The Founder Of Atari Will Be On Australian TV This Sunday

The Founder Of Atari Will Be On Australian TV This Sunday
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It’s not often you see prominent figures from gaming’s history make an appearance on our small screens, but we’ll see at least one this weekend.

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The figure in question is Nolan Bushnell, the man who famously founded legendary developer and publisher Atari in 1972. The genesis of the company actually began a few years prior to that, with him and Ted Dabney forming a company so they could produce a Spacewar clone.

But the beginnings of Atari, and Bushnell’s experiences of working with Steve Jobs — and refusing to invest in the early days of Apple — will be covered in an episode of The Conversation at 10:00 AM, Sunday morning.

While the press release for the program indicates it will focus more on his association with the Apple founder and his entrepreneurship over the last few decades, the sale of Atari will also be covered. “I possibly wouldn’t have sold Atari if I’d have just taken a two-week vacation, because part of it was actually fatigue. Perspective is really, really important and I think that if you work too hard you lose it,” Bushnell is quoted as saying.

The program airs on Channel 9 this Sunday. What other historical figures would you like to see interviewed on Australian TV?


  • Yeah Bushnell selling Atari ultimately led to that company’s demise but I’m not sure he could’ve prevented the American crash of 83, I suspect though he would’ve got to work on a VCS successor a lot earlier than they did after being sold to Warner

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