There's A Mod That Makes Me Want To Play Sonic Generations

It's difficult to find the motivation to play a traditional Sonic game these days as an adult. When I look around, all I see is trash like Sonic Boom — hell, you can even find the animated series on free-to-air TV on the weekends — and it ruins the memory of the originals that I remember playing on the SEGA Master System.

But every time I browse my Steam library, there's one Sonic title that nags away in my mind: Sonic Generations. The game has always been mentioned positively whenever it comes up in conversation, and as it turns out there's a mod that makes things even more interesting.

It's called Super Sonic Generations, and while it's been out for a while the mod has just received its first update in 3 years. I'll get to the reason for the update in a moment, but here's the core basics: the mod updates the models, textures, HUD and animations, while also adding a suite of skills and the Hyper Sonic transformation.

Here's a video of what it looks like in action, although there's a few hitches in the recording below.

There are two classes of skills, with five sets each. As follows, they are:

Classic Skill Set 1: Hyper Sonic, Acceleration, Power Brake, Long Spin Dash, Homing Attack Classic Skill Set 2: Hyper Sonic, Thunder Shield, Twin Spin, Long Spin Dash, Acceleration Classic Skill Set 3: Hyper Sonic, Fire Shield, Athleticism, Long Spin Dash, Acceleration Classic Skill Set 4: Hyper Sonic, Aqua Shield, Invincible Start, Long Spin Dash, Acceleration Classic Skill Set 5: Hyper Sonic, Homing Attack, Power Sneakers, Acceleration, Power Brake

Modern Skill Set 1: Hyper Sonic, Blast Off, Acceleration, Trick Mastery, Power Brake Modern Skill Set 2: Hyper Sonic, Blast Off, Acceleration, Auto-Gauge, Thunder Shield Modern Skill Set 3: Hyper Sonic, Blast Off, Acceleration, Power Stomp, Fire Shield Modern Skill Set 4: Hyper Sonic, Blast Off, Acceleration, Invincible Start, Aqua Shield Modern Skill Set 5: Hyper Sonic, Blast Off, Acceleration, Power Sneakers, Power Brake

Most of these read like they're related to Sonic going faster in some way, shape or form, which is more or less what anyone wants from a Sonic game.

In any case, if you want to play Sonic Generations with a fresh coat of paint (especially in 1440p!) then the ModDB downloads page has everything you need. There's a full set of install instructions and further details on what the mod adds over here as well. And for good measure, the creator stresses that the mod will not be released for the 360/PS3 versions of the game.


    Wait wait wait...I thought it was suppose to be Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles?

    Ooooh...I get it. He basically has a SSJ2 form as well. Derp.

    Last edited 22/02/16 6:24 pm

      sonic and knuckles both had a super form in sonic 3, with sonic 3 and knuckles combo, if you had all chaos emeralds before you got to mushroom hill zone in sonic and knuckles content, you could collect the super emeralds allowing for sonic, tails and knuckles to transform into hyper versions that were faster and more difficult to control, knuckles would slam the screen whenever he glided into a wall, defeating any enemies on screen and when sonic double jumped he would fire himself in the direction he was moving with a short ranged AoE attack around him, in addition to being invulnerable and tails got a longer faster flight and 4 flickys that would rotate around him and fly to attack enemies on screen. Tails got duped in sonic 3 though with no super transform, you needed all chaos and super emeralds for his second form

        Huh, cool to know! Thanks man! I remember having a Sonic and Knuckles comic back in the 5th grade where they transformed.

          This one?

          If it was I remember it too :P

            Bahahahaha YEEEEESSSSS! Holy crap, you've made my week. Awesome!

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