The Big Question: Dogs Or Cats

Okay, we're going to break the internet with this question. I'm not even going to try and pretend this is about video games, I just want to know where Kotaku Australia stands on this all-important issue.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

This might be the biggest question you can ask. The is like the inverted or regular of the pet world.

I'm a dog person.


    Always been a cat person.

    But I'm totally not a pet person. Mostly just see them as an annoyance and/or burden :P

      Which is mostly the way that cats view humans :-)

      (I'm a cat person too)

        Maybe that's why I prefer cats. We understand each other.

      It's the neediness of dogs that gets me. The burden of responsibility is so high with dogs. They always want your attention, and they need so much regular attention and exercise and other group activities.

      Cats, at least, are happy to amuse themselves on their lonesome until they want their litter changed or food provided.

    Can we add a "both" option?

    Historically, I've only ever lived with dogs. Unfortunately, until my girlfriend and I move to an abode with a backyard of some sort, we can't currently have either :(

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      Yeah, I've always liked both too. I own a dog but I also used to have a cat that always got along with it.

      exactly. I don't see why everyone feels the need to pick one or the other.

      I'm in the both camp, also. I've grown up with dogs and go nuts over them, but cats are also awesome, just in a different way. It's apples and oranges.


      Yeah! Can't make me choose! I like em both for different reasons! I couldn't say one is better! Boourns for no "both" option!

    Dogs! They're friendly, play games willingly, make great companions for walks and most importantly - they don't throw up hairballs!

    That said I have 1 dog and 4 cats at home....cats belong to the wife.

    Both, but leaning more towards dog. The girlfriend and I got a dog in November, and I don't regret it. He's an awesome little guy (Ridgeback x Kelpie)

    Dog, even though mine is a destructive headstrong disobedient pantry raiding nightmare.

    Cats are assholes.
    Dogs are idiots. But lovable idiots.
    My dog is probably the dumbest and most lovable of them all. She can be a serious pain in the ass though. BUT she doesn't scratch and bite me in the middle of a pat like the cat does.
    The cat is a bastard.

      Dogs are intuitive due to breeding but you gotta learn how to cats.
      Dont need to walk but if you wana, get a saimese.
      Stoic only in bad times (wont bug you for playtime but loves you for it)
      Occasional affection (chill on lap, join for mealtime, wont cry when alone)
      No cleaning (unless fluffball, a kitten, or you have too many rats)
      Can smell sick/sad family in need of comforts
      Live longer than dogs usually.
      Not overprotective/terrotorial (unless you got a crazy/neglected/breed)

    Whichever one doesn't leave shit sitting on your lawn.

      Both or neither. cat poop is pure death when you dont feed em right

    I find dogs too needy.

      Oh mannnnn.. soooooo needy. But sooooo lovable!

      They really are, but they just want to love their pack mates so you either adjust or get a cat!

    Dogs. People buy a dog because they want one. People buy a cat because a dog isn't right for them. I feel like 99% of my friends with cats would have another animal if they'd realised there were more than two options. Seriously, if you think you're a cat person go out and spend a week with a pet rabbit.

    I like them just fine, but I don't think I want either shedding hair or stinking up my apartment.

    If I had to choose it would be cats, however i'm not much of a pet person so ultimately neither.

    Dogs all the way.
    Actually genuinely dislike cats. Find them an annoying pest most of the time. Especially since even if you don't own one, you still have to deal with those owned by the rest of the neighbourhood who let them run feral.

    I want to say dogs, but I can't get past their stink. It's like living with a hobo as a flatmate.
    With a cat, I can pat them and not feel like I want to wash my hands straight away.

    Dogs, definitely dogs. I have both a cat and dog, my cat is the neediest, whiniest most annoying cat out there. Don't say dawww, after a while it grates on your nerves.

    My dog on the other hand, she is big and dopey, loves to roll around in the dirt.

      My dog on the other hand, she is big and dopey, loves to roll around in the dirt.
      Uhm. Surely that is a deal-breaking downside, a surefire ejection from the household?

    Cats. They virtually take care of themselves. All you have to do is feed them, clean the litter box, and know that you are their slave forever.

    Cats. I have nothing overly against dogs but my parents never liked them and had cats when I was growing up so I'm just more used to cats now. That said one of my two cats atm more-or-less thinks she's a dog anyway, even plays fetch :P

      I'm scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. "Jesus, come on! Someone post CatDog... Finally!" +1 for you sir!

    +1 Cat person!

    I really can't stand how dogs smell, regardless of how recently they have been washed. Anytime I pat a dog, my hands end up smelling and feeling revolting.

      Any time I visit someone with dogs, I am always heading to the kitchen or bathroom to wash my hands. It's subconscious, at this point. Hindbrain goes, "Oh, been petting one of the most disgusting things you can think of, better go wash that before I inadvertently touch my mouth or food or anything else that might come into contact with either."

    My allergies probably make me a little biased... Stupid cats.

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