There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

Quantum Break will never arrive on PlayStation 4, but PC owners can play it the same day as Xbox One owners. This has caused anxiety among some Xbox fans, prompting Microsoft executive Phil Spencer to digitally spar with passionate Xbox One owners. It's been fascinating to watch. This started when a Twitter user blasted Spencer for today's news:

There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity
There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

Spencer was, unsurprisingly, a little taken aback.

There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

Is this just a riff on the "console wars" argument we've seen play out on playgrounds and message boards since the beginning of time, in which people ascribe too much personal identity to brands, prompting them to take business decisions personally? Or is it part of an underlying frustration that Sony's been kicking Microsoft's butt for a while now, Quantum Break was supposed to be a way of feeling good about your purchase, and the PC release diminishes that?

A little from column A, a little from column B.

I can remember acting a bit like this guy, though. When I was younger, most of my friends owned a SNES, but one friend owned a Genesis. Most arcade ports were way better on the SNES, and we would lord that over him, loudly and constantly laughing at him for having the shittier console. But there was one exception: Mortal Kombat. Nintendo didn't allow blood, but Sega did, and my friend reminded us of that all the time. It legitimately pissed me off.

(Thankfully, Mortal Kombat 2 on SNES had blood. Take that, Matt! Have fun with Eternal Champions or whatever.)

Exclusives are a funny business. We understand why they exist: to convince people one platform is a better purchase than the other. But they also suck, right? Not everyone can afford every console, so for many consumers, it means missing out on some awesome games. Who doesn't want more awesome games?

We tend to view exclusives differently, depending on the context.

How many times have we heard Sony and Microsoft call a game a "console exclusive" because it's also coming out on the PC at the same time? Goofy.

There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

When Rise of the Tomb Raider briefly became an Xbox One exclusive, people flipped out because the last game had been released one every platform, and it seemed Microsoft was using a war chest to snatch a game for themselves. But we don't know the context for that deal. Did Rise of the Tomb Raider become a better game because of Microsoft's money? Maybe it didn't make any difference.

We don't know, though due to the budgets of games these days, it is a complex question. I've heard on more than on one occasion that exclusivity talks for some very big games happened because they might otherwise get cancelled, but that's not something either company is going to brag about on stage at E3.

Spencer and Twitter Guy never really found common ground. Twitter Guy seemed to have a chip on his shoulder about PC owners in general, worried that Xbox One's other exclusives will eventually come to the PC, as well, and that wasn't fair because Xbox One owners had to pay for things like Xbox Live Gold.

(Quantum Break does not have multiplayer.)

There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity
There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

Again, in a vacuum, exclusives suck. I feel bad Xbox One owners can't play Bloodborne. I feel bad PS4 owners can't play Quantum Break. In an ideal world, everyone gets to play everything! But we don't live in that world, and lots of games wouldn't exist unless companies spent tens of millions to convince us their platform is the better one. Bottom line? It's never been better to own a PC!


    I can understand people being angry if they bought into the platform already just for that game (with a subscription to boot), only to learn they didn't really need to.

      Its the platform they choice to play on the most. A sub is part of that, just as it is with playing an MMO or on the PS4. They are choosing to do that. They have no right to complain when they could go to the PC, witch dose not have a sub for online play, unless the game asks for it, or the Wii U witch also has no online play. And for them to be using that as an excuse for a game that, as far as I remember, is a single player game, then they have no right to complain about anything.

      Hell, I remember a time when they where trying to defend the Xbox's sub. And as for them complaining, whats there to complain about? Its not like the game is NOT coming out on XBone anymore. All MS did was say that its also coming out on PC. And from what I hear, it will be a Microsoft Store exclusive, witch means Win 10 only. So its not like all PC gamers are going to be happy about it anyway.

        I think you might've taken too much from my comment because I was defending a very specific scenario. See my other comment for elaboration.

      o.O Why would you purchase the console for a game that hasn't even been released?

        So you have an excuse to rage on twitter when stuff like this happens, obviously.

        I don't think it's completely farfetched. Most games now are multiplatform, so when you pick a console (if you're limited to 1) you have to bet on which one is likely to have the exclusives you want. Some people might feel cheated if Quantum Break was the deciding factor that tipped them over to Xbox One from PS4 (as they now could've gone PS4 and played QB on PC).

        To be clear, I'm not saying it's bad that it's multiplatform now. Just empathizing with people that got caught out.

