitar & drum sound for that album. Bob Rock changed Metallica with the Black Album, which when you look back I think was a good thing. I don't think Metallica would've blown up like they did if they just kept making Master of Puppets or Justice time & time again. For some bands making a similar sounding record every time & works well, look at AC/DC, it even works to a point for Slayer & to a much lesser extent Megadeth as well.

                I also think Puppets is the best thrash album ever produced, also there's Reign In Blood, Spreading The Disease & Peace Sells which are all remarkable album by the other 3 part of The Big Four.

                  Hmm.. yeah, you're probably right. Couldn't hurt to get a remastered version out anyway!

                Yeah, I mean they'd only bank more money on re-issues that are remastered. Seems logical. Then again, Metallica & logic never seem to be go hand in hand. They do like the idea of money because it keeps their business rolling & the staff paid :P

              Weird double posts ftw (again)

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        Back in 2004 when Big Day Out sold out so fast they did a second show, I had tickets to the second show. Metallica came out 45 minutes late and by that point I wasn't particularly impressed with them playing a super extended intro to Master of Puppets and telling me what city I'm in, so I left to catch the end of Magic Dirt.

    Hey everyone.
    I did a thing again
    I need to do the backs but for some reason, Mum and I have been super busy since having a car

      oh nice, you ended up getting a car?

        Yeah. We did. Mostly use it to go to highpoint

          What'd you wind up getting?

            A mitsubishi mirage sedan. Free tinted windows and metallic paint

              Cool, I didn't know the Mirage even came in the sedan, I've only ever seen hatchbacks.

                We're lucky it did. It was $13,990, so reasonable. It was 1 of 2 cars that could fit mum's walker. We tried another 3 but none of them could accommodate.
                The next cheapest would be a yaris sedan, but Yaris starts at $16,000 for a hatchback

          I'm sure Sid is happy he gets to go for rides a lot more now.

            Every single day. He's currently sitting outside highpoint awaiting the next ride

    Another weekend spent mostly out of the house. Wingman held a surprise party for a friend, having it Star Wars themed since apparently she's super into that. I wasn't sure what to dress as, though had the idea it might be funny to try and style my beard into a pair of Leia buns. But then I had a far better, lower-effort idea - shave my head, put on a pair of sunglasses, dress in black, a tiny bit of makeup, get out the clarinet and bam! Budget-grade fanfar player for Figrin D'an the Modal Nodes. Everyone else seemed to get out of their costumes pretty quickly though. Lame. Stayed in mine til I got home the next day, of course :P​​

    ​Also, while at the bottle shop spotted a chilli beer. It was only a small bottle and cheap enough to figure hey why not give it a try. It had way more kick than I was expecting, though regardless of that I still couldn't get even halfway through it. Just can't do beer.

      Just can't do beer.

      So, like, do you have to hand in your Australian citizenship along with your man-card, or how does that work? :P

        I was hoping that between the beard and having toast covered in enough vegemite to be unable to see the bread I would be safe from having to do either.

      Love the Fanfar player outfit. The Modal Nodes are the best. I was in to them before they were cool, back when they were doing the pub circuit, you know? Before they got that Cantina residency.

      Chilli beer? Interesting. When I had dinner at Papi Chulo a couple of months ago I tried a Mexican beer called Tecate, and it was served in the can but they rubbed the top the can in rock salt and chilli flakes, so when it was served you'd get a hint of salt and chilli with each sip. I thought it was interesting, but never thought of just putting chilli straight in the beer.

      Everyone else seemed to get out of their costumes pretty quickly though. Hey now, that kind of party sounds like the opposite of lame.

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      You just haven't found the right beer for you yet.

        Prospects aren't looking great :P

          Have you tried a fruit lambic like a Framboise or Kriek?

            I don't believe I have ever encountered any of those terms before.

              Lambic beer is a Belgian style. They use a lot less hops in it. The fruit ones are made by taking a lambic and then re-fermenting it with fruit inside. Kriek uses sour morello cherries, Framboise uses raspberries. They're the two most common types but I've seen blackcurrant (cassis) and peach before too, never tried though.

              I'm not big on beer. I tend to like either very clear, crisp ones (Japanese-brewed Asahi and Kirin are good for that) or the darker and richer varieties like Trappists (Chimay Blue or Rochefort 15, incidentally can't stand Chimay Red, it's like drinking vegemite). Also don't mind Hoegaarden periodically but have to be in the mood.

    Morning, TAY

    Over the weekend I played a bunch o' games. Finished LEGO Jurassic Park which was pretty great. Admittedly made me want to give Jurassic World another chance...

    Also started playing Dragon's Dogma. I spent a while in the character creator trying to make my character look as close as possible to me. Ended up with something that looked reasonable in the editor and went "good enough!" and started the game. As soon as the first cutscene plays the character face contorts into a smile that makes him look like a bloated sponge and his eyes look completely hollow (So yeah, pretty close! :P). What is it with editor screens and not looking like the rest of the game...

      *glares at red-headed Xenoblade character*

      Unrealistic Representation of Video Game Characters in Character Creation Menus

      Read more

    Oh yeah and finally pulled the trigger on that gtx970 last night. So that should be getting here soon, hopefully.

    finally had a chill weekend. Played a bunch of Far Cry 4, had to keep taking breaks because every time I tried to go somewhere to start a mission I'd wind up getting attacked by a tiger or packs of wild dogs when I stopped to deal with a karma event or something. Still, great game, looks great, satisfying if sometimes frustratingly difficult combat encounters. For some reason despite taking out several outposts without raising an alarm or making any enemy aggro the game things I've only done this once. Maybe the enemies can't see you at all? I'll step up my game now that I have a silenced sniper rifle.

