The Sherlock Manga Is Officially Heading To The West

The Sherlock Manga Is Officially Heading To The West

Four years ago, the first episode of the BBC’s modernised Sherlock series was adapted into a manga in Japan. Now, all these years later, it’s finally being officially translated for Western audiences. Behold, the exotic cheekbones of Benedict Cumberbatch, in two dimensions!

Titan Comics has announced that they have secured the rights to bring over the manga, illustrated by Jay, to the US and the UK. The manga — which eventually released a second volume based on the show’s second episode, “The Blind Banker” — has been translated by fans desperate for anything Sherlock related in the series’ frequent gaps between seasons. But this is the first time it will be officially available.

Officially sanctioned anime Martin Freeman. The world we live in, folks. It’s magical.

To make up for the fact that fan translations have been widely distributed in the four years since the manga released in Japan, Titan’s release will include an increased page count, new alternate covers and bonus art from frequent Titan collaborator Alice X. Zhang. It will also be available in both physical and digital formats. Sadly, even with the bonuses, it won’t include the second volume, just the adaptation of “A Study In Pink”.

Guys, looking up images of this… there are so many bizarre manga Benedict Cumberbatches, I can’t wait. It’s going to be great. Titan’s adaptation will be available in the US and UK in June.

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