The Remaster Of One Of The Best FPS-RTS Hybrids Is Out Very Soon

The Remaster Of One Of The Best FPS-RTS Hybrids Is Out Very Soon

To this day, I’m still surprised that Activision decided to transform the Battlezone IP from its roots as a straight shooter into an FPS-RTS hybrid. What’s even more surprising is how well it worked. Besides Sacrifice (from MDK and Earthworm Jim developers Shiny), it’s perhaps the best mashup of those two games from that era of gaming.

We’ve known for some time that a remaster of the Battlezone remake was on the cards. We’ve known that it was due out some time this year, but as of this morning we know that it’s much sooner than anyone was expecting.

According to the Steam listing, fans of the Cold War-themed RTS/FPS will be able to get their hands on the remastered remake (bit of a mouthful, that) from Autumn.

To uphold the authenticity of the original, publishers Rebellion turned to Big Boat Interactive for help. Big Boat has three members who worked on Battlezone back in the 90’s, members who have reportedly been keeping the community for the games alive since then.

The Steam announcement also noted that Rebellion, which is based in the United Kingdom, is also still working on Battlezone for the PlayStation VR. Here’s the trailer for that, in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like.

We don’t know what Rebellion are charging for the remaster yet. They have announced that it will be compatible with the Steam Workshop, however, which could result in some fun encounters. Anyone want to play deathmatch with gravity turned off?


  • I played the crap out of Battlezone 2 back in the day.

    Never played the first one, so I’ll be looking forward to playing this remastered version.

    • Me too. Wasn’t expecting much when I picked it up from Kmart’s bargain bin but it was the best $10 I ever spent.

  • I was given it as a birthday present one year, but didn’t have a pc that could run it. By the time id managaged to convince the parents that we needed a new rig, the disc was long gone into the ether somehow. always disappointed me

  • I love this game. Haven’t played it in about a year, but it’s always fun to fire up the tanks and play a nice skirmish against the AI.

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