The Dangerous Animals I've Petted In Far Cry Primal

Who needs guns in a video game when you can tame and command bears and saber-toothed tigers to kill for you? That's what I've been doing in Far Cry Primal, though there's something to be said for just stopping and petting these furry four-legged instruments of death. I made a video of my favourite new sidekicks as I enlist them to be my murderous companions. Enjoy.

And for the video-impaired, here's our cast of characters:

The Wolf

He's good at killing and urinating!

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal

The Dhole

Not very deadly, but good at grabbing collectibles.

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal

The Jaguar

Our stealth assassin.

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal

Cave Lion

Uninterested in petting.

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal


He doesn't look very bright, but is good at drawing enemy attacks.

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal

Saber-Toothed Tiger

Best to keep well-fed.

The Dangerous Animals I've Pet In Far Cry Primal


    Has to be asked, but can you drive the vehicles like they do in The Flintstones or what?

      I'm curious about this too. Walking everywhere would be a pain unless you can ride a mammoth or something.

        Not if it sounded like this:

    Their implementation of taming wild beasts has to be the main reason I'm not on board with this game. I can handle owls dropping explosives, I can handle firing multiple arrows in one draw of a bowstring, but I can't seem to swallow taming a lion in under 5 seconds by throwing it a chunk of dead animal then patting it on the head.

    Anyone else think this was an opportunity missed, rather than just creating a Pokemon: Mesolithic mini-game?

    Last edited 24/02/16 5:04 pm

      Well becoming the beast master does lend towards a supernatural type deal so it's not entirely just "pat on the head and you're tame". But to be honest, without the beast taming the game would be a little uninspired.

        Becoming the beast master segment was pretty cool, the ambience in this game is great. All the animal sounds and people being attacked in the distance just the sound in general is great. I turn up the volume and become immersed in 10,000BCE as for the story it's what you'd expect, build your tribe to rise up to power..... on par with story for the other farcry games. I like that it's paired back a little in terms of story, let's be honest could it be possible to craft an epic story in that time period other than rehashing something along the lines of the Roland Emmerich movie 10,000 BC. The tamed animal certainly helps at night keeping attacks to a minimum and help in combat, even without said beastie it would still be a cool game and I'm glad it's not another Pew Pew Explosion simulator lol

    Sorry, man. Smilodon or Saber-toothed cat. Saber-toothed tigers weren't a thing ...

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