This Video Game Sex Machine Has Been Delayed Due To High Demand

Would You Fuck This Video Game Sex Machine?

Earlier this week we asked a simple question: "would you fuck this video game sex machine"? It seems as though the answer to that question was an overwhelming yes.

The creators of the VirtuaDolls range of VR sex toys have announced there will be a two week delay...

As a result of unforeseen demand.

Essentially, too many people want a piece of this video game sex machine.

Clearly there is a market out there for this stuff.

The VirtuaDoll, for those of you who missed out on the original story, is essentially a sex toy that works in tandem with VR. There was an IndieGogo campaign, but that has been taken down in an attempt to manage the surge in demand. The project was on track to make its funding, so it'll be interesting to see what the page looks like once the team have addressed the demand issues.


    But I only ordered 700 of them....

    I guess one could say they...

    *puts on glasses*

    Got pounded hard... *AOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW*

    Last edited 04/02/16 10:26 am

      You could say that. Given that the facts have been....

      *Puts on bigger glasses.*

      ...laid bare!

      Glad to see you got over your earlier concerns ObiWereKenobi!

    Damnit, I was hoping that GIF was going to disappear from th 'Most Viewed' panel on the RHS of screen soon.

      Yep, I'm sick of seeing it moving out the corner of my eye. Very distracting.

      Yeah, completely agree. Kotaku's an open and diverse place for a lot of stuff involving games which is great, but this stufft keeps making it go two steps back instead of forward.

      Just imagine it's a hydraulic nut crushing machine.

        Stand too close and there's no imagining required :O

        Or imagine its wearing that famous 'attachment' from the movie Se7en... mmm lust

    Grinning like an idiot at my own immaturity

    You can just tell those are going to be as loud as a washing machine with a brick in it... i mean cmon the ideas cool but yeah, refine, refine, refine.
    does seem pretty neat though

    Wait..... by the clip... how do I defeat the beasts....

    OH DEAR GOD!!!!

    Last edited 04/02/16 12:46 pm

      Sword fighting? :p

    Let me guess, they swore that their campaigns normally last much longer than this? Everyone just caught them on an off day? They're just a bit stressed lately? Under a lot of pressure?

      (I'm talking about premature ejaculation)


        It's more common than you think... I mean, it doesn't happen to me... but my missus says it happens to a lot of guys... none of whom are me...

        Last edited 04/02/16 2:23 pm

        See, I just get bored with sex and that's what causes it. So really it's your problem, not mine.

    Unforeseen demand..? That's like saying that Diablo III servers wouldn't crash on day 1...

    I'm sure there's probably some kind of innuendo to be made about how they blew through their stock early and now they have to wait a little while before they can get their levels up again. In other news, that machine terrifies me. It's like it's one thrust away from just ripping everything off.

    Campaign is back up on indiegogo!

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