The Samsung Galaxy S7 Comes With Resolution And Frame Rate Presets

While it's fun to look at how far things have come on consoles and home PCs, the reality is the most rapid growth in computing power is happening on mobiles. That was made evidently clear at the World Mobile Congress, with Samsung showing off a feature in their latest Galaxy S7 that would fit right at home with any PC.

According to Gizmodo Australia's Campbell Simpson, who's currently in Barcelona for the trade show, the Galaxy S7 now comes with a Game Launcher that combines all game downloads into a quick access folder on the home screen or app page (much like how some phones now group all Google apps into a single folder).

But the most interesting element of Samsung's Game Launcher is the PC-like Game Tools. I'll let Simpson's words do the talking:

It’s more than a folder, though; the Game Launcher also allows access to Samsung’s Game Tools, where users can choose from four resolution and frame rate presets that it says can significantly lower power consumption when playing — by up to 15 per cent in some cases.

You can read the rest of Simpson's hands-on with the Galaxy S7, where he talks about the improved camera, understated design and the improved battery life, over at Gizmodo.


    "significantly"="up to 15 percent in some cases"....riiiiight

      15% less overall power consumption in a day can mean the difference between a whole day charge and a battery bank needed. My old note 4 I used to use a pixel disabler, made the phone effectively 720p which enabled me to get a full days usage, I'm a pretty heavy user.

        Yeah I get that it can be a noticeable difference over time, particularly in yours or anyone's case who relies heavily on their phone, but I just don't think the right wording was used there but then again we're not getting away from marketing buzzwords and the like any time soon. Reading that quote again it seems like this reduced usage will only apply to when playing games, presumably with the frame rate/resolution set to minimum values, doesn't yet seem like a decent enough trade off to me, though it's a good step in the right direction.

    I'm disappointed that they didn't go with a type-c connection. I know it is in its infancy but the more people that put it front and centre on their flag devices the more it will become the norm.

      Yeah i'm really annoyed that they havnt picked up the ball with usb-c. Retaining the micro usb is the biggest deterrent for me right now, i was going to get one on launch day, but instead i'm going to wait any see what else comes out.. They're just shooting themselves in the foot.

    The biggest advantage for me, I think, is going to be for casual games where resolution and FPS don't even matter. I'd prefer that extra 15 per cent battery life in Candy Bird Crush King Saga any day.

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