This Week In Games: Street Fighter Gets A Brand New Number

There are a lot of Street Fighter games, but when Street Fighter gets a brand new number — that's a big deal. That's important.

Street Fighter V comes out this week. I am excited about this. I am excited about sexy bearded Ryu.

Dub Dash (PC) What is it? A rhythm based action game that actually looks really interesting. Actually it looks like a migraine waiting to happen. The migraine might be worth it though. Should you care? Sure, worth watching the trailer at least to see if it tickles your fancy.

EGO PROTOCOL (PC) What is it? An interesting looking puzzle platformer where you have to rejig the level itself. Kinda cool. Should you care? Hardly a world beater. Looks innovative and fun at least.

Flip (PC)

What is it? This is swish, polished looking puzzle game that I want to play very much. Should you care? If you like puzzle games with interesting mechanics, absolutely.

Gurgamoth (PC)

What is it? A same screen multiplayer game that's part Smash Bros, part... every other same screen multiplayer game on Steam these days. Should you care? Looks really polished and well made. Might be worth a bash.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS)

What is it? It's another Pokemon game on the 3DS. Seriously, where do these things come from. Seems like one comes out every month. Should you care? Sure, why not. Everyone loves Pokemon, right?

Street Fighter V (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's Street Fighter V. There is a proper number change. That means it's a big deal and you should get excited. Should you care? This will probably be great. Almost certainly.


What is it? It's a 3D fighting game. Like a Streets of Rage style brawler. IN SPACE. Should you care? Looks fun enough.

Picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments!


    I know a quick google search could give me the answer, but speaking as a super duper lazy person with ADD, any chance we could get actual dates on some of these releases in the future?

    Also out this week:
    Layers of Fear (PS4/XBOne)
    Return to PopoloCrois: A Story Of Seasons Fairytale (3DS)
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PC)

    And perhaps the most important release this year that will revolutionise the games industry and raise the bar in total immersion gaming, NEKOPARA Vol. 2 (PC).

      TBH, i was expecting OP to actually miss adding SFV to the list of games coming out this week, but he did. At least the OP stuffed up by adding X1 as an SFV platform.... dunno how a games site that been covering the release of this game for months got that wrong

    Street Fighter V is PC and PS4 exclusive.... no xbone version in sight...

    Anyone played a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game before? I love me some Pokémon but never played one before. Reviews seem to be mixed... looks sort of like a Fire Emblem grid based game? Is that right?

      Mystery Dungeon games are very different from your standard Pokemon affair. Pokemon is one of my favourite franchises, but I've never been able to properly get into the Mystery Dungeon series. Honestly your best bet is to look up a let's play or something of a previous game.

      Your Fire Emblem comparison isn't really accurate, but at the same time it's not super inaccurate, if that makes sense. Mystery Dungeon isn't really a turn-based strategy game, but at the same time kind of is? Like I said, you're probably better off looking up gameplay hahaha.

      If you ask me, an important thing to note however is that your Pokemon WILL NOT evolve until post-game, if it's at all like previous games (I don't think that can be considered a spoiler, mega apologies if it is)

      Pokemon mystery dungeons are dungeon crawlers. Usually you go into dungeon controlling one character while your team member follows you. You can move horizontally, vertically and diagonally and each time do an action, enemies does it too. Usually each floor is randomly generated and I believe you have chance to befriend Pokemon as you defeat them by chance.

    So I guess I can delete that Street Fighter V beta that I never actually got to play because the servers were turned on for about half an hour at 3am one morning?

    Don't think I'll bother with any more PS4 betas... doesn't seem to be much point having a beta if it's not up long enough for people to actually test it. Similar story with The Tomorrow Children - downloaded it, it keeps getting patched / updated, but never actually seems to work.

    I've never really bothered with betas anyway, but I thought I'd try these ones since these days a beta is about the closest we ever get to a demo if we want to (legally) try we buy.

      Did you have the beta from the start? If so, they've had 4 separate official betas of at least a few days each (although the last one wouldn't work for some people unless they redownloaded it), with a few sporadic 'unofficial' betas (like one around the time of Wrestlemania where all the grapplers were available). They also announced the official betas on Facebook, Twitter and their own forums, although not a lot of news sites really covered it.

    Got an email this morning to say my copy of SFV had shipped. Yay.

    i had usf4 on my 360 and loved it. sad that sf5 not coming to the xbone. apparently the probably ensuing ssf5 turbo edition ultra combo megamix versions won't be coming to xbone either :(

      They're actually planning on using the game as more of a platform, with standard updates free of charge, and additional characters either purchasable outright with an exclusive costume for each via a season pass, or by spending in-game currency you get by just playing the game to unlock them. I'm going to miss ribbing Capcom over their Turbo Edition Ultra Combo Megamix versions though. :-P

      Sony paid for part of the development of the game in exchange for full console exclusivity, so unfortunately no SFV for our Xbox brethren.

    So is Fire Emblem Fates meant to be hitting this week? I know it is in the states, and we seem to get 3DS games before them usually, so... What's the deal? :/

    Also, pillars of eternity, 2nd half of the expansion. This week. HELL YES.

      FE Fates currently has (I believe) no confirmed relase for Europe, including us. Only that it's coming either late this year, or in 2017. I forget which.

        Aww man. I've been looking forward to this game for so damn long. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting for a little (or lot) longer :/

    Wow, just wow

    Zheros came out 3 weeks ago on Xbox One - I didn't see a notification on here then, Rocket League is out on Wednesday on Xbone also.

    i love sf but prefer the old sprite based art style to these 3d ones.

    Its like all the characters look bloated and uglyier.

    I'm still waiting for the Xbone announcement for SFV. Don't deny me my SF, Capcom. =(

      The game was funded by Sony, it's never happening, sorry man!

        You have to admit it'd be pretty delicious if Sony couldn't keep this one nailed down, though.

          Exclusives are dumb and it would be great if Xbone could get it as well, but considering the game wouldn't exist right now if sony hadn't put in the funds i can't see that ever happening.

        Ah. Wasn't aware that Sony had forked over the cash for this one. Figured it was just another dumb temporary exclusive. No SFV for me then.

    I've been playing Street Fighter games since the first one in arcade (Not SF2... Old school SF with the pressure pads) and this is the first time I'm missing a Street Fighter launch due to not caring

      Why do you not care?

        Agreed, why do you not care, @mase? From my experiences with the betas, it's looking to be a pretty solid game, and while there's a bunch of fan favourite characters missing, there's a bunch of interesting new characters and characters people have been clamouring for a return for a long time.

          I dunno. To me it felt like the same old Street Fighter. I know there's new gimmicks and stuff to it mechanics wise, but I guess that after 20+ years, I've just fallen out of love with the game

            Yeah, that's fair enough. If you're just not feeling it, it's not worth getting it on the hope it might reignite that spark. And honestly, with how barebones the initial launch is (they're patching in new modes for free starting from February), and the current server woes, it's probably worth waiting anyway if you happen to change your mind.

      I agree. doesn't look too different to sf4, although i could be mistaken.

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