These The Division Players Gang Up On One Guy, And Lose Spectacularly

These The Division Players Gang Up On One Guy, And Lose Spectacularly

This is justice porn.

I mean it might be staged, I don’t know. On some level I don’t even care. All I know is these three kids are the kids we all have to deal with when we play online and this lone wolf is our redeemer, our knight in shining armour.

I’m not playing The Division, so I’m not too up on the specifics of how this battle went the way it did. I suspect these three buffoons suck (and are possibly at a lower level) compared to the dude who smashed them. I’m sure gear was involved also.

Either way, I am now inspired to go online and DESTROY these young children who have stolen my video games. Later I will shake my fist at clouds.


  • Yep, gear was definitely a factor, he’s rocking a superior M14 Marksman rifle which was very hard to get hold of in the beta, does some incredible headshot damage (usually one shot kill on players unless they have stacked HP). He also has the Liberator assault rifle (High end gun, best available in beta) which he only used for a few shots on that last guy.

    It’s always satisfying to see groups try to mess with solo players and get destroyed.

    • Yeah the guy even stated that gear was a factor in the video description.

      That marksman rifle headshot bonus always comes out swinging. Good times.

  • That’s what happens when you betray the division. PvP is all risk s reward, they didn’t assess the risks of their actions and got their just rewards

  • Awesome…. the finishing touch is the best… let him breathe for a while on the ground then a butt to the head.

    I got punked by kids last night. was pretty funny walked through the doors into the dark zone and had 5 people shooting at me before i even knew what was happening. No amount of good gear was saving me that time. I think they may need a fix for just that situation. Was good to see this guy kick some A.

    I was all purple and blue by the end of the beta but didnt see either of those two guns. Guess i needed to grind some more. Oh well bring on the launch. I just hope the game has some legs and doesn’t end up doing a BF Hardline.

    • That might have been the same bunch of kids I encountered in the dark zone on Saturday. Five of them, many with turrets… Eventually pretty much everyone else on the server ganged up on them until we finally wiped them out.

    • Yup they need some kind of fix for people camping extraction points and entrance areas to DZ.

      One of the extraction points last night was being camped by 3 people, they’d wait for someone to call in an extraction, then when the heli was almost there they’d go rogue, kill the person and extract the loot. Then by the time you spawned back in there rogue timer would almost be up and they’d go back to camping.

      • Camping the extraction points is just going to be part of the game, thats kinda how the darkzone works and why the gear is better. Camping outside the gate and destroying you before you even take 3 steps into the DZ is something that they should really look at.

        Making it harder to bait other players into going rogue should also be looked at. Shoot another players turret once with a pistol and it starts firing on you turning them rogue. That’s pretty broken, especially if you put that turret down to fight bots.

        • I’ve got nothing against them camping, it’s just that their rogue timer will tick down to nothing and they’d continue to hang out there, I’d come back and I’d have to go rogue to take them out.

      • Agree for the entrances but camping and fighting over extraction zones is kind of the whole point of the PVP zones.
        I’d like some teaks to how going rogue works (eg timers etc) but overall I like the tension. Unfortunately if you want to be serious in the dark zone, you’re going to need some friends. It’s not a solo friendly experience.

        • From what I’ve seen of some gameplay videos, if you’re geared right it can be a solo friendly experience.

    • With an hour left in the beta, myself and 6 other friends were in a party chat and managed to get into the same instance. We just walked around and destroyed everyone else. It was a lot of fun, but not very fair to others. You didn’t gain a lot surviving the manhunt, but lost a lot getting killed when rogue. Guarantee there will be a lot of exploits at launch that will need to be fixed/balanced.

  • Still seems a bit outbalanced that one guy can take down three players all on the same level, gear or no gear.

    • Skill level comes in a lot there. Not only does he have a high damage rifle but he also managed to do repeated headshots quite quickly on multiple targets. That’s the reason their health dropped so fast. They also weren’t at max hp to begin with.

      Most players in that situation would die to the 3 kids, even if they had the same gear.

    • It look’s like there was some skill involved, I mean 80% of the time his cross hair is right on their heads, whilst they seem to be getting body shots at him. He was calm as hell too which helps alot.

