The Internet Archive Just Added Over 1000 Windows 3.1 Games To Its Library

The Internet Archive Just Added Over 1000 Windows 3.1 Games To Its Library

It’s always been possible to get Windows 3.1 games going again thanks to the power of DOSBox. Great little program, really. There’s just one problem: it was a massive pain in the arse. I spent way too many hours trying to make Hodj ‘n’ Podj playable again, to the point where even when I’d gotten it working, I was too exhausted to enjoy it.

Sadly, the Internet Archive hasn’t added Hodj ‘n’ Podj to their library of playable browser games. But there are more than 1000 full and shareware games available, and you can play them right now.

The gaming library is viewable here, although there’s a separate category for Windows 3.1 programs if you’re into that.

Monopoly Deluxe appears to be one of the early favourites, with a couple of thousand views. There are some gems if you do a little scrolling though:

Risk BreakThru! Gazillionaire Microsoft Arcade It’s A Funny Old Game Missile Attack Prairie Dog Hunt 2 – Judgement Day Castle of the Winds SimEarth

All of the Windows 3.1 apps usable through the Internet Archive have been broken down into Desktop Toys, Games, Productivity and Shareware, and you can access everything right here.


  • Just scrolling through, there sure seem to be a lot of duplicates. At least, judging by screenshots. Also a lot of the screenshots don’t seem to be very well chosen 😛

  • Hmm a few in that list, are still being sold today. Gazillionare has a web version available in particular

  • I’m curious as to whether the archive would store something without making it publicly accessible via their website. I’d imagine games like the original Warcrafts will be hard fought to get onto there otherwise. If only companies would work with the Archive, it’s such a valuable project.

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