The Big Question: Favourite Elder Scrolls Game

Okay, so the big question is usually a two-choice affair. This time we're doing something a little different. Let's choose: which is your favourite Elder Scrolls game?

Just so I'm getting my own biases out of the way: I like Morrowind and Skyrim. A lot.

The others? I've either haven't played or gave up on after 10 hours or so.

I'm gonna go with Morrowind.

How about you?


    I voted Morrowind even though I've barely played.

    Skyrim, because it doesn't need a million mods to make it a good game.

      I haven't played any of them, but I refuse to believe that Skyrim is playable without this mod.

        I prefer this one :)

    Skyrim, considering I can't play elder scrolls for more than five minutes now

    Skyrim followed by Morrowind. Skyrim was the first elder scrolls title I managed to play the "whole" way through and complete the main story line. Morrowind was the first elder scrolls game I ever played, back on the first Xbox. I got too side tracked doing random stuff and jumping on top of houses with my thief character to actually bother doing the main quests.

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    Skyrim! Did everything within a year on my ps3. Bought it again for my PC with DLC so I could do those as well and play it again but this time I just stuck with the main quests.
    And now I am a bodacious light saber wielding lizard woman wearing a telephone hat who fights Thomas The Tank engine on a daily basis


    Mods made me love Skyrim more, but the amount of freedom you had in Morrowind (heck, even its story) far surpasses the others... in my humble opinion

    Arena, it blew my tiny little mind when I first played it and I adored it completely. Daggerfall for me is a close second. I never played morrowind or skyrim and I loved oblivion but nothing can beat childhood nostalgia :)

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    It's a toss-up between Morrowind and Daggerfall. Daggerfall felt a lot more free, and I loved the exploration. But Morrowind was filled with a lot more lore and characters, and everything was a lot more unique.

    I ended up going with Morrowind. I think Redguard comes in third, but that wasn't an option...

    Skyrim. Just a lovely game....

    Playing in the Nightingale armour set was the coolest experience. I also enjoyed looking terrifying in the Daedric heavy armour set.

    The cool doggy quest was a highlight.

    So many memories....

    I'm going to vote Oblivion because it was the first one I played and it just blew me away. Skyrim was fantastic, too, but obviously just a more polished iteration on the same theme.


    Skyrim was great and all, but I feel the series is actually going backward in terms of freedom, Fallout as well.
    So hard to push through the latest games.

    The list doesn't include Elder scrolls online.
    I like ESO as you can choose so many areas, but am looking forward to a proper single player version again. I think they really missed out on an opportunity there to structure the game like a Diablo 3 type player structure.

    I'm going to go against the grain and say Oblivion. My reasoning is that it was my first foray into the Elder Scrolls but more importantly it was the exact game that I had been waiting for all my life. I bought a second hand copy from EB despite (IMO) the poor cover art and immediately returned the next day to trade it in for the expanded version with all the DLC.

      Oblivion was my first one, too. I picked it up on a whim when I saw the complete edition in an EB sale for about $25. I got 200+ hours out of it, so pretty good value for my $25 :P

    Yeah odd no ESO or Redguard? they are equally important in the TES series

    Oblivion had great visuals (for its time) and awesome gameplay, not to mention Sheogorath and Shivering Isles :)

    Morrowind was a fantastic lengthy game with great story telling, the only thing that sucked was some of the animations and it came out at a time where combat should've been more fluid no dice roll strike systems..

    Skyrim is probably the best purely for visuals and especially for gameplay, loved the accessibility for modders too, making the game even prettier than it already is!

    Damn Bethesda give us Tes6 already :(

    Skyrocket is hardly even an rpg, and it's even worse with the fact that you NEED mods to make it barely enjoyable. Morrowind had the most freedom, but oblivion had the most charm, so I'm stuck between oblivion and morrowind.

    It would have been Oblivion if it wasn't for another gate every 6 feet. Seriously who is going to do the exact same thing 60 times over. In the end I only ever did the ones I had to.

    As for my favourite, it goes to Skyrim. It's the one that gelled with me the most. Don't get me wrong though, I did enjoy Morrowind as well but just not as much.

    I voted morrowind for nostalgia, first rpg I truly loved. Skyrim is just as good, don't care what anyone says. Morrowind had a better story, Skyrim had a better overall feel. I remember playing Morrowind and longing to see this Skyrim place above all else, when it was announces I was overjoyed.

    Skyrim has the better level-up system (seriously, any system that makes you terrified to go to sleep for fear of fucking up your stats is a bad system), but worst interface/controls. Fortunately, fixable with mods.

    Skyrim was the best game.

    However my memories of Morrowind are the best

    I voted for skyrim, simply because i never played the first two and i never finished morrowind, the menu and other ui systems werent the greatest for the xbox version, i had a great time for the most part and the story was easily the best of the three ive played, but i never finished it, and oblivion had a game breaking bug that made me restart the game after i had finished EVERYTHING including all DLC Except the thieves guild.

    Elder Scrolls Online.

    where's @hugo_the_hugarian_barbarian ?

    also... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. this one is hard. Daggerfall was my first, Morrowind was just incredibly deep, Oblivion blew my mind with its graphics & technical ambition & Skyrim I guess is a combination of all the strong points that the others had.

    I therefore abstain like the cowardly fence-sitter i am.

    Skyrim got me back into gaming (I played games a lot as a kid, not so much as an adult), taught me that I could actually play large-scale "serious" games, and was the gateway game for a whole bunch of others.

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