      Yep. Also it will potentially dilute the player base on XBone. Multiplayer will not be as vibrant unless they allow cross-platform play.

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    Microsoft is just stealthily turning Xbox into a steam machine. Not sure why people are mad. Just wait until PC players have to buy Xbox live. Then it will really hit the fan

      PC players having to buy Xbox live? Good luck to them with that, really.

      I'm not even being funny. The amount of people who would happily spend their free time breaking any such system vastly outnumbers those they'd be paying to build it in the first place.

      They killed Windows Live for good reason.

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      Nah, PC players just wouldn't pay for it and Microsoft would backpedal.

      We don't pay for Xbox Live, we pay for Windows...

        And Xbox users pay for Xbox OS. The way things are going, it looks like both camps will be getting free updates from now on.

      We already pay a premium on hardware. It's way more than an xbox subscription.

    That's pretty pathetic to be honest. The game no longer being exclusive doesn't diminish owning/playing it on Xbox at all. It's actually worse for PC users as the game will likely be a port rather than designed from ground up to run on PC.

    On the other hand I may not be giving the guy enough credit. This is an outrage! He should cancel that pre-order and go back to playing a proper exclusive title like Call of Duty! Didn't tough it out with a bad console to be treated like this!

      It is an outrage. While he's at it, he should quit Twitter too in protest. That'll learn em.

      I don't disagree with you that this guy is throwing a kindergarden-level tantrum, on the internet of all places, but PC hardware has advanced far enough since the current generation consoles were released that there aren't any Xbox- or PS4-specific optimisations that couldn't be recreated by simply throwing a shit-ton more CPU or GPU cycles at it without the user even noticing.

        Yet we still see some horrible ports to PC. Doesn't necessarily have to be performance based (although it often is) but even something like the control scheme can feel awkward on PC if it has been ported. Look at Skyrim for example.

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          In this limited case I think we're safe. Remedy started as a PC developer and their Alan Wake port was excellent.

            I'm more just generalizing here. PC ports done right are no issue but it isn't as simple as a lot of people assume.

    I like the irony of the person saying they bought subscription to play while QB is SP only.

    Big fucking deal seriously. My one graphic card is worth more than 20 years of their live subscription and I have changed twice now which effectively 40 years of their subscription.

    Man there is no end to stupidity.

      That's some very confronting and slightly depressing maths.

        Depending on what price you pay for games tho (and how many you purchase) you can save enough to pay for that difference in one cards lifetime For example if you buy 50 games over 3 years saving $10 per title you'd save yourself $500 which would get you a pretty good video card (high end previous generation). That's being pretty conservative as well! Most PC titles i pay far less compared to the console ones - purchasing for $50 instead of $70 on new titles.

          Or if you're a cheapskate and pirate every second game (I don't, but I can see the justification of expensive PC hardware because of this).

            in the past you've been able to do this with consoles too (mod chips and such).

        I had my sli 670 for about 3 years. Bought them at 500 each back then and then sold them around 200~250 each and bought a new 980ti :P

        Technically didn't pay full price for the 2nd card so my numbers are a lie haha.

    There is a downside for Xbox One owners. If all the exclusives come out for PC as well then less people will purchase an Xbox One, as some people will just get a PC instead. Less Xbox Ones sold means that developers will be less likely to port or develop for the Xbone. Meaning that there is less value in owning an Xbox One.


    You don't have to be shamed into feeling strongly about money you feel was potentially wasted, either.

    This is something that is unique to, and as old as videogames themselves. The industry encourages it, you're 'not true to the cause' unless you own all the currently supported devices and Hot Games of the minute. I've never called myself a gamer and never will, because it's not a badge of honour it's a corporate marketing ploy.

    This is 80s/90s console wars that became HARDCORE GAMERS ONLY F*** CASUALS that became the toxic wasteland of a community that "games" as a whole finds itself in today.

    I'll be damned if I'm expected to listen to someone - who makes money off of games in any capacity - try to tell me I'm not allowed to express my feelings about products I bought/own.

    But because this is the internet and I need to add caveats and clarify the slightest things - yes that means the angry twitter manchild is still out of line in his conversation with Spencer.

    There has to be some common sense here.

    When it goes wrong is when the community mistakenly goes for a backlash against the messenger, and not the parties responsible.

    We've seen that happen over the last few years in games, when renegades in positions of power and influence (see: Youtubers) inflict the power of the mob onto not organisations, but singular persons simply for stating their feelings on a matter they feel aggrieved about.

