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    Morning TAY! Finally completed my lifelong quest to have the first post, so today is already a good day! How was everyone's weekend?

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      Ah, but remember, having started the day, week even, on such a high note, it's all just downhill from here.

      Pessimist Man, awaaaaaaaay!
      *casually saunters off*

        You just wanted to see the light die in my eyes, didn't you?

    Played a bit of infamous on my ps4. Forgot the full title. The neon one. It's very cool and even though I just started, it's already heaps of fun. Don't really feel powerless, but at the same time it's not exactly way too easy. Though does feel a little easy. Moving around is pretty fun in that game.

      EDIT: No, it was First Light.
      Thought I had it wrong first time.

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      The neon one possibly the First Light expansion/dlc?

        Girl shoots sparkles and turns into sparkles. That one.

          Yeah that's First Light; Second Son is guy turns into sparkles, smoke and TV screens.... He's like a one man concert.

            Sounds entertaining. Looking forward to that one, once I finish first light.

    're playing the DLC first... :)

              Probably doesn't matter. Really enjoyed both.

    how come there's no review of Deadpool yet!

      I thought it was perfect. Easy 5/7

        Christ that facebook joke's completely viral isn't it??

          It got to Reddit & spread like a bad case of the clap in a Saigon whorehouse.

          Well someone has to be there for it, as the silent protector, a Dark Night


      Morning loops!

      How was the weekend?

        Soooo busy. Plus the little one has gotten Tonsilitis again so I am STUPID TIRED.
        But it was good other than that.
        Tried 2 new beers - one was awesome (a kolsch of some sort) and the other was horrible - Steinlager (what the hell, New Zealanad?! Make proper beer!)

        How was your weekend?

          Oh, tonsils are such a joy, we have molars coming in, so also in the STUPID TIRED camp.

          Saturday we spent something like 6 hours cleaning the house and getting bits and pieces for the new guinea pigs. Saw Deadpool though, so overall it was a good day. Sunday we spent a few hours on the beach, which was awesome. So yeah, overall pretty ace weekend. I think it's the first weekend since xmas where I haven't had to work at all, so that was a bonus.

          Steinlager is New Zealand's equivalent of something like VB or Fosters.

            The bottle looked so nice.. but dear god it was aweful.
            The firs time i've poured a beer down the sink in years...

              Most of the commercial beers from NZ aren't great. I don't mind Speights but it's still pretty average.

                Strange, I really don't mind Steinlager, and quite like their Pure range, while I'm not a Speights fan at all. Still, Tui is the true arsehole of the beer world. For me at least.

    Good beach day yesterday, but atrocious traffic. That left very little time to organise a romantic dinner, but she didn't suspect a thing and thought I'd slaved all day.

    Saturday was spent finishing off my study display unit for my retro consoles and figurines:

    It also has a downlight across the back, Ikea does great strip lighting. I think it was called Striberg.

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    Hola Tay

    A Monday Morning Question: It's Adelaide Fringe time here, what's the last live performance you saw?

      I think it might have been Matilda: The Musical, back in October iirc. That was pretty awesome, highly recommended.

      David Bowie in 2004.
      I had a lot of kids since then, so unless the Hoolie Doolies count, that would be it.

      We had front row seats at the Hoolie Doolies, when they came out and said "Hello" my kid yells out "They scare me, I don't like them", followed by "Take me home, I'm scared that one might eat me" and then burst into uncontrollable tears. I picked her up after a minute and we edged our way out of the place, with her looking nervously over her shoulder the whole way letting me know if they were following us or not

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        My son is going to see a performance of Mr Stink by David Walliams with his school in a few weeks. I think I'll volunteer to help out just so I can see it too! :)

      I think it was Slipknot at Soundwave back in February 2015.. Oh it's been a year since then I just realised, fuck. Hopefully i'll get my ass into gear and get Iron Maiden tickets for May & Black Sabbath ones for April.

      Rise Against in December last year. As always, they were incredible.

      It would've been Laneway, so I guess technically Purity Ring who were absolutely phenomenal.

      Jimi Hocking at the grandview hotel
      Last show I went to see was The lion King

      If you don't count my daughter's ballet school recital, it's 78 Saab at the Canberra centenary, I think. Or maybe Play School In Concert.

