This Is Probably The Cheapest Copy Of Twilight Princess In Australia

Friends — The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is coming out this week. You may be thinking of buying it.

And if you are, this is probably your best bet at this point.

It's a pretty awesome deal. For AU$68 you get The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princes and the amiibo.

The very same package costs $99.95 at EB Games and $99 at JB Hi-Fi. It's possible we might see more aggressive discounting closer to the game's release this Saturday but, at time of writing, this is the best one.

Have at it!

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    When a big game comes out, I think it's a good idea to check Big W and Target for a cheaper release price. I'm hoping to get The Division for $70 later this month. And yes I'm getting Twilight Princess too.

      The Division is $68 at launch from Big W in the same sale, so you won't have to wait that long

        I can't seem to find info on that, have you got a link? Also I thought the Division came out on the 8th.

    Or you can by the Wii version off Ebay for $23.00

      Motion controls suck.

        Oh please, they weren't that bad... outside the waggle for combat, the motion controls for the Bow, Hookshot etc all were a perfect fit for the Wiimotes!

          I really hates the forced use of motion controls. I just wanted to use a regular controller all the time. Motion controls were perfectly suited to party games but seriously I just want to sit on couch and use a game pad.

          they were terrible. and the whole game feels weird inverted. you can still play the gc version on the wii so if you're gunna cheap out and play the old one at least let it be that one.

      or I could play the copy sitting on myshelf for the gamecube?

    Looks like I'm picking it up from big w and then cancelling my EBGames preorder on Monday.

      Why not just have EB price match?

        because the bastards don't price match on preorders. Also the ebgames I ordered from is near where I work, not where I live.

          They always price match on preorders at my store, when you come pick it up they just price match to what ever is the cheapest, and seeing this is a catalogue deal thats only available in stores until the 9th of March they have no excuse not to price match.

            Yeah not in my experience, oh well.

              If they do stuff like that complain and get your money back, I guess I'm lucky in the dealings I have had with EB Staff that actually take the view that looking after the customers is what their job is about. I know alot of people hate on EB and I guess its because of shitty customer service, but if you are lucky enough to have decent people in your local store its hard to match with other peoples experiences.

                oh, I've got nothing against the store or the staff and I make a bulk of my purchases there. It's just that I've found when it comes to preorders, they won't match.

                  They should always match same for same
                  Some times you might have a edition with exclusive content included and they won't usually match that, but I have never had a problem price matching same for same items.

                  Some times I might have to downgrade to the next edition but that's usually fine by me if it's a significant difference

        Some EB's say yes, some tell you that their version is so super exclusive they can't possibly price Match.

    Anyone else wondering if they are releasing this now because they aren't going to release the new Zelda game on the wii u ?

      They are going to do the same thing with the new Zelda as they did with the original twilight princess, release across both consoles, thus making it an average old Gen game, and a mediocre new gen game.

      PS I dont mind Zelda Twilight Princess (im getting the remake), but it was a mistake to split it across two generations of console, release it on one or the other, dont hobble it on both.

      Last edited 29/02/16 4:54 pm

    Only full retail price for a 10 year old Nintendo game WITH a cheap plastic toy?!

    Better get in quick, while the price won’t drop again for the next 4 years that figurine will be really hard to get!

      Clearly... I mean how much do they charge for other remakes? Considering you know - work has actually been done to upgrade this? And do those remakes come with anything?

      Also it comes with the Game, Amiibo and a Collectors CD of 20 tracks (I think it is 20..) of the remastered soundtrack. So yeah, not bad actually considering what other remakes have included..

      Well seeing the game cube version is still selling from anywhere between 100 - 200 bucks on ebay. yeah, full retail price on a HD remake is actually a good deal.

        Given that the GC version should have been a $15 or less download on the Wii/ WiiU store years ago I’d say they’re both rip-offs.

        There’s absolutely zero reason that either Zelda remakes should be worth anything near full retail in 2016, and it’s made worse by the certainty that this game will still be $50+ well after the Nintendo NX hits the shelves.

        Nintendo’s pricing model is insane. Star Fox on the 3DS in a 3 year old remake of a 17(?) year old, 3 hours long (multiple playthroughs) game that originally fit on a 32mb cartridge…. And they send me emails advertising that it’s on sale for just $49 on the Nintendo Store! WTF?!?

        I can buy 3 HD Uncharted remakes for that, or 5 HD Halo games…. I can buy both Metro games in HD on the Xbox Live store right now for $9.95.

          Hahah I love the rage. Yeah I do agree with all that. But at the same time I would and will pay 60 - 70 for a remake of a zelda game. I can't get enough

            I did it for OOT a MM on the 3DS.

            Still ridiculous though.

    Just wish that I had the money right now. Really want that amiibo.

    Look I really like Zelda games. Windwaker has always been my favourite and the remake was exceptional. I really really enjoyed going back to that title and experiencing it again.
    I'm just not feeling it with Twilight Princess. Not at all. I played it when it first game out and it was good but... I'm gonna skip the remake.

    Straight from

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