The Top 10 Games On Twitch For 2015 Were...

The Top 10 Games On Twitch For 2015 Were...

Twitch released their look back on 2015 last week, and amongst all the "total hours viewed" stuff was something genuinely interesting: the top ten games streamed on the service for the year. Number one will shock you! (OK, no, it won't). 1. League of Legends 2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 3. DOTA 2 4. Hearthstone 5. Minecraft 6. H1Z1 7. Destiny 8. World of Tanks 9. World of Warcraft 10. FIFA 15

The main takeaway? Look at the games on the list, then consider their release dates: none of them were actually released in 2015. Eight of them were on the list for 2014 (FIFA 15 and Destiny were the only newcomers).

Oh, and as a bonus: the most popular Twitch emotes for 2015:

The Top 10 Games On Twitch For 2015 Were...

You can read the whole thing here.


    League of Legends is pretty much a gimme though I am surprised to see Destiny on the list

      I agree with you re Destiny. However, Destiny had huge views when they revealed their DLCs on Twitch. I believe that it was the biggest game reveal ever on Twitch.

      Last edited 15/02/16 4:24 pm

    There must have been an error in calculating this list. It is not including Mindjack from the Super Best Friends play twitch channel.

    Didn't realise World of Tanks and World of Warcraft were streamed so much....especially WoW.

    Maybe it's because I played WoW before twitch was a thing but I really can't picture watching someone stream it.

      WoT is massive, and there's a sizeable competitive scene for it.

      Last edited 15/02/16 3:35 pm

    None of those are even CLOSE to how your spell "Space Marine".

    Man.. editors are getting slack these days.

    Still, it's good to see Space Marine in all 10 slots, as it should be.
    Great game.

    Twitch needs an El Risitas emote badly. Freaking Azubu has it for crying out loud.

    Does this count archive views as well or just live stream views? Cause due to our timezone, I don't often get to watch the streams live, but I often watch the archives.

      I can't find the stats but archive views make up a minute fraction of Twitch traffic. It's something that came up after the whole muting VODs thing and it turns out that so few people watched the archives that most streamers didn't bother changing their music.

    I just wish I could watch Twitch again, I think my ISP throttles it as I can't even watch on low without buffering every 4-5secs.
    Extremely frustrating.

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