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      Dragonforce. Ice Rink theatre, Independence Of The Seas, somewhere in the Caribbean. About a week ago. Members of the bands Epica and Delain were crowdsurfing and moshing. It was one giant party.

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      Music or otherwise? Last music was Custard at the Factory, last show was Ross Noble at the Enmore, I think - been a while. I didn't get to any shows for the Sydney Festival this year.

      Do the Harlem Globetrotters count? otherwise U2 with Jay Z way back in 2010 i think.

        Sweet Georgia Brown, of course they do!

          Awesome i saw them last year, The better half managed to steal one of their sweaty game towels for me so i can now clone my own squad of globe trotters :D.

      Beyond Creation and Ne Obliviscaris, might have been last year.

      I think that the last live performance I saw was with my sister. Silversun Pickups were opening for Birds of Tokyo.

      We left after the opening acts were done. People looked at us weird. Not our fault that the better band was opening for the shitty one.

      EDIT: Actually I think that's wrong, I think the two of us more recently went and saw the Jezabels when they were in Melbourne toward the end of 2014.

      Also if 'live performance' extends to spectator sports, it would have been the Sumo in Osaka during the TAY Magical Mystery Japan Tour Extravaganza 2015

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    Good morning everyone!

    That was a pretty good weekend. parkrun, a carnival and I got to watch Zoolander 2. It was terrible but I laughed anyway. Safety and Buoyancy!

      Oh please don't tell me it was bad, I really loved the first one.

        Please don't misunderstand. It's a terrible movie in the same way the first one was. So if you liked the first one, you'll have a great time.

      I'd pretty much reached a point where I wasn't going to see it so I'd preserve the wonderfully stupid memory of the first movie. Maybe I should give it a chance...

    Has anyone else had trouble with Age of Mythology Extended Edition after the DLC update I'm hoping they fix it soon.

    Got a message from Pizza Thief on Friday night, a delayed response to something I sent a day or two earlier. Said that it felt like things had fizzled out a bit, and then between not really having anywhere to stay or a job at the moment made her want to focus on getting all that sorted atm. Ah well.

    Speaking of game ​​​​​​over man, game over - spent pretty much the rest of the weekend continuing to play Alien Isolation. God damn I love this game so much. Best movie-based-game-that's-not-actually-based-on-a-movie I've ever played. Which I guess doesn't really cover a whole lot of games other than what, the Riddick games? Which I haven't even played :P But yeah, it's rad. Kinda reminds me/makes me want to get back to the Metroid Prime games. Also, the alien is a bastard. Also also, for the last few area loading spots I've been stalked by a floating bolt gun. Weird.

    Think I'm nearly at the end now though :( But then there's the extra missions I guess, so yay.

      Oh man...

      But anyway, A.I. For a fresh experience, play it in the rift, but wear washable pants.

      Alien Isolation is the perfect 'relationship on the rocks' game, it feels much the same...

        Yeah, I specifically held off grabbing the cheapish 360 copies for the Rift capabilities of the PC version. Although now I'm wondering whether I should try it on DK1 or hold off for CV1... I guess I could always maybe just do one of the extra missions in there, to be able to get something fresh. It's a little less scary playing through parts you've already played :P

          Oh yeah, you have a free CV1 coming....

          Trying to follow that with something that doesn't sound envious and bitter.



            Even if I didn't, I'd have a paid one coming :P

              Not making it better.

                But yeah, wait and play it in the CV1.

                Uhhh... such frivolous expenditure comes at a cost of a life of crushing solitude, devoid of anybody to love and spend my hard-earned on instead?

      The riddick games are all sorts of good

        There's only the two, right? Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena? If I remember right they might have been next in my 360 queue.

          Yep. Not sure about 360 but Butcher bay was packaged up with Dark Athena on PC.
          Butcher Bay is the better game imo

            Yeah, it was packaged in there on 360 too because the original Xbox title wasn't backwards-compatible I think.

            Butcher Bay was awesome.

              You are a man of taste and sophistication

                Why thanks. :)

                I did a RIDDICK IN ORDER weekend, where I finished Butcher Bay, then watched Pitch Black, the anime one, then Chronicles Of Riddick. :)

                Butcher Bay has probably dated horribly, but it was a well crafted story, interesting mechanics, enough cleverness with inventories and pick-ups to feel like real depth, and it wasn't too long.

                Bought Dark Athena, don't think I ever played it.