    • That’s the way that The Division rolls – It’s an RPG first, shooter second. If he spent a good 12 hours in the DZ then he definitely would be rolling in purples stacking HP.

  • there truly are some stupid people playing. Taking it all so seriously. Whether it is groups of four killing solo players (who dont even have any loot) or people shooting you after you have put your loot on the helicopter. Seriously why bother for a little xp and to be jerks.

    I had one troll with broad aussie accent following me around dark zone saying thing slike “stand and deliver” “drop the bag and I will let you live”. Then he would shoot me just enough to be annoying but not enough to become rogue and he followed me around like that for about ten minutes, until I lead him into someone elses ambush.

    • I actually wish there was a destroy loot option for this very reason… So I could destroy anything I was carrying in a “Well if I can’t have it… Nobody can.” sort of deal, then try killing him even if it meant going rogue.

      • You can dismantle your contaminated gear, but they probably won’t add a ‘self destruct’ type button. I’d prefer the option to choose what’s in my private stash drop myself.

  • Sounds like there may be too many griefers in this game for me to enjoy. I won’t play enough to get to top (just like in Destiny and its raid wankery) so i imagine i will be the bunny that gets shot by groups with better skill and gear. Not fun unless you are at the top of the heap. A shame because I wanted to get it from the earliest news of it.

    • You would be surprised. Trust me, there are a lot of people that will not go Rogue on purpose and there are a lot of people that will play fairly.

      Not to mention that you don’t need to do the Dark Zone.

      • Not to mention that you don’t need to do the Dark Zone.
        Unless you actually care about getting good gear. In an RPG focused on gear. Naaaaah.

        • If your only aim is to enjoy the story and as @douga puts it he won’t play enough to get to top, then he doesn’t *have* to go in there.

          • No, but one of the appeals of loot and gear in MMOs or any RPG is the relative increase in power.
            The purpose of better gear is NOT because you ‘need it’ to do harder things, but for the increase in power for its own sake.

            (Agreed that it likely won’t be needed, though, if the open beta is anything to go by. When I exhausted all the encounters and missions in PVE, I started soloing the hard mode missions to see if I could pick up a weapon upgrade. I did not pick one up. I had not picked up an upgrade from the starting primary, and things were pretty easy to solo just fine. Found some ‘sidegrades’ on secondaries – sniper/shotgun instead of MP5. No upgrades, though. And the events and encounters didn’t repeat, either, which was frustrating. The PVE area was literally just wandering around an empty city, stumbling upon the occasional pair of looters, picking over a corpse. Seemed like they really were trying to draw players to PVP one way or another. Out of boredom from running out of PVE content, or with the lure of being literally the only way you can get gear upgrades. Hopefully that was just for the purposes of testing and the real PVE will have a bit more repeatability/dynamic events than just replaying hard modes for no real reward after you’ve burned through all the content inside a weekend.)

          • Can’t argue the increase in power. As you said it’s standard across any MMO and/or RPG – WoW, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age and Bravely Default for examples.

            I agree completely. I sunk 23 hours into the Closed Beta PC and 18 on PS4 Open Beta. I’m looking forward to release. If you were concerned about lack of NPC’s or encounters on release, check this video out from Angry Joe. It’s the only vid from someone playing a more ‘final’ product that showcases roaming NPC’s and such. It alleviates my concerns about the lack of NPC’s in the open world.

            I strongly believe Massive were hiding a large portion of the game throughout the Beta events.

          • Thanks for the vid. For me, it’s also wondering about those upgrades. It doesn’t seem like it would take very long at all to 100% all your wings. The story doesn’t seem particularly involving so far – just folks emoting at you because god forbid your character actually have a voice or personality that might conflict with the self-insertion fantasy. So not pinning hopes on that. I’m having trouble imagining that this will be much more than a weekend game or maybe two weekends. They’ve already said in interviews that endgame’s PVP-only on launch and there should be some PVE expansion stuff down the track… but it’s really about how long til you hit that point that concerns me. Because I did enjoy playing it. I kind of wish I was playing it right now. But that’s the exact feeling I had when I was playing it… and had run out of things to do outside of the darkzone. I wished there was something to play. Hopefully it keeps the servers online long enough to get the price down on a sale.

