The Most Terrifying Enemy In Fallout 4

The Most Terrifying Enemy In Fallout 4

Video: What is the scariest monster roaming the Commonwealth, dear wanderer? Is it Deathclaws? Supermutants? Perhaps ghouls are the worst the wasteland has to offer? No. Of course not. Nothing quite compares to the horrors pointed out by sohoshuffle in this video:


Then again, that's not quite as bad as this mod showcased by FluffyNinjaLlama, which reveals Kellogg's FINAL FORM:

Never change, Fallout modders. Never change.


    "All this tech; you were barely human"
    ahahahaha. So fitting.

    I thought we were all agreed - the most terrifying opponent in Fallout 4 was the undertrained Vertibird driver. His only predator is a building of more than 3 stories, but whenever the building pounces, it sends three tonnes of irradiated shrapnel directly at you from the direction you're not looking.


    Soooo many shadowplay clips of glitches and bugs in Fallout 4... And yet it wouldnt be as enjoyable if they didnt occur xD

    It wouldn't be a Bethesda game without a few undocumented features

      "Undocumented features". Nice try, Bethesda PR rep ;)

    I was going to guess it would be the weight limit in a game where you can pick up everything =P

    When i first started playing everything was terrifying... now i'm level 50+ nothing scares me.

      Yeah, that's one of the best parts of a good rpg - evolving from a runt into a one-man army.

      Also, cornflakes box Kellogg is complete awesome.

    Surprise Assaultrons have my vote as scariest enemy

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