The Creator Of Fruit Ninja Is Making A Game About Milkshakes

A small team made Fruit Ninja but the man universally recognised as the 'creator' of Fruit Ninja is Luke Muscat. He's a goddamn wizard. Many regard the guy as one of the best pure game designers in Australia and they're probably right.

His new game is about Milkshakes.

It's called Slide the Shakes and honestly, just from looking at it I feel like I get how much fun it's going to be.

Luke Muscat is now part of Prettygreat, a new studio made up of former Halfbrick employees. Last year they released Land Sliders which was good. This looks a little more up my alley though. It's sort of like Desert Golfing mixed with sliding and milkshakes. I'm seriously down with that.

Also: major props for not calling it Slidey Shakes. That must have taken a serious amount of mental willpower.

Slide the Shakes comes out on iOS on February 25. I've got an early copy and I'm downloading as we speak. Will report back.


    But will it bring all the boys to the yard?

      I don't want to be associated with it if that milkshake is better than mine...

        Well, they COULD teach you.
        They'd have to charge, though.

          Microtransactions confirmed.

            Microtransactions are too mainstream for indie devs now.

            It's all about macrotransactions.

              This one's got milkotransactions.

              (they too are better than yours)

                That's cold.
                Milkshake cold.

    I approve.

    Although hopefully comes to Android soon enough.

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