The New Season Of Good Game Starts Tonight

If you're like me, you probably like games. So that means there's probably a decent chance that you're also interested in Good Game, the long-running ABC series.

Good news! The new season starts again tonight, and we've got a trailer for you all.

The season will star regular presenters Bajo, Hex, supporting host Goose and Nichboy, who has been making regular appearances on YouTube for Good Game Pocket.

Here's a fun fact. After mid-September, it'll be 10 years since Good Game graced our televisions.

The newest season kicks off from 8.30pm on ABC2. What have been your favourite episodes of Good Game in the last 10 years?



      I like to think that he's in the darren suit.

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      I highly recommend giving the episode on Game Hugs a listen where he's interviewed. Really interesting interview and touches on the creation of and departure from Good Game.

      Meanwhile in some perfect alternate universe, Junglist and the guys from Cheeze TV are in a gaming/cartoon show

        here here, man cheeze tv was awesome. only thing that has ever prompted me to actually get up earlier than i absolutely had to for work lol

    I love Good Game.
    I do not like Nichboy.
    I'm not even sure he plays games in his own time (feel free to prove me wrong).
    Every time he's playing a new game, he cant work it out, something always totally stumps him, and then the live stream has to explain it to him.
    I know all games are different, but I feel there's a certain level of expertise that is universal to all gaming as a whole, some mechanics that are just known now on a basic level, and Nichboy just doesn't seem to have this understanding.
    I feel like when Bajo and Hex retire from Good Game (please be never) if Nichboy becomes the host, I'll have to tune out.

      Nichboy is entertaining though and spins a good tale. The fauxhawk guy just seems so smug i can't stand it!....

        I think it's because he's presenting at the same time. I've lost count of the amount of times I've sucked because my focus wasn't exclusively on the game I was playing.

      He's like Arin from game grumps. Loves games, plays them in his spare time but really isn't that good at them, but that's not the point. They're entertainers first, gamers second. Just because he's not good at most games doesn't mean he's not able to comment on them and give how he feels about them.

      You like Bajo and Hex, but not Nichboy? To me, it's the exact opposite. I think Nichboy is quite entertaining, unlike those other two.

      Oh, well. To each his/her own, I suppose.

        Nichboy is annoying. Seems like a professional cyclist or vaccum repair man turned minor tv game personality. Everyone else on the show is great.

          His segment on the adults only episode dealing with sex in games is some of the most entertaining tv ive seen come out of australia.

            No its not

              Really was. I mean, except sean micalif, there's that guy.

                Okay i liked him playing the division maybe i would kiss him

                  I missed the whole thing :( will have to check iview

                Youtube is heaps better quality I usually wait if I miss it, its always up the next day.

    Is that Kylo Ren in the background with a beanie? Junglist....I will finish.......what you started......

      HAHA, dude i was just an intern, so no need to get brutes on me.

    Had been watching since the beginning. Have some great memories of the show and Tuesday nights being Good Game night.

    The whole Junglist thing happened, and I stopped. Hex, well... I don't dislike her. I just don't like how she works with Bajo. Bajo and Jung worked well. Jung was more of a serious gamer. I respected his opinion more than Bajos. It went from talking about games to piss poor attempts at humour.

    I hope Good Game has a long and successful story, however "that" decision they made turned me off.

      +1 (up arrow not working for me for whatever reason)
      edit; ok now it is, but whatever, posted now

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    What have been your favourite episodes of Good Game in the last 10 years?

    All the episodes before Hex came. It's not Hex specifically, because Bajo got crap as well, and I still like Goose, Darren, Dave and Nichboy, but the newer episodes are definitely not for me. I moved onto Junglist's 5 Inch Floppy show soon after.

    Also, I wonder what Kapowski is doing nowadays.

      "newer episodes" - it's like 7 years later.

        I use the word "newer" very loosely. Technically they are newer, that being said.

    I love Good Game and watch it regularly.

    However, I just wish that Good Game is less US-centric and concentrate more on Australia, being that it is on ABC and funded by Aussie tax payers. Why do they have this American fetish and use American pronunciations and American phrases over Australian-English?

      Such as? I'm curious what you mean by that as it's not something I've really noticed.

        They say things like:
        - "hood" of a car instead of bonnet
        - "zip-line" instead of flying fox or aerial runway
        - say zee instead of zed for the letter z
        - say bay-ta instead of bee-ta for the Greek letter beta
        - say loo-tenant instead of lef-tenant for lieutenant

        I'm sure they will say "jumping jacks" instead of "star jumps" when they look at the Division bay-ta...

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          That's just how they talk; I always say "bay-ta" and zip-line just sounds better than flying fox or aerial runway.

            Really? Bay-ta is sooo American though! I asked all my friends (they are all programmers / IT) and they all told me that it's bee-ta. If you watch shows from the UK, it's all bee-ta. A show on SBS I watched recently (made in Australia, hosted by a Canadian) said bee-ta. If you ask a Greek how to pronounce is, they will say that bee-ta is closer - I think Greeks say vee-ta. What's the pigment in carrots - bee-ta carotene or bay-ta carotene?

              Well what can I say? I've never heard anyone except for brits use "bee-ta", everyone I know says "bay-ta".

                That's because of the American influence, which is my whole point

                It's only recently that people in Australia started to say bay-ta. Back in the 80's it was bee-ta max and never bay-ta max. I believe bee-ta is still the official Australian pronunciation.

