The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Has A Bunch Of New Stuff

The upcoming HD version of Twilight Princess — which is being made in Melbourne — is looking pretty nice. But above and beyond the aesthetics, it looks as though there are a handful of additions that change the gameplay itself.

The above video pertains to be a video that tells you what's new about Twilight Princess HD but in my opinion it does a pretty bad job of explaining exactly what we're seeing here...

So, in bullet-point form...

— The Wii GamePad. Of course. It almost goes without saying that the Wii U version of Twilight Princess will have nifty item management stuff using the GamePad. — Tears Of Light sections are less annoying. I'm guessing this might annoy some purists — purists who don't remember how tedious the whole Tears Of Light sections were. For context, players were forced to collect tears in certain sections. It was probably one of the weakest parts of Twilight Princess — it basically amounted to an MMO style fetch quest. Now, instead of 16 tears, you only have to collect 12. This is a good idea. — There's also the hero mode, which is unlocked from the start. The game world is mirrored, as are the dungeons. I'm not a huge fan of that kind of thing, your mileage may vary. — There's a new item called the Ghost Lantern. The Ghost Lantern is designed to make the whole poe retrieval quests easier. Truth be told I can't even remember the poe retrieval stuff.

Pretty positive changes on the whole. Personally, I'm just looking forward to playing the game again. This remake looks remarkably polished.

Look at this screenshot.


Looks pretty good.


    Man I've played and loved all the 3d Zelda games, I really don't care that they repeat certain mechanics or themes or areas. The waggle controls on tp didn't even faze me one bit either I must be a freak as I kind of enjoyed them.
    I appreciate how it's all about gameplay, little exposition, no voice overs, keeps everything vague and mysterious. The atmosphere within dungeons is so great, hearing the wind howl thru the empty environments, nobody giving you hints over a radio, no explicit checkpoints, just Link and his tools.
    Ninty are the masters.

    I still have this on GameCube, and trying to play it on a HD TV is ... uh.. It's very ugly.
    It's a great game, but still not going to get me to buy a WiiU.

      You realise this remaster is going to be HD and will look much better on your HDTV than the Gamecube or Wii original...right?

        Yeah, but it's still the same game. I'm not going to spend hundreds on a new console + game just to replay it.

          That's understandable...I have a Wii U and I'm still not all that interested in replaying it.

          What I was meaning is that you saying that won't play this new Wii U remaster because the Gamecube/Wii original looks crap on your HDTV is a pretty moot point when this remaster won't have that issue. If you aren't interested in playing it for other reasons that's fine, but that reason alone doesn't make sense.

            Yeah I should have worded that better. My TV also allows for "Native Rez" which lets me play it without stretching but as a result it's a small square in the middle. Looks better for it

    Pretty sure this would be a good indicator how the Wii U zelda will play like, which im excited about. That and i could never stand the original wii port of this game with its controls so im looking forward to the more traditional play style and finally seeing the complete game.

    I assume that the mirroring is so that you can replicate the Wii or GameCube layout as you prefer?

      Nope, it's the original non-mirrored version (aka gamecube version).

      I think the idea is that the layout will feel new and throw people that have memorised the old layout.

        Pretty sure what Batguy is saying is that you can mirror it to play with a Wii Remote, or leave it un-mirrored to play with a standard controller layout.

        It really does throw you. I played the original two versions side-by-side, in order to try and figure out which was the "better" version (spoiler: it was GameCube), and playing the same section you'd just played but in mirror mode really did mess with your head.

      for anyone who played it on GameCube and not Wii the world was mirrored so Links Sword was in his Right hand instead of Left. it made more sense seeing as you had to us a Wiimote. Link is traditionally a lefty.

    I enjoyed Ocarina's Master Quest which sounds similar to hero mode with the mirroring bit but at least the puzzles in the dungeons were different which helped keep things fresh.

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    This has been my ring tone for years:

    I am moderately interested in this game, yes.

