The Mac And Linux Versions Of Batman Arkham Knight Have Been Cancelled

It's a surprise that these weren't cancelled before, given how many issues Warner Bros had with the PC port of Batman's adventure. But at least today it's official: there won't be a Mac or Linux port for Arkham Knight.

In a Steam announcement, the developers said those who had pre-ordered the Mac or Linux ports of the game could request a refund through Steam.

Some users responded by hoping Arkham Knight might be ported at a later date, but it's difficult to imagine that ever, ever happening given the game's torrid history on Steam. The game's worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Ashes Cricket 2013 for a reason, after all.


    I'm a Linux guy, but this is probably for the best. I can see the guys at Feral looking at the code they need to convert, and just going "WTF?"

    Just give the damn source code out on the internet. The fans will have it working better than these incompetent monkeys ever could, plus it'll be ported to everything from the PC through to Android.

      This has quite literally happened. Many more times than we care to realise.

    Did the PC version ever get re-released?

      Yeah pretty sure it did and it still fell over again so it was pulled again.

        Nope, it's still on sale now -

        AFAIK it went back up on Steam in October, and has had a bunch of patches released since then, along with a bunch of underwhelming DLC.

    As much as I prefer Linux as an OS, it's just not my prefered gaming platform.

    Windows ports aside, AMD and Nvidia drivers just aren't up to par when it comes to competing against a Windows machine. You end up needing more than the necessary amount of resources when you play on the highest graphical settings.

      For AMD, you have a point. But for Nvidia, the drivers can be faster on Linux than the equivalent on Windows.

        NVIDIA are very good at optimizing OpenGL for their cards, however they do still release buggy patches now and again that ruins OpenGL support.

        AMD still can't figure out where to start with OpenGL optimization, which is quite sad. Try OpenGL under Windows for AMD, almost as bad as it is on Linux.

          I'm hoping that Vulkan will change things around. Goodbye complex, high level API, hello low level access to hardware. It could really be a game changer, figuratively and literally.

    Those 3 people that wanted to play this game on Linux or Mac would be disappointed.

    I've been playing through this game on PS4 again with the Season of Infamy DLC. It is actually a seriously awesome game, with great gameplay, graphics, voice-acting and story. Such a shame all anyone will remember is the shitty PC port. Talk about ruining a legacy.

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