    TLDR: Complainer on Twitter is wrong but doesn't deserve to be make a mockery of.

      TLDR: Complainer on Twitter is wrong but doesn't deserve to be make a mockery of.

      To a point - but if you're making comments that is essentially a public stage with permanent record you should be much wiser with what you post. A lesson people seem to fail time and time again (ie people are stupid).

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      "Gamer" isn't a marketing ploy. I call myself a gamer because I spend most of my spare time playing games and I keep up with gaming news and what releases are coming.

      Doesn't mean I'm hardcore, couldn't care less about brand loyalty. As for 80/90s console wars...I never even heard the term "hardcore gamer" until something like 2005-2007 when playing WoW.

      Last edited 12/02/16 2:53 pm

        Thank you xenoun. As an 80's kid who grew up on Mega Drive and Snes I loath this gamer crap. Straight up wankers with marketing degree crap that makes no sense when you really think about it. I didn't hear it anywhere till about 05 when the Xb360 became a big deal. I will blame the yanks for ruining something else.

      I don't think 'gamer' is a badge of honour, OR a marketing ploy. It's a way of identifying by your passions.

      Is 'foodie' a badge of honour/marketing ploy? Gourmet? Rev-head/petrol-head? Raver? Muso? Artist? Adrenaline junkie? Bookworm? Trekkie? Cinephile?

      People label themselves and identify by their passions all the time. It's kind of core to the concept of what identity even IS.

      I'm not a 'muso', but I like listening to music.
      I'm not a cinephile, but I like watching movies.
      I'm not a bookworm, but I do like the occasional book.

      I'm just not passionate about creating and/or consuming music/films/books.
      I don't stay current on what's in development.
      I don't know much about the process of creation or the names of who's creating.
      I don't follow industry trends or personalities.
      I don't invest most of my disposable income into it.

      Musos/cinephiles/bookworms do... I don't.

      But I DO do those things with gaming;
      thus: gamer.
      Someone can enjoy gaming, but not consider themselves a gamer because they don't follow the hobby with that kind of passion and depth.

      It's a description self-identifying by one's passions, and serves the purpose of establishing the difference between someone who merely 'likes' them, and the dedicated enthusiast. And that distinction is important in order to find like-minded individuals with whom you can engage at that enthusiast level.

      It's true of the self-identity of gamer, it's true of petrol-heads, metal-heads, goths, bookworms, foodies, whoever. We've been doing it for thousands of years and as the world gets larger and finding meaningfully-small groups to relate to within that larger world becomes more important (google: Dunbar number), you're only going to see more of it, with increasing specificity.

      Gamers didn't invent tribalism, don't have the monopoly on it (seriously, ever been to a car enthusiast forum and seen how they talk about Ford/Holden?), and it's sure as hell not going anywhere.

      And unless there is something wrong with someone's passions (such as y'know... puppy-kicking), there is nothing acceptable about attacking people who identify by their passions.

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        That comparison to Ford/Holden in terms of console wars is a really valid point that I've never seen mentioned before. Bring in a 3rd manufacturer like Mercedes for PC and you're there.

        Guess thinking about it that way I should never expect people to get over the differences. Personally I don't care what others use to play games, I have my own preferences and what console/system those preferences align me with changes from time to time (same thing with buying a car!).

          Exactly. We've been doing it since day dot. We will always continue to do it.

          It's not a problem, either, until you use it as an excuse to behave like an asshole to someone else, and in that situation, it doesn't matter which banner you're flying... being an asshole is being an asshole. Which, again: see when people rib each other about league vs afl vs union, or ford vs holden.

          I mean for pete's sake, I've seen banjo-playing forums - yes, entire communities dedicated to banjo - where tribalism exists over picking techniques. Proponents of one technique will, I shit you not, bully each other over techniques which they claim cheapens the grand tradition of banjo.

          It's not a gamer thing. It's a human thing.

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            I agree with pretty much everything you've said in this thread except that tribalism isn't a problem. In my view it very much is. Even when it's not being used to be an arsehole to other people, tribalism and factional loyalty breeds confirmation bias, us vs them mentality and a lack of critical thinking. Tribalism in politics leads people to, among other things, support bad policies because their 'team' is the one pushing it. In sports it leads to blind faith that their team members are less likely to behave inappropriately than those scumbags on the other side, not to mention the ridiculous hostility between fans of different teams. It even factors in stupid things like anti-science and anti-vax movements. It leads to fights, conflicts, wars.