                  There's no such thing as an "official Australian pronunciation", just because the pronunciation originated from/became widely due to America doesn't mean it belongs wholly to America, otherwise your pronunciation isn't Australian but rather an alteration of the original Greek pronunciation (which is also not correct due to the translation of Greek to English). People will use the words and pronunciations that they grew up with, whether or not it's the same as the people who came before them really doesn't matter.

              Literally never heard anyone say "bee-ta" in my life

                You must be young. It's only recently that I've heard people in Australia started to say bay-ta, because of the American influence. Bee-ta is still the correct Australian pronunciation.

                  Im in my 30's so not that young. There is no such thing as "official Australian pronunciation". Language/accents/dialects change over time. You don't seem to like American influence but you're ok with British influence?

                  @musikresponse No, I never said British influence is better or worse. I did however say that beta is Greek, so ask a Greek how to pronounce it, and they will say bee-ta is a closer pronunciation. Bay-ta is distinctly American pronunciation and is only found in the US. Everywhere else, it is bee-ta. Ask an Australian scientist how to pronounce 'beta decay' or a nutritionist how to pronounce 'beta carotene'.

                  Except that "bey-ta" is not only found in the US and "bee-ta" is not used everywhere else.

          When talking about games, I call them "Ziplines", while in real life I refer to them as "Flying Foxes". I also slide between the two "Beta" pronunciations all the time.

          I'm a weird kid.

      My only issue with their pronunciation is that they all pronounce NES as "ness" and SNES as "sness". They were abbreviations not words!!! 😡😡😡😡.

      I happened to be alive during that era no-one pretended they were words back then just as no-one says "pissfor" now!

        I happened to be alive in that era and nobody said the abbreviation as a word nor a set of letters. It was just the "Nintendo" and "Super Nintendo".

        Saying "Ness" or "Sness" is much easier to and faster to say the enn ee ess

    Cool. I stopped watching late last year when they ran out of good games. Got a bit sick of the bitchy eye rolling and asides from bajo every time he mentioned goose too.

    Haven't watched it since Hex joined. Really just can't stand the way her and Bajo talk, they sound exactly the same and have the same mannerisms in their speech. They also don't tend to disagree on anything so they might as well just have one person hosting the show.

      You're 100% right. I actually really like both Bajo and Hex but they are pretty much the same person.

    Wow. Such bad vibes for Hex.
    I've been watching GG for a good while now, since before Hex came along, and I think that she brings a different perspective to the reviews and.........................doesn't have a dumb accent to annoy me.
    She's an avid gamer, I think her opinions are well thought out and she certainly doesn't agree with Bajo all the time, which is good.

      I agree. I am glad they brought in Hex. With Bajo and Junglist hosting it was two very nerdy gamers who just loved the same shooting games and nothing else. At that point, it was a show only for extreme gamers.
      I think Hex brings a different perspective to the review and calls out when the game has some sexist/other stupid ideas that detract from the overall game. I appreciate this very much.

    Really? There still are Hex haters?


      I like Hex as a person and entertainer but I find myself really frustrated by her review style. It seems so wishy-washy (Bajo is almost as bad). In general I think that GG scores games too high and mostly glosses over negative points. If you are looking to see if there are any problems with the game before deciding to buy, GG is not the best way to do it in my view. Then they had the whole debacle over changing from numbers to stars. When they introduced the change they said that they would only be using half-stars 'in special cases': now they do it all the time and the scoring system is no different from the numbered system.

        Who cares about the review scores, it's about the content of the review. I get a pretty good idea of whether I'll like a game or not based on what and how they talk about the game.

    Ugh I can't stand another season. So many skits now. It's slowly becoming the Footy Show of video gaming. You know, 20% about games 80% crappy filler. I can't wait until they start having live bands in the studio.

      Spot on. I don't mind a bit of filler but they could easily squeeze another game into most episodes if they left out a lot of extraneous stuff.

    I still like it and I think they have done a good job of keeping the show fresh for what is now 10 years. Nichboy is a bit too hipster for my liking, but showed he is quite capable, particularly when discussing some of the more serious topics they raised at Pax QA.
    I do miss Junglist and wish he had his own game show on Telly (maybe SBS?)

      He has a show. I watched it once and wasn't impressed. I don't miss Jung at all

    Oh shit! I missed it!

    he plays dota in his spare time ALOT, and hearthstone, and many others, im not great at games either but im a gamer and proud of it

    Thanks for posting this at 5, ensuring I missed it. Ah well, I wasn't home anyway.

    Thanks for posting this at 5, ensuring I missed it. Ah well, I wasn't home anyway.

      All good, each episode is uploaded to their YouTube channel after airing (plus it's on iView)...

        Youtube? Great. iView is garbage every time I've tried it. Can play Netflix in HD but iView buffers every 9 seconds.

          That's weird. Especially because the quality on iView isn't that great either (they were trialling higher quality streams late last year on PS3/4, but even those weren't HD!)

            No loss to me though, ABC doesn't really have anything I wish to view on it. It's getting pretty alternative which is not something I care about. GG is the only thing I watch on telly anymore, the rest is Netflix and a few digital shows from a friend.

    Have always enjoyed the show (I'll say my favourite ep was when I was interviewed for STALKER about ten billion years ago, tehehehe was fun to watch) last night was fine, but at an hour it dragged a bit.

    I don't mind Nichboy as a screen presence at all but I just don't like let's plays... Reviews, analyses, discussions, these things I enjoy. Just watching someone play a game and tell me what they're doing, not so much. I'd prefer to do that myself :) If that could not become a regular thing i'd be happier but I know a lot of people enjoy the format so I guess it's inevitable.

    Other than that, yay it's back.

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