Thought There Wasn't Gonna Be Another Big Steam Sale For A Bit? Think Again

Thought there wasn't gonna be another big Steam sale for a bit? Think again. The Steam Lunar New Year sale just kicked off, and it runs until Feb 12th. You can discover new games through a cute (though extremely simple) themed text adventure. Or you can buy nothing at all if your wallet — like mine — is still tired from the last sale.


    Nothing wrong with my wallet, it's the USD<->AUD exchange rate that I have a problem with!

      And nothing beats a good ole' knife twist between the ribs when you click on an item and it increases in price from the store front to the game's page even before the exchange rate.

      CoD, I'm lookin' at you.

    looks like a bit of a barren sale as far as quality or reasonable discounts go, anyway.

      Kinda felt that way to me for the last few sales tbh

        I think we should get used to that.

        I checked my wish list once, bought a couple of games and was done :/

          Yeah :\ as one of my mates said, since the other companies got their own platforms such as Uplay, Origin, WB's monstrosity etc, it's all fallen apart.

      Agreed. Steam is no longer exciting to check in for sales, in Australia unfortunately.

    As per the sentiment everyone else is expressing - Steam sales are just underwhelming now. The discount just accounts for the currency conversion, still basically paying full price. Steam just aren't competitive here anymore, need to get their act together and sort out what the ACCC has issues with. Only then will we see AUD on steam.

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