This Is Probably The Cheapest Copy Of Street Fighter V In Australia

Street Fighter V comes out today and you're thinking about buying it aren't you?

You're thinking: "urgh, I can't afford it, I should probably finish The Witcher 3/Fallout 4/The Witness instead".

I know, I'm a mind reader.

To make things worse for you, here's the cheapest copy of Street Fighter V in Australia. Probably.

It's usually either Big W or JB Hi-Fi that wins this sort of competition. This time the winner is Big W, with a price of $64.

Pretty decent.

But it's not permanent. The deal lasts until the February 18, which gives you two days to head over and pick it up. After the 18th the price goes back up to $78.

There's actually a real dearth of good Street Fighter V deals. JB Hi-Fi is selling the steelbook version at $89 and EB Games seems to be selling the game at full retail price ($99.95) for now.

Anyone spotted any cheaper deals?

Via OzBargain


    Are we sure there wont be another edition released by the time I get to the shops?

      They have stated that won't be a part of SF5. Not sure if I believe them, but they insist that this one will be supported with major upgrades and patches instead of 70 different editions of the same game.

    $50 for PC version via Oz Game Shop.

    Eb Games are always selling games at full retail. Even pre owned versions only have 5$ off. How they still do business is beyond me.

    Even if Big W puts the price back up to $78 they are still equal cheapest with Target (also $78)

    With only three major retailers now selling games, I'm surprised we're seeing deals in the 60s at all frankly

      And its already gone at the Melbourne City BigW

      This ^

      I just hope there's some deals for Dark Souls 3 (which, it was revealed today comes with a BC copy of Dark Souls 1 on Xbone) come April

    I took a trip to Brazil to get a PC copy for about AUD$32, preloaded and ready to go ;)

    As a big fan of SF I'm tempted to buy. But it's really annoying how the content isn't all on disc. I like to buy physical copies and keep for playing years and generations later.

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