The Latest PS Plus 'Vote To Play' Features Another Australian Game

This is becoming something of a regular occurrence. You might remember that the Melbourne-made Armello lost out to Grow Home in a recent PlayStation Plus vote.

Now the Brisbane-made Assault Android Cactus is facing off against Broforce and Action Henk for the chance to feature as a free game on PlayStation Plus in March.

Assault Android Cactus is like the top-down shooter reinvented. It's pretty awesome. Going up against Broforce though? It's gonna be a difficult one. Action Henk is also pretty slick.

If I had to guess, I'd say Broforce might win this vote, with Assault Android Cactus slipping in as a close second. Either way, we win. Both are super good.


    Weren't you pretty salty about the last vote, Mark?

      I know I certainly was. Armello totally deserved to beat the one trick pony that is Grow Home.

        So much this. Better game, and also a game that was literally just launching vs one that had been out for months on other platforms.

        I think this time around Broforce is going to steamroll the other two as well.

        Completely disagree. Grow Home was one of my favourite games of 2015. Lost count of how many times I've played it.

        I've played it originally with my GF. A few drinks down with mates on Australia Day. With my nephews for a family catch-up. The games core mechanic is straight up fun and unique.

        Grow Home and Rocket League are easily my favourite PS Plus games.

        Armello looks really good, but I prefer playing board games on the tabletop.

          Seconded. I loved Grow Home and have no real interest in Armello.

          Someone is always going to lose when you vote on something like this. Is it sad for indie developers who won't get much shine when a different game beats theirs? Sure. But it's more publicity than none. And an indie game still wins. Who is to say which is more deserving anyway? Our bias follows Australian games because we're Australian.

          PlayStation+ gives us indies: everyone complains.

          PlayStation+ gives us a vote and an indie loses: everyone complains.

        I disagree. Everything I've read about Armello says that it's got a focus of replaying short, random matches, with no over-arching story; basically a board game. And that's something I have little to no interest in playing as a video game.

        Grow Home offered an interesting and pretty world to explore, with some enjoyable music, abilities which expanded with progression, and little 'videogamey' objectives and puzzles. Much more to my tastes.

        Even though I haven't played Armello, the descriptions lead me to believe Grow Home was a better video game.

        "One trick pony" is probably meant to be an insult, but I don't want to have to replay things to try and find the enjoyment in them, so it's more like an endorsement in this instance. Unless you were referring to the central mechanics, which just pretty much straight-up doesn't hold weight. (It'd be like calling Mario a one-trick pony.)

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        Additionally, I'm currently a little bitter at Armello's publisher for pulling out of their offer to supply digital keys as a backer reward for the GX kickstarter, only days before scheduled delivery.

        Maybe unfairly, maybe GX over-promised keys? I dunno what the hell that's about, (pulling out as a sponsor?) but either way I doubt I'll be paying for Armello anytime soon.

        Last edited 02/02/16 1:44 pm

          I was unaware of this. I will merely stand by my belief that Armello is an awesome game :-) I also respect your opinion :-)

    I'd be pretty happy with either of Assault Android Cactus or Broforce.

    But I guess I'll vote for AAC because straya.

    This is a trainwreck. I thought Sony scrapped the idea. It's not what I paid for.

    From memory of that last vote, the 'winner' was already priced lower than one or both of the other choices, so the cheap one was made free while the two 'losers' got only tiny discounts by comparison, Grow Home got the most votes, fine. But still quite bitter that an Aussie-made game got shafted like that.

    Didn't "Vote to Play" get dreamed up as a response to legions of PSPlus subscribers telling Sony the free games on offer each month weren't to their liking? That's some entitled whining to be sure.

    I purchased a PS4 and PSPlus for Bloodborne, and being able to tear fools a new one in Rocket League later on down the track was just a bonus (that I almost missed out on for free, but will be damn sure to buy it on Steam when they do that big refresh update!); no way I want to actually be friends with, generally associate,with or be at the mercy of the PSPlus userbase :D

    Make 'em all free, and be done with it. Incidentally, what are the games separate price points going to be?

      You paid for a subscription service, the free games are freebies.

      Didn't "Vote to Play" get dreamed up as a response to legions of PSPlus subscribers telling Sony the free games on offer each month weren't to their liking? That's some entitled whining to be sure.