            In my view, tribalism and patriotism are cancers on society. They're the antithesis of critical and rational thought. They damage people's ability to exercise objective judgement. That's not to say they're the only things that lead to those outcomes, far from, but they're right up there on the list.

            Sorry about the mini-rant, that's a topic I have particularly strong feelings about.

      Objection to attacking the identity of 'gamer' aside, I do agree with the rest of what you've said, by the way.

      There's a real case for a dude feeling upset that he's bought a console on the expectation that he needed to if he wanted the exclusives, and then realizing that he's made a potentially significant investment for reasons that turned out to be false. That's gotta be disappointing and potentially - depending on income - something that would hurt right in the wallet.

      That said? It's definitely not a good reason to hold exclusives back from other platforms. The good done by allowing more people access to something far outweighs the good of restricting access for all those people who committed on exclusives alone.

      Twitter baby is a joke and should be laughed off both platforms : XBLA and Twitter.

    I'm just annoyed that its PC version is apparently exclusive to Win10 - feels like Halo2 and Vista all over again.

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      Oh, crap, it is? :-(

      Win10 completely rooted my PC. Had to do a re-format and re-install of Win 8 to get it working again. I'm very nervous about pulling the trigger a second time.

        All references to the PC version mention it being available "for Windows 10" and the redemption code Xbone buyers get is for the Windows Store, which is only on Win10. Admittedly, this could be just due to the "buy it on console and get a PC code" promotion being only the Win10 version, so other versions aren't getting mentioned, but... I doubt it. Especially given the way Microsoft is pushing Win10 at the moment.

        I updated my laptop from 8.1 in November-ish... the straight update resulted in the store not being able to authenticate. The suggested solution was to install a fresh copy. Three days of fresh install attempts later and I'm left with a mostly usable system that bluescreens every other day.

        Microsoft have to do a little more than wave a game at me to instil enough confidence in them for me to update my main gaming rig to Win10.

      yeha they said the same thing for Rise of the Tomb Raider so I bought it on Xbone cause I didn't want to install Win10 and deal with crap 980ti drivers. Then it went from DX12 Win 10 to Win7-DX11 and I was pissed.
      Point being I am sure QB will randomly appear on Steam.....

      It's not exclusive per se, it's just that Windows 10 is the only current Windows OS that supports DirectX 12, which Quantum Break is planned to use. DirectX 12 won't be supported on earlier operating systems mainly because it depends on the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0, the version of WDDM in Windows 10 and a massive overhaul of the system bigger than any change it's ever undergone since it first came out 10 years ago.

        "It's not exclusive to the platform, it just relies on a component that is currently, and for the foreseeable future, exclusive to that platform." I fail to see the distinction. Besides, why not implement support for more than one version of DX? Ashes of the Singularity, for instance, supports DX11 and 12.

          There's two points there. First, Windows 10 isn't a platform, Windows is. Win10 is just the current version. The game isn't platform exclusive. Second, the distinction is that it will run on any future version of Windows, it just happens that right now, Windows 10 is the only version that supports it.

          DX12 and DX11 are significantly different to each other. If developers want to write for both they can, but as a developer myself I would never do that on a new title. I'd rather continue developing for DX11 until 12 is well-established than write for both, it's far too much time and effort.

    I'm an xbox fan, through and through, but I couldn't give two shits about who else gets the game. I'm honestly sick of exclusives, just let us play the games we want on our choice of platform.

    It actually makes no economic sense for console makers to seek third party exclusivity deals any more. Back in the day where it was far less cross platform development compatibility? Sure. Now? The name of the game now is to pump out exceptional first party titles, something we really have yet to see this generation outside of ironically Nintendo.

    As someone who does own an Xbone I'm not particularly bothered by this myself, but I can understand the frustration. A lot of people make their console purchase based on exclusive games. They spend hundreds of dollars so they'll be able to play those games. So when those games start going multiplat it does come across like a waste of money to have bought that console.

    It's not an Xbone thing or a console wars thing or a PC master race thing or anything like that. A person could own a great gaming PC, or another console, and still feel ripped off because they bought a certain console on the idea that it would get games they wouldn't be able to play on their other systems.

    You could make the arguement that it's the consumers fault for assuming they'd get access to a certain number of exclusives to make their console purchase justifiable, or that they'd get access to one exclusive in particular. That they should have researched more, or waited until they purchased, or just expected a bait and switch. But the fact is that Quantum Break has been advertised as an Xbone exclusive for years, and while you may say that having it no longer being an exclusive is a great thing I don't think it's right to tell people who may have spent hundreds of dollars based on those advertisements that they're wrong for having ill feelings about it.