                  Dark Athena is pretty good I still really enjoyed it. It is more actiony so feel more like a Chronicles of Riddick compared to butcher bay's Pitch Black.
                  If you can find the time it is worth a play through. Still story based and I completed the game so it certainly has things going for it.
                  Also that sounds like an awesome weekend

              The design team behind those games is fucking excellent. Also did The Darkness (first one) and Wolfenstein: New Order, and they're all absolutely top-shelf games with brilliant writing and direction and everything.

      Not having a go or nuthin, but I had a terrible time with isolation.

      Best atmosphere, but length & instadeath killed it for me. I wanted to like it so much, kept going back.

      3 missions from the end & I've given up. Not my bag :-(

        It's only instadeath if you completely screw up, there's plenty of chances to escape a mistake. Git gud etc :P

          I completely disagree with this statement.

          There's a face hugger in one room that only died if I used flamethrower. It was lame. (I'd been easily dispatching them with the crowbar up until that point).

          And there was another area where if I didn't take a very specific path, I would die. It was lame, I replayed the area at least 10 times.

          Also, if it isn't going to be, why even have an Easy mode?
          Dark Souls doesn't, a game in which I find death far more fair.

            Oh yeah, I forgot about the facehuggers. Got gotten by one that crept up on me in a tunnel I had to crawl through, I heard it coming but couldn't figure out where from until suddenly boom it's on my face. I'd only been using the flamethrower on them though, never even tried hitting them with the crowbar. Sounds risky. The rest all gave pretty advance warning though. Otherwise though, haven't had any problems.

            I've only been playing on Hard, dunno what Easy's like at all.

              Probably makes more sense on hard

              Was surprisingly easy to hit a facey with melee because the animation auto corrects you to their position. So if you weren't sure where, you suddenly are & they're dead

          Oh yeah, & the alien has spotted me through walls a few times.

          I've been closer, made more noise, been standing face to face & it couldn't spot me.

          But I sneak in, spot it first, slowly crawl behind some crates on a lower level & it has made its way over to 1 hit me.

          Not fun.

    Well, I love the ever loving hell out of XCOM 2 and have finished it twice now (once on veteran & once on commander) but by fuck does the game need a bit more work.

    The performance is all over the place and the last mission is a nightmare of bugs, map glitches & performance killers, it's all of the game's glitches turned up to 11. Every time something explodes on the map there's so much stuttering that I get severely tempted to reboot the game to try and cure it, the main reason I don't is that it's never helped when I have done it. So many places have little line of sight glitches where you can get spotted through terrain or where you can be seen but you can't see back. I've had one of the final bosses utterly vanish on me, leaving me to face endless re-enforcements which was sort of fun in a horde mode kind of way but it didn't exactly help me win the game.

    Oh and the grenade bug in the final room is awful, most of my troops suddenly have arm muscles made of damp cardboard and literally can't throw a grenade far enough to escape the blast radius which makes the "Flashbang a codex to stop it cloning/teleporting" plan (incredibly valuable tactic there) almost useless since I couldn't get it to reach even by the iron clad sensible tactic of shoving a hand grenade into an AGL. The weird thing about it is that its fine in the middle of the room, the edges are where the glitch happens (like there's a wall the grenades are hitting) but of course the edges are where the enemies are always clustering...

      I have yet to regret my current policy of not buying games at launch.
      Sure you miss the hype and talk but buy a few months later and at least it will work properly. Not to mention mods, DLC and a cheaper price.

        It's well worth it, it's an amazingly good game but you do need to tolerate a few issues here and there (or you're one of the lucky ones who just have it run perfectly for some reason)

      Yeah I've had a few missions where shit went wonky; first playthrough the flames on cards wouldn't animate properly so I'd park myself next to a vehicle and get blown up the next turn with no cue. Last night (due to some mods I think) the alien's stopped moving completely? Looked it up and it's an ongoing glitch since XCOM:EU and EW. Took me an hour to fix after which point I just put the game down for the day =,=

        Yeah I had that weird thing where the AI just stopped working entirely, very strange. It shows how much I've played XCOM and how often I've fallen victim to the cunning of the AI that I kept thinking the entire thing was just a trap and as soon as I got everyone out of cover and in range, the sectopod would reactivate and massacre us.