            Edit: And yes, Massive did outright say that they had manipulated NPC spawn rates and events and such specifically for the beta so that they could test the PVP component more, for the closed beta. And the feedback they had resulted in them opening up a bit more of the PVPVE stuff within the darkzone. I’m HOPING a lot of the PVE stuff that popped up at random will be repeatable and that indicators will help draw you to areas you haven’t explored yet to try and keep the novelty fresh, but there’s no indication the system’s that smart, at the moment.

          • You’ve hit the nails on the head mate, those are exactly my concerns and such as well. I’m hopeful that they’ll keep pushing content out at a higher quality rate than Bungie did, purely because of how much of the Feedback they listened to from Closed Beta – a huge majority of the patch notes were addressing testers feedback.

            It could be a weekend game. On the other hand however we have barely had a touch of the Story-aspect. Destiny turned out to be a ‘Weekend Game’ for me but I managed to drag 400 hours or so out of that before House of Wolves. I have a feeling I’ll get addicted to The Division just the same, if not more. I loved the customization of both Weapons and the appearance.

        • Hope you don’t mind briefly revisiting this topic. In a consolidated ‘Information’ thread on Reddit I came across the following that might help, @douga included:
          ‘To those worried the Dark Zone is the only viable way to get the Best-In-Slot gear, equivalent and better gear can also be earned through PvE activities (missions, encounters, etc.) during a community podcast it was stated, “Some of the best gear in the game you’ll be able to get through crafting” (Entirely unexplored system hype)’

          Link to full thread:

          • Nah, it’s a good place for it.

            Thanks for the link, that’s interesting. Reassuring, anyway. Doing the circuit of the known crafting-mats spots was one of the things I practiced while looking for shit to do, so that shouldn’t be too hard to get down… problem will probably be getting high-quality weapon parts if you don’t get actual high-quality weapons to drop in the first place.

            Still not confident about day one purchase, though. Content’s still the big concern. Just not sure how it all shakes out once you’ve got the thing out in the wild. Destiny’s vaunted events veered off into primarily-PVP territory in a big way once the thing got released and it turned out the only people still playing were doing it for the raid/crucible because all the solo PVEers had disappeared and why would you try catering to someone who isn’t your audience?

            (The rest of the link makes me lean more towards it, though.)

          • Well I’m sure there’ll be heaps of people to let you know how it goes, in regards to the D1 Purchase. Current debate is whether to go PS4 or PC first.

            I was miffed with Destiny how Queens Wrath(?) came out half-baked then put back in until HoW, I don’t think I was alone on that experience though. I’m ‘hopeful’ that Massive is smarter than that and have learned but hey – time will tell. 12 more days according to Steam.

          • PC version ran smooth as for me, so it won’t be a contest, here. Mouse and Keyboard are pretty much always the superior aiming input. Headshots for days, son! Put those youtube dev/media videos to shame.

          • Absolutely, I’ll have to add you on uPlay and/or Steam to jam it when it comes release if you are keen mate. LathiumxA is my handle. Should be good fun!

          • I use Adahn82 on uPlay. I think that’s how it works, not sure about Steam. Steam’s transientmind, same as here.

        • Some new Info has come out, not sure if you’ve seen it.

          Year One Plan:

          The Division’s epidemic-ravaged streets will be yours to explore when it launches on March 8, but the experience won’t end there. For starters, as you match wits with vicious gangs and try to restore order to Manhattan, you’ll be able to pursue new daily and weekly missions, as well as Dark Zone events that will potentially put you in the crosshairs of Rogue Agents.
          Additionally, two free updates, available to all players, will hit in the months following launch. Beginning in April, the Incursions update will add an endgame activity designed for squad play, challenging teams of four players to face nigh-unstoppable enemies for high-level loot. Also coming with the Incursions update is loot trading. Players in the same squad will be able to trade loot that’s collected during their co-op game session. The Conflict update will follow in May, adding new Dark Zone feature and an incursion into New York’s Columbus Circle.
          Three paid expansions are also planned throughout the year, and will be available to players with a Season Pass or to those who buy the Gold or Collector’s Edition of the game. In June, the Underground expansion will send you to hunt enemies in the vast mazes of tunnels and subways that run under Manhattan. Underground will be followed by Survival later in the summer, which will challenge you to survive for as long as possible in a very hostile environment while gathering supplies and equipment. Finally, Last Stand will arrive along with winter, challenging players with a new, relentless threat.