    I understand that someone saying "I'm really upset that these other people can now play this game" makes it sound like they're having a go at you and trying to deny you something, and so there's an instinct to in turn lash out at them, but that's not it at all. It's just that they jumped through hoops (or in this case paid money) for a game, and this decision by Microsoft devalues that effort somewhat. For many people (thought not all of course) it's not anger that other people are getting a game, but anger over the realisation that they didn't have to spend so much money to get a game. That's all it is, and it's not wrong to feel that way or question why they were put in such a position in the first place. To ask why they were sold a product on something that wasn't true.

      If your decision to buy any gaming platform is based on a single game then you're doing it wrong. Expect to get burned if that game turns out to be bad or gets cancelled or any number of things change or go wrong.

        Tell that to all the people that bought PS4's for Bloodborne and Xbox One's for Halo 5.

          Sure thing, just line them up in front of me and I'll go ahead.

          My point is that if you invest in a console for the sake of one game there's a number of things that can go wrong so be aware of that before you spend your cash. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

        I caved and got an Xbone for several exclusives and so far it looks like only Halo 5 and Forza 6 are the true exclusives, one of which is terrible. I was happy having a top end PC, PS4 and Wii U but went "no let's buy the XBone for......" and now I feel like I could of gone without. Frig, ohwell.

    Site glitched - double post

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    This is only an issue because XBox has so few meaningful exclusives left. A lot of people are using games like Quantum Break as a reason for owning the console, so when they lose exclusivity, they question the console sitting under their TV. This is obviously a business decision, the game has been delayed a few times, it's obviously over budget. Microsoft and Remedy have made this choice to make as much return on investment as possible during the launch window. Smart business, but single console owners will decry the loss of an exclusive.

    When Rise of the Tomb Raider briefly became an Xbox One exclusive

    When was it ever an Xbox One exclusive? It was always announced to be available for the Xbox 360 as well.

    Exclusivity has many benefits:

    1. It allows devs to focus their resources on a single platform.
    2. It allows devs to focus on a smaller target audience, and tailor the experience (and marketing) accordingly.
    3. It prevents games being artificially nerfed so that they don't look disproportionately better than on another platform.
    4. It prevents shoddy ports, which can often overshadow the quality of the game on the other platforms (e.g. Arkham Knight has an 87 on Metacritic on PS4 but is only known because of all the issues with the PC version).

    It's no coincidence that most of the GOAT games are exclusives.

    Obviously "aftermarket" ports way down the track are the exception, and bullshit timed exclusivity (a la ROTTR) is never OK.

      No-one is saying exclusives are always bad and have no benefits. We're saying that something opening up and no longer being exclusive is a good thing and people shouldn't get butt hurt because it's not only for "their" system anymore.

        It depends on what stage of the process it "opens up". If it's early enough to affect these four points then no it's not good. It's just devs trying to make more money at the expense of the game on the original platform.

    In Matt's defense... Eternal Champions was fucking great. Also NBA Jam was tonnes better on the Mega Drive, unfortunately.

      I spent way too many hours playing NBA Jam on Megadrive.....We never owned a SNES but Mortal Kombat on Megadrive was great too!

    UMM Microsoft makes Xboxes and Windows. Why would they release a game on one but not the other? If it was Sony you could be pissed, but with Microsoft wanting Continuum this makes sense?

      This ^. For the record I own an Xbone and Quantum Break was definitely one of the reasons I bought it.

      Does anything change now it's coming to PC? Yep my PC only friends get to play it - that's a win!

      Do I feel aggrieved that I bought an Xbone? Hardly (though I'm annoyed at the slack Aus release schedule) it's been a great console to own with M$ coming second and the back compat features alone were worth it, plus buying a console was way cheaper than upgrading my PC's RAM and graphics card to handle this generations' games

      The thing is though - no-one cracks it when Sony releases game on the Vita, well Windows is Microsoft's other platform so there's no issue as far I can see!

    Nope. That Xbox fanboi is a crybaby. And what a foolish argument too. It hasn't got a leg to stand on. I am dumbfounded he actually (or at least claimed to have) canceled his QB pre-order because "reasons". Just be grateful you (were) getting an awesome game.

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    I'll use this thread to announce to the millions that I've finally bought a swathe of new releases on PC instead of Xbox One. This is a very big deal.

