There Are So Many More Yo-Kai Watch Toys Coming You Guys

There Are So Many More Yo-Kai Watch Toys Coming You Guys

Back in December I showcased the handful of toys based on Level 5’s Pokemon-esque Yo-Kai Watch game and TV show. Judging from the new figures, plushies, watches and trading card game in Hasbro’s Yo-Kai space at Toy Fair, that was just the tip of a very large iceberg.

First off we’ve got the prime collectibles, the Disc Holder figures. These are the inexpensive figurines that come packed with collectible discs usable in the eponymous timepiece or in the mobbile and 3DS games. Tons more of those coming.

King of the asparagus people.
Robonyan is my favourite.
No wait, this guy is my favourite.
Oh no, is that Cheek Sneak? We don’t need him. Not in our house. OR maybe we do. I forgot

Oh my god I could just die.

Next up are the emotion changing figures, which comes with stickers to change their expressions to suit your whims. You control how they feel, but you can’t control their hearts.

You can totally control their hearts.
Sorry about lying about the hearts thing.

My favourite figures from the first line are the ones that transform from one thing to another incredibly similar thing. We’ve got more of those coming our way as well.

Robonyan transforms into Robonyan in a tiny car. His head is so huge!

Whisper changes into whatever this thing is.

Do you like to collect Yo-Kai Medallions? Did you buy the little binder? Good. You are going to need it.

Oh god.
Everybody loves blind bags. Everybody,

It’s called Yo-Kai Watch, not Yo-Kai Little Discs. The season two watch is coming. It’s blue, and now instead of just playing music, it projects a dancing Yo-Kai onto a flat surface with a tiny projector.

Stuck with a season one watch? Pimp it out with accessories. That’s right, faceplates and watch bands for a toy watch.

They call it Yo-Motion. I do not.
I am going to buy this, but only because we have two of these and need to differentiate.
More to buy!

And why should Pokemon have all the Trading Card Game fun and revenue? Yo-Kai Watch the trading card game, coming to that one weird aisle at a Target near you real soon.

Maybe if we get in on the ground floor it won’t be as bad.
It’s going to kill parents’ wallets either way.
The art is pretty great though. Maybe…

And finally we’ve got more plushies. Bigger plushies. Massive plushies. Plushies.


The Japanese phenomenon is off to a slow start in the West, but it’s picking up speed as more children watch the cartoon about the farting demon. It’s a classic. Rest assured those children will be well-served.


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