        One good thing, the AI bug made for an extremely successful retaliation mission. Not a single civilian casualty, the alien's hearts just weren't in it I guess.

          Actually this same bug happened to me on a retaliation mission as well?? what the hell??

    Saw Deadpool on Saturday. It's...alright. I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else appears to be. Had some cool visuals and some good chuckles. Solid 3/5 from me.

    I'd put it somewhere in the middle when ranking X-Men movies.

    Also found out that @alexpants had never seen Independence Day when the trailer for the second one screened before it. That has now been fixed.

      And then you spilled crumbs all over my damn couch.

        Which I cleaned up, you jerk.

        Probably the cleanest that corner of the couch has been in a long time.

          Eh, it's not my corner of the couch. :P

    Battlefleet Gothic: Armada... HHHNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

    Gonna get my shootyshootyPEWPEW on!

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      Is it out or is it just early access? I haven't been keeping up to date but last I heard it was coming out "early 2016".

        I believe it's out in May, not 100% sure yet.

        As good as TW:Warhammer looks, I think I'll be getting this one, especially as it's supposed to have 4 player co-op.

          I've been hankering for tactical spaceship battles for a while so BFG is definitely a purchase for me. TW: Warhammer will be good but I've learned to wait at least a few months based on previous TW games. Creative Assembly burned me good with Rome 2.

            I haven't played a TW game since Empire, which I loved for the naval battles.

          March, but with Early Access I'm not sure if it's actually out in March or just downloadable in March.

          [Edit: Now I'm looking closer it's got an Early Adopter package, not an Early Access. That makes more sense.]

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    Dirt Rally,

    Loved the earlier games (dirt 2 and 3), got dirt rally early access and played a bit

    Using a Logitech driving force wheel, it was bad at first with no forcefeedback which they then implemented after a few months.

    Played it abit with the new FF but it just didn't feel right, want to get back into it but not sure

    Has the Force Feedback changed or controller support got better, Im sick of getting driving games and having to spend ages tweaking the wheel to get it just right

      It's honestly the second best rally game I've ever played, behind Richard Burns Rally.

        I just want the controls to be abit more arcadey to be honest, I really loved the rally stages in dirt 2 and 3, the wheel took a little bit to set up but the forcefeedback felt really good on those and i was able to really get into it.

        I just cant get used to the cars in dirt rally, might need to give it another proper go this week and get dialed in as its a shame i haven't played that much

        Might need to put on traction control or other stuff until im used to it again

          It straddles between sim and arcade, and feels of as a result.

          The cars are very reactive to the surface, but don't have the precision to make you feel in control.

          And the codriver is STILL to quiet, the the pace note calls are still often too late in places like Finland.

          The damage modelling is weak, the crew management is a pointless intrusion of rpg elements (because every game needs that), and the lack of tyre choice is incredibly backwards.

          I prefer the insane DDR-like cavalcade of corners thrown at you in CMR 2, or the butt-clenching terror induced by getting too brave in RBR.

          I've been on the dirt rally ride since it first hit steam, and while it has gotten better, it has remained in the unspectacular middle-ground with games like rally trophy.

          Also the physics are silly.

          Are you using a Driving Force GT?
          What are your Logitech Profiler settings?

      It's excellent. Just, don't cut.

      Also yeah the wheel thing took forever to set up.

    Morning, TAY!

    On the weekend I spent most of my time playing Dragons Dogma. Like, most of my time. It has it's hooks in me good.

    Also made alcoholic milkshakes. Rum, lime and vanilla. They were pretty great!


    Also, Brisbane TAYbies! I'm being asked if I want to go to Brisbane with my boss to meet with some clients on Friday the 4th of March (staying in Brisbane on the Friday night). I probably wouldn't be able to do anything on the Friday but maybe I could swing an extra night at a hotel and do something on Saturday day/night if anybody is free? :D Let me know if you want to so I can get back to my boss! (haven't said I want to go yet :P)

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__ @rocketman

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      Haha.. Oh man I already have something on the 4th & 5th of March at a mates place in Brisbane with friends from Tassie. So count me out I guess D=

      I was so hooked on Dragons dogma, finished one playthrough as a magic archer but then got witcher 3 which im now super absorbed in

        The start was really rough for me (kept dying to everything) but I've really got the hang of it now. Killing cyclops' like nobody's business.