    I'm a long time, hardcore gamerscore addict. But last week, I replaced my dual GTX580's with a single GTX970 that runs via HDMI to my TV. Despite me not liking 1080p resolution (1920x1080) because I'm used to 16:10, I've tried Far Cry 4 and Witcher 3 on my TV on both Xbox and PC and look... no-one's surprised by this... there was simply no comparison.

    Last generation I'd buy all GFWL titles (yes, I love GFWL) even when I had them on the 360, just so I could double my gamerscore. But now, I've just bought 4 brand new titles all on PC. That's a significant amount of GS I could have added to my 105k+ existing... but I've gone with the pretties. How on earth can I justify the drop in visual fidelity?

    It also means I'll save a LOT of money as I was going to buy DiRT Rally, Rebel Galaxy and Starpoint Gemini 2 on Xbox when they all released, but instead I'll play my existing copies on PC instead. That's also partly because I have other friends on Xbox so I own 2 copies of a lot of games... we're talking close to a thousand dollars in the last 18 months just doubling up.

    I'll still love my Xbox and it will get played, but it just won't get any new titles unless there's a sale at retail of games I was never sure about.

    I feel better saying that.

      I've...never known of anyone who actually cares about Gamerscore.

      However, if that's what makes it fun for you then who am I to judge. Welcome to PC and good game sales.

        Heh. For a long time when the 360 was king, I used a disc rental service - game guys or something.

        It meant that I was starting a lot of games, but not investigating them very closely. So for a little bit, I would look up achievement hunter guides to make sure I ticked the easier boxes on my way to weekend completion. It was just a thing I was doing to see the sights and get a good gauge on how long I'd need to keep a title for.

        However, something I didn't realize was that one of my friends was in a fierce rivalry with me over gamerscore.
        Completely without my knowledge.

        He actually thought that I was actively competing with him - every time he drew closer to my score, I'd get a new game and pull out ahead. It was only when we were at a party one night and he was practically ready to explode with frustration that I even realized gamerscore was something someone was paying any attention to.

        It was kind of amusing.

        If you play more Xbox, you'd know more people who do!

        Gamerscore actually breathed more life into my games. I never competed with the score like the below example (although I liked having a lot as a general rule)... what I did instead was play games in ways that I wouldn't have to get an achievement and had a whole bunch of fun as a result. Or I'd play a game to completion that I wasn't really vibing on and then discover myself having a really good time in the process.

        Part of me getting over it isn't just about dat better graphics... it's also that I cracked 100,000 GS which had been a goal for a long while and now I'm there... I can't see 150k, not now that I have 2 kids as well (I had 50k GS when my now four-year-old was born). It's lost its point and the lure of GS isn't enough to make me keep playing a shit game (like Thief, fuck the idea of wasting any time on that for GS!).

        And yeah, longtime PC gamer with an embarrassing number of games in my steam library so it's more about 'welcome to spending less on games every year'!

    we would lord that over him, loudly and constantly laughing at him for having the shittier console.

    Followed by...

    But there was one exception: Mortal Kombat. Nintendo didn’t allow blood, but Sega did, and my friend reminded us of that all the time. It legitimately pissed me off.

    Wow, you were a bit of a hypocritical dick.....

    As an Idort (owns every device) I am actually sometimes saddened for the loss of exclusivity. I mean it sounds weird since I'd have the least reason to complain since it would hurt me the least, yet...

    Well I just like having an excuse to use every device I have, to have a multi-part library that's strong for each console. Not just that, but as also said above: exclusivity is (sometimes) good for the game itself; not necessarily for sales, but for having one version built by the developers to function solely and best on the hardware. There's so many examples from last gen.

      My Xbox One been gathering dust for the past year :( Nothing interesting to play at all.

    Jokes on them if itvturns out to be a rushed buggy PC port cause the game was optimised and designed for XBox.

    Essentially this is console fanboys going "waaaaaaaah, this is my toy and only I can play with it"

    If there is cross play, I think they will be less pissed.

    Take Street Fighter V as an example, PS4 owners were embracing the PC guys because the community is now much bigger thanks to cross play.

    Will be great playing this on PC rather than Xbox. As for the guy complaining, I guess he can have a taste of how it felt when every PC developer and franchise ended up being thrown at consoles during last gen which took the wind out of a lot of peoples sails. At least the games design won't suffer for it (PC can do anything an Xbox can do, as opposed to the other way around).

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