    Also tried to knock out a few games on Steam. Bought GalCivIII and Anna's Quest since both were on sale. Only played a few more games from the Apogee pack I bought awhile. Man, these games are so not that great anymore. Even the best of them are boring, with the worst of them being borderline unplayable. I wrestle with them for 15 minutes then realise I am wasting a lot of time I could be using to do something not as shit.

    Hey all, seems to have missed the Kotaku news turn-around, but Red Dead Redemption can be found in the x1s back-end. So far the only way to do it is:

    1. you need to look up a user that has it in their followed games list. One such user is RockoHoward. So on the x1 dash hit left on the dpad or left stick and on the friends tab go to find someone, then type "rockohoward" then go down to view profile.

    2. RB over to Following and change Friends and Games to Games

    3. Hit down a couple of times and hit A on RDR, then go to See in store

    4. Because I own it digitally it says Install.

    Unfortunately this is actually just a back end bug now, but it does give credence to hope that it will come to the BC program soon. When I downloaded it and opened it freaking Hexic HD loaded up, but supposedly many users got in before MS released an update which turned RDR into Hexic.

    To make the news of RDR almost confirmed to be coming to x1 bc even sweeter, you can also see Left 4 Dead 2 in RockoHowards game list. Unfortunately that game says unavailable (even though I own it digitally as well). Still fantastic news for x1 owners!

    EDIT: For convenience I've started "following" those 2 games as well. My GT is my kotaku username with a space instead of the underscore.

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      Microsoft have already killed this.

      You can reportedly still play it if you have it already downloaded, go offline on your Xbone and then boot up the game.

      Last edited 08/02/16 11:45 am

        Yup, that's why when I open RDR it actually opens hexic now.

        Still it's awesome that we are getting L4D2 and RDR in BC. They are the only reason my x360 is still plugged in. Now I can move it to the exercise room as a streaming device.

    Hello all.
    My weekend consisted of being ill, taking anton out for birthday dinner, and Laneway.
    Chvrches were amazing.
    I'm back at work. wanting to sleep. and still ill

    Anyone interested in the Superbowl? I'm kinda annoyed I forgot to take the day off like I have done the last few years... Ah well, I'll just leg it up to the pub at lunch to see a bit of it, I'm sure I can watch a replay somewhere later.

      Yep, Don't follow the day to day of the season but I'll watch the superbowl
      Have rive chart and highlights up on my 2nd monitor while I'm working. Depending on the time I might duck down the pub for the last qtr

      I also have a rather large bet riding on itSo checked with Tiglet this morning and apparently she is going for Denver today. Daddy is supporting Carolina. So gave her 10 to 1 odds. If Carolina win she has to give me 10 kisses but if Denver win Daddy will give her 100 kisses.

        That is the officially the cutest example of childhood gambling I've ever heard :P

      I'm not a season follower but we've got it running on the TV in the office.

      So far, all I have taken away from this game is that I don't get why people think Peyton Manning is good.

        He is 40 years old and about to retire, can't really see that it's fair comparing him or his ability now to Cam Newton who's 26 and arguably in his prime right now.

          Yeah, was having a chat with one of the bigger fans here and they said something similar.

            Although you can also watch superbowl 48 if you want to consider him really overrated

            Having said that, looks like he's about to retire with another ring!

    Was getting pretty tempted to get Xcom 2, apparently awesome by all accounts.
    But then I realised I have never actually completed a turn based game aside from the original pokemon back in the day.
    Got maybe a dozen that I can think of, in various flavours on various platforms, all abandoned partway through. Even 4X I've usually only played a couple games then got bored.
    I think my enjoyment in these games is creating the perfect squad/strategy/build but once I have, it becomes rote and repetitive.

    Anyone else have a genre like that? That you think you like but the numbers say otherwise?

      I love turn-based strategy games like CiV and XCom but I find the idea of starting a new game so overwhelming and intimidating that I hardly play them. I ought CiV and all the DLC but have played maybe two campaigns through to completion. I played XCom once, then a second time when the Enemy Within DLC came out. I'm holding off on XCom2 because a) I haven't really gotten my money's worth from 1, and b) my PC needs an upgrade.

      I think I like Xenoblade but I've only played a small fraction of one game and a bit of the start of another.

      That's the thing about XCOM kinda can't get your perfect build going consistantly without stupid luck, and even then a spanner can be thrown in the works because of the way injuries work.

      As an example, my main medic lost 2 HP in one mission and was out of action for a week. I had to build up a new medic from scratch cause I didn't have a spare, and halfway through the spare's first mission she got instakilled. Suddenly I have my explosives expert running around with a medkit so I can at least try and keep people alive...

      It forces you to have an A team, a B team, and backups for each.

        Man, I never really had my teams planned out like that. I'd usually go with two of my highest ranking soldiers and throw a few newbies into the mix to get them to rank up so I wouldn't be completely screwed. My top sniper (who I had named after my wife and therefore gave all the best gear because she promised to harm me if anything happened to "her") went on nearly every mission. She was gravely wounded once which was a nailbiting experience as I think I had no medkits left and she was going to bleed out if I didn't finish the mission in 3 turns or something. Hard to remember, I haven't really played the game since the enemy within DLC first dropped.

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