      Yasss! Stay! Stay with usss.............. foreverrr

      Also I think @greenius *may* be here then?? Green?

        Ugh I'm not going anymore

          Did a German girl get angry at you too?

          @sughly I'll be up on the 29th! Got 2 weeks in a serviced apartment in the CBD. @powalen could potentially stay there...

      Sounds like a possibility.

        Just don't feed me chicken wings that make me sick again and we'll be fine! :P

      Would like to think I could, but who knows at this point. Depends on what's happening with my health, but count me in as interested at least!

      I wasn't intending to start DD on PC until I'd finished RotTR... Hit level 30 and maxed my first vocation (self and pawn) yesterday. Any wonder I never get any games finished. :3

        I think I'm around level 30-35ish now as well! Been trying hard to do all the side quests (escort missions are the worst :P Especially when it's a character who tries to join the fights along the way).

        Upset that I've been locked out of a couple of quests though due to results of other quests. Wish there was a way around that sort of stuff.

    Once in a blue moon I like to pop in here & remind any interested parties, I'm still an idiot.

    Carry on.

      You also aren't really that x-treme. We all know if you are truly x-treme you start the word with an "X"

        But I really want that gaming craptop. Have I lost yet?

          Unfortunately yes. It went to the guy with the highest level of feels in his post.

          Not that I'm bitter or anything... but @chuloopa should have won it. He had infographics!

            THE WAY OF THE FUTURE!

              'Loops - ruining it for everyone else since '16'

              If you run for office, that should be your slogan.

                I've been ruining everything for everyone for much longer than that

      No reminding necessary, TAY remembers.

    Woo picked up a few more hours at work today bumping me up to an 8 hour shift \o/

    I spent my weekend on IRC for the streamed launch of Chronicles of Time, the new 5 disc Chrono Trigger tribute album (by the same guys as Spectrum of Mana). Check it out, it's super awesome!

    This one has a fee attached ($20 US) due to licensing, but the guys are donating to Doctors Without Borders, so it's a worthy spend imho.

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    That was my weekend.

    There has been a hammer drill going on/off for the last 2 hours as trades fit out the tenancy next door. I'm envisioning a headache sometime in my very immediate future.

      All the growing pains of a refurb and none of the reward! Nothing like being a neighbor =P

        We had this for like a solid 3 months - they literally tore the building next door down to the scaffolding, and then built it back up; apparently they wouldn't be able to build it as high if they'd just torn it down and rebuilt from scratch. There was a solid month of jackhammers, and then 2-3 weeks where they were dropping in big concrete slabs where our entire building was constantly shaking and I was fairly certain it would collapse.

        Such fond memories.

    I looked after Sid's friend Atlas for the weekend. He has so much energy. I'm so tired.

      Ahh, Atlas...
      Never get tricked into his 'just hold this for me while I duck off to the loo' routine.
      Not a wonder you are tired, that is a lot of weight to carry.

        He ain't the sharpest knife in the block though. If you fall for his routine, just ask him to hold on for a second while you adjust your grip, and then scamper off.

        Haha. I wish I could show a picture as he is a lovely dog

          Sure is.

            That Shiba does not like injections

    I see cheap Elder Scrolls online at Target.

    Anyone playing on PS4?

    Or if it's cross play, anyone playing?

      Yeah, Target is 20% off now as well, looking at a new 3DS XL...
      must resist....



        I'll need ps+ to play though too...

          Pretty much...

      I keep meaning to go back and give that game some more love as a solo thing. The main reason I stopped is cause a couple of us were trying to play as a group and it doesn't really work well doing quests in groups. They're either stupidly easy (and therefore not really fun) or don't work properly. This was aaages ago so it might have changed?

        Before it went free?

        Was just reading they'd set up group & single quests to appease all fans.

        If I get a copy, I may be trying tonight.

        Are there certain servers or whatever?

        I remember FF 14 locking you in to a server & some being more suited to certain groups, languages etc.

          I got a purchased copy when it was cheap as, right before going free IIRC. It gave a couple of nice bonuses :P

          If they've tidied it up for group play there may be a resurgence of play in the future, once new games settle down a bit.

          I honestly don't remember the server setup. I think it was a single world and you could swap between instances at will?

    My weekend consisted of sweet nothing at all but lazing about at home. I did go and see the doctor though who told me that I definitely still have asthma despite having no obvious symptoms. Looks like it's back onto the puffers for me.