    It might just be the nostalgia glasses, but I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't think the improvements make the game that much nicer? I'm comparing it to Windwaker HD, which was gorgeous. This still looks pretty rough. In fairness I'm probably also considering we've seen the new Zelda graphics and maybe that has set the expectations high. This all said, I'll still get it... just wanted to put that out there.

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      Wind Waker looks amazing because the source art was brilliant and all it needed was a coat of HD paint. The WiiU simply isn’t up to pumping out “realistic” graphics at 2016 standards.

      I’d guess that when they were doing the art design for TP as a Gamecube release they were using hardware that was up there with the best on the market and could go for a realistic look. It’s a lot harder to make a realistic looking game on sh*tty hardware than it is a beautiful game with a simplified art style- Link was never going to look like a character from the Witcher of Arkham Knight on WiiU hardware.

      I’d suggest that’s why Skyward Sword looked the way it did too, because by stylising the game they could use lower quality textures, simpler models, shorter draw distances ect and still have the game look nice when compared to the 360/ PS3 games of the era. Ditto the new WiiU game. I saw the latest demo video running on a TV at JB hi-fi and you can tell that it’s not running on great hardware. If you pay attention to individual assets it’s all pretty basic, but by stylising the game they’ve been able to make it look nice as a whole.

      Not a lot they can do with TP though. You’re working with “realistic” models created for the Gamecube, ported to a Wii that was just a jacked-up GC and then ported to a console that’s comparable with last-gen.

        AFAIK the port is straight from GC not Wii. Hence why it's a non-mirrored version/has no motion controls.

          Ahhh ok. I played it on the Wii but I always wished they’d managed to get their sh*t together and get it out the door before the Wii was released.
          The motion control gimmick (and it was purely a gimmick in TP) was lame and I thought it detracted from the game.

          Also I just learnt what ‘AFAIK’ means….. I didn’t need to know that.

            "As far as I know"

            What's wrong with that?

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        Once again I'm not sure i agree with you foggy, PS3 and 360 were good enough for 'realistic' graphics like arkham asylum and city. Also remakes like metal gear solid HD from the same generation as TP were also acceptable on PS360, the WiiU is basically on the same level so don't really see how the hardware isn't capable?

          That's not an unreasonable point at all.

          I'd argue that the Gamecube version looked realistic in the first place so it can do real too, it's just a question of quality.

          The art style of TP means an update could look amazing on 2016 hardware given the scope of the environments and enemy counts. There's no reason it couldn't potentially be on the same level as say Dark Souls III, but the WiiU hardware can't do it, so it looks "pretty rough" as Treestar stated.

      I dunno man, Twilight Princess has not aged well. At all. Especially if you play on a HDTV.

        You think that was bad. I recently dragged out my old Nintendo 64, so I could give Majora's Mask another whirl. Could barely make out what was on the screen. It was less draw distance, than blur (blergh?) distance. How the hell did I play this game back then?!

    — There’s also the hero mode, which is unlocked from the start. The game world is mirrored, as are the dungeons. I’m not a huge fan of that kind of thing, your mileage may vary.

    Really glad to hear this, I'm assuming it's in there for people like me, who played the Wii version.

    For those unaware, the Wii Version was exactly the same as the Gamecube version, except that the game world, characters and models were mirrored. This was because Link is left-handed, but the Wii Remote is more commonly held in the right hand, and Nintendo didn't want players to feel disconnected with link holding his sword in his left hand, their solution was to simply flip the entire game.

    I bought this game mostly for the Twilight Wii hack so I could use ScummVM on my telly with the wiimote.

    Never really got into it. You spend so long stuck as a wolf, and that wasn't really what I wanted out of a Zelda game. I feel like I should go back and give it another go.

      haha, this. i probably played 5 minutes of TP. I had intentions... but its in the P.O.S now.

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    I started this on the Wii but never finished it! Will pick this up and dust off the Netflix console er I mean WiiU.

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