      The way you are whining right now because the Vote to Play is not to your liking is just like the "entitled whining" that you described.

      Make them all free? Stop being so entitled. Devs need money to survive. Vote to Play essentially means 1 dev gets the cake from Sony while the other 2 gets enough free advertising that people actually buys them.

      It's a win win for the devs.

        I hate the entitlement of gamers/most people who consume media.

        The world works by paying for services. We can afford games by people paying for our service at our jobs. Games can only be made by people paying for them. Nothing has to, or even should, be free in any form of media.

        That's why I hate piracy. And I hate how worked up people get about Playstation+ and their free games. Be grateful you get something for "free". The money you pay for your monthly subscription goes to the developers of the free games and Sony. Don't like it? Hate the selection? Don't pay for it.

      So much use of the word "I", narcissistic much?

        Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and others.


          Narcissism predates NPD by a good two millennia. You should be referring to that definition, not the disorder named after it.

            Except in the sense of primary narcissism or healthy self-love, narcissism is usually considered a problem in a person's or group's relationships with self and others. Narcissism is not the same as egocentrism.

    Please don't be BroForce, we already have super ultra time force which is so identical. Vote for the unique ones.

      It's the only one that people will have heard of (including me). It's going to win for sure.

        Also got the words 'bro' and 'force' in it sadly. 'Assault' is the only one of three words in its title that would entice a fair number of otherwise indifferent subscribers.

      I tried bu couldn't really get into STFU, but I played the free version of Bro Force (Expendabros?) on Steam and it was one of the better couch co-op experiences I've had in a long time, it's a really fun game when you're playing with friends.

      I haven't checked out the other games yet, though, so haven't decided which way I'll vote.

      Nope, they are two totally different games! Yes they have have a near identical art-style but apart from that they are nothing like each other (and yes I have played both of them!).

        Well I might be generalising it too much.

        I have to apologise because I have a thing against indie 2D/retro platforming/sidescrolling games. My most hated genre of modern gaming that makes me puke when a new one releases every 2 weeks. 0 innovation except making it as whacky as possibly so that it is "fun".

        It's like someone sat together getting high and suddenly think "hey let's do a side scrolling game with unicorns flying all around and you can ride the unicorn to shoot angels while they poo rainbow and then you get 1 up with nyancats and you get upgrades by picking up different type of Tacos. Then we call it ROFLMAO (REAL OVERDRIVE FLYING LIKE MASSIVE AGGRESIVE OVERLORDS). Gotta put some eagles in game too, just for the sake of MURICA.

        I just can't take them seriously at all.

        Last edited 02/02/16 3:15 pm

          Well you are missing out on two of the best ones! Broforce is great for a quick action blast and a bit of laugh where as Super Time Force is essentially a puzzle/platform game. It's great fun in the early levels and watching the replays but it got hard pretty quick and my skill level just wasn't keeping up!

    I'm pretty sure this is the definition of a "stacked deck." It's like elections in (insert safe Liberal/labour seat here) . Yes, you're being offered a choice, but it's a meaningless one and your vote won't count.
    They've made a deal to give Broforce away. The other selections are only there to give you the illusion of choice. I'm pretty sure that isn't the intention, but it's the result anyway.

    Last edited 02/02/16 12:25 pm

    For those who are interested - BroForce is an absolute ripper of a game too.

    An incredibly fun indie title. I have it on PC, and would be very happy to see it on PS Plus.

      This doesn't seem to matter. It's like people think enjoyment is objective, maybe they actually believe that .

      Well.....I'm pretty keen to play it.

        Yeah, it's great! I've got it on PC but will be voting for it as I would love to play it in coop on the TV.

    I think Broforce is going to win this pretty comfortably.

    Last edited 02/02/16 1:14 pm

      Broforce seems a lot like Mercenary Kings (previously on PS+) but a little more arcade-y.

    This sony video is a bit better for those who dont know what all 3 games are:

    Personally I think all 3 look like interesting games

    played Assault Android Cactus at PAX... SO MUCH FUN. will take that over broforce any day

    I don't have a PlayStation but I saw the trailer for Broforce a few weeks back and couldn't stop laughing - it will win by a wide margin!

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