          Launch Day Patch Notes:

          Appearance Menu has received a complete overhaul:
          – Now displays as a Grid making it much easier to browse items
          – “Outfit Sets” option added to quickly equip all the items in a set
          – “Inspect” Feature added

          Visual improvements:
          – Fixed several lights that did not cast global illumination
          – Fixed missing volumetric lights on Traffic Lights
          – Illuminated signs now cast actual light
          – Improved atmospheric haze in several Time and Weather combinations
          – Improved night time lighting and contrast
          – Tweaked exaggerated rimlight shader on characters
          – Improved car window reflections
          – Improved SSAO to be more pronounced

          Mega Map and Open World updates:
          – New “Mission Overview” has been added to the Mega Map
          – Contaminated Zones will now display the required filter level on the Mega Map
          – Field data with Audio will automatically play when you pick them up
          – If you start listening to Field Data with audio from the menu you can keep listening outside the menu
          – Added Subtitles for all Field Data that play audio
          – Mission Entrance menu usability has been improved
          – Significantly increased number of Crafting Materials obtained from Loot Crates

          – New “Help” Menu is now available in Settings Menu – it stores all the Loading Screen and Context Sensitive Tips
          – New Tutorials added for certain gameplay features and mechanics (these can be switched off in the Options Menu)
          – Skill Modifiers have been added directly to Gear (previously only available on Gear Mods)
          – Fixed an issue on Character Select that resulted in getting stuck with specific combination of inputs
          – Fixed a progression blocking issue caused by accepting a group invite at a specific moment during the Base of Operations unlock sequence
          – Players will no longer be returned all the way back to start screen after creating or logging in to their Ubisoft Club Account
          – Fixed remaining Bugs that prevented log-in when some non-essential services were offline
          – New Icon for Landmarks in the DarkZone, Icon now changes dynamically depending on if Non– Player Enemies are present or not
          – Added information to the in-game Loot Pickup UI to show why an item can’t be picked up
          – Improved multi-GPU performance
          – Fixed issue where you could get a white screen on start-up
          – Improved performance in Windowed mode
          – The Deployable Turret no longer targets non-rogue players and doesn’t damage neutral players caught in line of fire either
          – Overall stability increased – lots of Crash fixes!
          – Further backend improvements and optimizations
          – Many Localization adjustments and bug fixes
          – Additional minor bug fixes and polish!

    • The darkzone (which is the PVP area) is also pretty optional. It’s mainly endgame content. You can play through the whole thing single player without every seeing another person.

      Otherwise…. it’s an MMO with PVP elements. There will always be griefers. It’s kind of the point to an extent. The PVP portion also also not something that’s super solo friendly. You’re going to want to roll in a group if you wanna do it properly.

      • Ok thanks for the info. I didn’t even get time to try the beta. I will try convince 2 other people I know on ps4 to get this – my purchase will depend on theirs.

        • Yeah I’m kind of the same. I’d prefer to play with a few mates, but at the same time, I put in 10+ hours into the beta so I think I enjoyed it enough even by myself to justify the purchase.
          Got some 30% off voucher from greenmangaming so it ended up being about $50.
          I have no doubt that I’ll probably get bored by the end, and I doubt I’ll do much of the PVP stuff alone. But I don’t doubt that I’ll get my monies worth, and I’ll enjoy it enough at least for most of the game.

    • I ran around for hours in the DZ alone on the weekend. It’s definitely doable and still fun and tense. When you’re fighting mobs of enemies it’s likely that other players will stumble across the battle and help out, when you’re trying to extract your gear there’s always ways to avoid getting killed for it (choosing quiet extraction points rather than central ones or ones near the entrance).

      One big thing I learned is if an extraction zone looks dodgy (too many players, people waiting around with no gear to extract) don’t take a chance, just be patient and retreat to another one.

      I think I actually liked soloing through the DZ better than grouping up.

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