    Gaming wise, Mordheim is still brutal. I wiped on the third story mission and by god that was bad as I hadn't invested into morale at all. Daemons were carving into my warband everywhere and my leader was removed from play due to a second severed arm. Still good fun though.

      What a coward. He should have been all like 'tis but a scratch!' and then kicked people to death.

        "But... your arms are off!"
        "No they're not!"

      Still REALLY need to get that game. God it looks good.

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        If you like XCOM, you'll enjoy Mordheim. I daresay it's a smidge harder but that's mostly because you now have to look after individual units a lot more carefully what with paying them wages, managing injuries, keeping them up with equipment. Heck, a lot of my guys have a tonne of skill points that I haven't spent because training costs money and time, neither of which I have in abundance.

        Heck, I have two characters that I really should trade out because their injuries make them borderline useless but I won't because that costs money. One character suffered a skull fracture and whenever the character is not in melee combat, he must check to see if he suffers from stupidity and do nothing at all. My warlock is megalomaniacal which means all of his spells cost more points to use. This, combined with the fact that spells cost money to train as well, means that he is a very crap wizard.

        At least Marek Sarles my climber and sniper extraordinaire is still being a boss with his rifle and I don't think he has suffered a single injury.

    While were away, three different armies of ants invaded our house. The army camped out in the kitchen mostly keep to themselves, but the other two are winning the war. The army fighting on the Toilet front are using horrific tactics like setting up camp on the toilet paper. The Loungeroom army keep sending their dudes on suicide missions to take a bite out of me every time I try and sit down and relax.

      You should try donning power armour and beating them over the head repeatedly with a glowing sword. It works really well when you do it in XCOM 2 to a Chryssalid...

        Man screw those Chryssalid's! They're like fricking land mines :@

          I leave one person on overwatch all the time for that reason, and Strange has the "If you come near me I'll stab you in the face" ability, which helps a lot.

      Ignore the advice of other people, they clearly don't remember the words of the cinematic masterpiece that was 1998's Lost in Space.

      "A million bucks worth of weaponry, and I'd trade it all back for a lousy can of Raid."

      Just drown the ants in poison.

      Also, if you get honey, and mix in a small bit of laundry detergent, you can make a reasonably effective ant-trap, for when you're too cheap and lazy to just buy normal poison like a normal person.

        Actually Raid isn't as effective as some others. Sure, it kills them, but what you really want is a slower-acting poison, so the ant has time to return home and spread the poison to their friends and family.

        That, or find their nest and pour molten aluminium into it. It makes neat sculptures!

          Mate, I'm quoting the CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE that is Lost in Space.

          You wouldn't want to disagree with the greatest movie of 1998, beating out Oscar contenders like Saving Private Ryan, Shakespeare in Love, or Life is Beautiful (which was actually a 1997 movie, but shutup)?

          I don't think so.

          (I'm well versed in trying to poison ants properly, I had an infestation in my room a while back. Trying to get the poison levels right was a pain, since if I had too much they'd just all die, and too little and the buggers could just metabolise it out. Jerkbags.)

            Hey, I worked on that film!
            So I agree with your assessment entirely :P
            I still have the 3D Studio model of Matt in the bubble-spaceship thing somewhere...

      Ants are the blurst! I used to have ant problems at my old place in Sunnybank Hills. Every day I'd be finding trails of them all over the place. Never get any here though, which is so nice!!

      2 things...

      1. Are they small black ants or lighter/smaller brown ones?
      2. If they are the first, they are sugar eaters. Go grab some Advion Ant Gel off eBay. Not cheap but it works.

      Usage: Find their trail near the wall and leave 5mm blobs of gel every 4-6cm for about half a meter. Also put it on/near any corners and crevices they are congregating around. Within 5 minutes you'll see them swarming the gel. Just leave them be. Next day they'll be gone. Wipe up any left over gel. Stuff knocks out the nest.

      If you've got the lighter/smaller brown ants - they're are Coastal Brown Ants - prefer fat/protein over sugar so the gel doesn't work as well with them. We've got them around our place and have found keeping everything really clean for a fortnight has got rid of most of them because there isn't enough food out.

