The New Daredevil Trailer Is All About Elektra

Last week's first big look at Daredevil season two introduced us to Matt Murdock's next big rival, the Punisher. But in its last few seconds, we got to see Matt re-encounter a familiar face from his past, Elektra Natchios -- and this giant new trailer explores her connection to the Man Without Fear. We got a brief glimpse of the Greek ninja in action in a short teaser yesterday, but like the "part one" trailer before it, this one is jam-packed with stuff -- and not just more of Elodie Yung's Elektra. More Daredevil, more Foggy and Karen, more Punisher... more everything! And an even better look at the updated Daredevil costume, complete with creepy looking red eyes.

But it's not all snazzy costumes and punching bad guys in store for Daredevil -- it's time for Matt to struggle with the consequences of his actions. Gangs are on the rise after he dealt with the Yakuza in season one, and the escalating violence of the Punisher is testing him physically and ethically as he questions whether Daredevil is going far enough, which also causes an even bigger rift between Matt and Foggy. The avocados at law may not be in partnership for much longer!

Oh, and ninjas. It wouldn't be true to Daredevil if there weren't copious amounts of ninjas.

Considering we're little more than three weeks away from getting the whole season, it's likely that this is the last big batch of new footage we'll get to see of Daredevil before season 2 hits Netflix on March 18. It's done plenty to whet my appetite for a return to Hell's Kitchen though.

Originally posted on Gizmodo.


    Perfect story lead up a possible session 3 story, similar story in the comics where Kingpin takes control of the hand

    The lack of capitalization of the letter 't' whenever the author writes "the Punisher" in this post is bugging me.

    Ok this looks brilliant. Also, they just revealed who they cast as Iron Fist, G.O.T actor Finn Jones just nailed the lead role.

      Loras Tyrell...

      That's an interesting choice.

        Yep very interesting. Though I'm a DC fan primarily, Marvel does nothing but nail the casting every damn time. Who woulda thought Charlie Cox, the dude from Stardust would make an awesome Matt Murdock after all lol

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