These Dunks Look Like They Belong In A Video Game

The NBA season is enjoying some time off for the All-Star Break. That's always fun because it puts some of the league's best players together for some fun matches that fans get to vote on. But what can be even better is the Slam Dunk contest.

This year is being hailed as one of the best in recent memory. That's probably because some of the dunks are so ridiculous that they look like they came from a video game.

The highlights came courtesy of Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon and Minnesota Wolves guard Zach LaVine, whose dunks were so good that it made the rest of the competition irrelevant. Most of the rivals in the contest needed multiple goes to land their dunks anyway; the Nuggets' Will Barton had a spectacular second round by failing to dunk from any of his attempts.

But it didn't matter. Gordon and LaVine flew through the air with a grace that would have looked right at home in a video game. In fact, having put hundreds of hours into the NBA 2K series over the last few years on PC, console and mobile, I'm pretty sure you can't dunk anywhere near this good. (Is it possible in the older NBA Live games?)

There is the fact that this is a dunking contest and not occurring during an actual match, of course. But that doesn't make the dunks any easier — or any less ridiculous.

  2K, can we get these dunks in NBA 2K17 somehow?


    I remember when Isiah Rider did a between the legs dunk YEARS ago. That was the pinnacle of slam dunk comps. Now? The open with that dunk. Nice to see the competition evolving so much..

    Gordon was robbed

      Agreed - Zach was good but Gordon's "50" dunks were better

      Especially when you see his dunk while Stuff is spinning and then Lavine does almost the exact same dunk without the props and still gets 50.

        Gordons palm on that was insane. As a magic fan im really high on him all round. Not going to be an elite scorer but he gets all his current points without needing plays run and already defends any position. We've seen him bother harden to cousins this year

      As a fellow Magic fan, I agree, although Lavine killed it as well. It should have never gone to a dunk off though.

      P.S. I knew AG had a chance to win as soon as he was announced. Only people who watch Magic games would know.

        Yulp. Should have gone to a draw if they didn't want lavine to lose.I'm itching for the trade deadline a lotta talk hennigan has big moves planned

    Wow, the amount of vertical air they get is incredible. And the music - perfect.

    The dunk comps got really stale there for a while, really happy to see Lavine bring back the excitement last year and then raise the bar this yr due to Gordons ridiculous dunks. Outstanding stuff

    Good to see some flare to those dunks again. I used to love watching them during the Jordan era. He'd pull of amazing dunks during a game, but then go to insane levels during the dunk contents

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