      Then you have the option of using something like Ant Sand (at Bunnings) to do outside if you want to try get rid of them. The coastal brown ants usually have satellite colonies and can be very hard to get rid of. I've given up after 6 weeks of battling them.

        Good advice, thanks.
        We have both of those along with a larger black type we've never seen inside before. Usually our house is crawling with ants all summer long so I guess it's good that they've only just started now.

      Yeah, what is it with ants and toilet paper.
      There is one particular brand that if we buy it, thousands of ants move into it within 48 hours.
      Should find out what the reason is and patent it as ant bait.

        Some toilet papers are perfumed. Ants look for food by smell, they probably think it's a flower

    XCOM 2:

    This would have to be one of the dumbest complaints ever, but: no one is dying in my game so I haven't needed to make more people...and most of my A team are getting through missions with either minimal or no injuries so at this point I have an A team and a bunch of C-grade backups, so if things do suddenly go South I'm screwed.

      How are you managing to take out the late game enemies without getting hit?? I was consistently losing a team member to injuries (like 14 days downtime) with every mission once the Aliens started deploying Sectopods and Andromedons. Also that was when I restarted when I realized how important the foundry ammo and shit is. Ok fine I restarted because I wanted to play with more mods.

      Last edited 15/02/16 11:19 am

        The first Andromedon I met I killed in one shot (grenade on a car) and then hacked and took over its body, poisoning and punching everything else. Other than that, the non-damaging abilities (Psi stuff, smoke, suppression, flash etc) pay off tenfold when you're fighting small groups. Also, the dodge PCS can help a lot.

        When fighting large groups? It's mostly luck and liberal use of @scree and her plasma lance.

        EDIT: I should mention that @cakesmith seems to have at worst a 70% success rate in hacking robots for full control. No idea how/why it's gotten so high but it means mechanical enemies tend to run into groups of their friends and then shoot themselves with explosions a lot.

        EDIT EDIT: Actually, I also use @strange as a tank too. The ability to avoid an entire attack each time she kills is hilarious. They always go for her cause she's always closest and easy to flank...

        Last edited 15/02/16 11:33 am

          Hah I can picture scree apologizing after every kill xD

          I need to utilize more haywire protocol from the sounds of things; do you equip your hackers with a skulljack btw? Also I think some of the hacking rewards from alien terminals (the scanning towers) is to permanently increase a hackers stat by 20; so it is possible to min/max hacking. Hmmm I need to fine tune my hackers this playthrough then; was already focusing on grenadiers more than snipers/assault.

            It just echoes after the alien's head explodes in shards of flesh and bone "Sssssooooooorrrrryyyy!"

            Yeah, I have Cakesmith on every mission where possible because hacking is too useful (and specialists can get a bonus to it). And yep, he has the skulljack. Free intel/supplies/etc and OHKO is rather nice. Worst case scenario is you miss and shoot the guys with someone else, or you fail the hack and still get the kill for 2 or 3 damage.

            Never, ever, ever ignore the towers. You can hack in and check the options then back out without using an action, so you can save them for later. Best one is "refund all action points spent this round". You can do a full round of attacking then hack and do it all again. I once used it on a VIP mission and blitzed across the map. Had everyone extracted in like 3 rounds/4 turns.

            I've never seen the permanent Hack increase thing. Didn't even know it was a thing. I'll keep an eye out!

            Last edited 15/02/16 12:10 pm

          Psi abilities are OP as shit.
          Domination in particular was a mainstay when I got it. Two psykers mind controlling is so powerful. Particularly when one of those is a full health andromedon. And then you just heal it as necessary to prevent psycho-robot mode.

      Is the dude with the punny profile still alive too then? He must be the leader right?

        Alive, but not the leader. He was offered the desk job but turned it down as he didn't think he'd make a good desk.

      Yeah, I actually haven't lost anyone yet. I've had a couple of bad injuries, but mostly running an A team with a couple of "ok" B team members, that I started subbing in just in case shit went wrong.

      Well you know what to do then, stop using cover and you will have casualties to deal with :P

      I ended up with the same issue. It was devastating if someone ever DID take a wound for 8 days, because it sometimes meant my next mission was going to feature the A Team... and some scrub. Audiences hated those episodes.

        My show killed off 2/3rds of the cast halfway through, and replaced them with a new group that grew to be better liked than the original bunch.

        Well, and Rocket, who was there for the whole disastrous ordeal.

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