This Is How You Make A Pokemon In Five Minutes

Well, two hours is how long it literally took to create this fantastic 3D render of Magnemite, but the super awesome timelapse video that shows every detail of how it was made? That lasts five minutes.

It's crazy, before I watched the video, I thought this Pokemon was a real, physical thing.

Turns out it's not — it's an incredible 3D render.

It was created by Asbjørn Lote — AKA lotsalote — a Norwegian 3D and VFX artist who loves Blender. He seems to be very good at his job.

I mean look at this thing. Look at it!

This thing looks like it could perk up, and just walk around. It looks real.


    was going to ask what software he uses. I'm not too experienced in 3D software but I like how you can paint straight onto the model with this. definitely going to check out Blender when I get home.

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