The Big Question: Horde Or Alliance?

Honestly, I can't believe we haven't done this one yet!

This might be the most controversial and difficult Big Question yet. Everyone, please. Maintain your sanity.

I never really played much World Of Warcraft, but when I did I played Alliance.

Please don't kill me or judge me or hunt me down and torture me.


    But the Alliance doesn't even get any cool ships!


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    My reasoning is simple.

    Sometimes, back in the old days of Vanilla WoW (presumably also more recently, but I gather that most people fly their own way these days), when you hopped on a flightpath, the NPC would say "For the Horde!"

    But since by this point you were travelling away from them, the final syllable would sort of be cut off, leading to immense amounts of entertainment when it sounded like "For the whore."

    The Alliance can't hope to compete with that.

    I don't understand the question.

    I play both, at the moment I prefer Alliance but my heart is with the Horde!

    Third option - never touched WoW.

      You should play the Warcraft strategy games. They're great. It's a shame we'll probably never see another.

    Alliance, tho I never really played long enough to form any real loyalty to either.

    So Alliance is Humans and Horde is Orcs?

    I never played WoW, but loved Warcraft I and II.

    I vote for the game called The Horde, I friggin loved that game.

    None shall pass!

    Any game that lets me choose to play a dwarf then I will do so. Alliance for me!

    That's tough...
    Horde because my first Rags kill was on my troll priest but...
    Alliance because of Dwarf hunters...
    Horde - just

    I haven't played in years, but my heart will always belong to the Horde.


    /whisper: but I do like some of the Alliance landscapes and people.

      Yeah, the Alliance garrisons in Warlords were much prettier. Kinda sore that as a great Blood Elf general, I had to put up with slap-dash-looking Orcish 'architecture' for most of my buildings. They should've let it be racial-themed, so I could have shimmering magical elven towers everywhere. Live for the pretty!

    Like this is even a question. Big green hulking monsters or tiny little goblins. Horde duh!

    Double post woops

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    Alliance Players, do you remember even winning a BG?

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      back in the day, on cenarius when afterlife/dawn eternal/eternal ascendants were running premades in their T3 I remember, as a troll priest, that alliance won a helluva lot. feral druid flag runners and 9k health prot warriors -_-

      since then though, it seems whatever faction you aren't playing currently are the ones winning in BGs

      AV called. It can't remember the Horde ever winning there.

        Gotta give you that one. Anything else, no... but AV, I know in the last couple years it was pointless to try compete with the Alliance in that competitive timed PVE race pretending to be PVP.

    Back in vanilla as a 14 year old kid i naturally played a NE Hunter. Then Oceanic servers came out and some mates at school were playing so i joined them. I really wanted to play horde at that point but my mates were alliance so i was stuck. I still think horde races are soo much better but when i played horde alts in bc and WotLK imo alliance leveling zones and capital cities were way better.

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    Alliance were notorious (pre cata) for being a bunch of noobs, and they were. Surprised there are so many here, thought aussies were more horde-inclined. Shame ;) Oh and Barrens Chat!

      haven't played since 2008, but barrens and org were the best places to be.

      I think the demographics of the factions were interesting.

      One of the more telling things is probably when you enter the starting zones at Borean Tundra.

      If you're Alliance, you see a queue of volunteers for the military, and some officials come running up to practically [CENSORED] your [CENSORED] and fawning over how they're so honoured that the esteemed hero [You, Alliance scrub] is lending your might to the cause. No waiting in lines for YOU, oh hero!

      If you're Horde, you have surly orcs calling you a useless scrub and forcing you to go work to pull your weight because 'bitch, you ain't shit'.

      The difference was quite striking. Seemed to me like the devs were almost admitting that the Alliance is full of players who need their ego stroked. ;)

      Playing as Alliance, I felt so outgunned by Horde players in terms of quantity and quality.

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