Today, Sydney Is Being Saved By Iron Boy

Domenic is nine years old. Domenic is currently battle cystic fybrosis. But today, thanks the Make A Wish Foundation and the NSW Police, Domenic will become Iron Man — or in this case Iron Boy — for a day and save the city of Sydney from the forces of evil.

Pic from Make A Wish Foundation

Seriously. Shit is going down. Make A Wish reporter Hope Joy has been kidnapped and there are reports that Ultron is in the area.

Iron Boy. We need your help.

Thankfully, it appears as though he has answered the call. Here he is receiving a briefing from NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione at police headquarters in Parramatta

Reports state that Iron Boy is already suited up and ready to go. Apparently Hope Joy is being held captive on an island. Only Iron Boy can save her now...

Sydney needs you Iron Boy!

This is a beautiful thing. When asked what he wanted his super power to be, Domenic replied to "heal people".

Iron Boy will be heading to the Sydney Opera House at 1.30pm. Hopefully Ultron is going to go down. If you're in the area I highly recommend heading down there to cheer him on.

I believe in you Iron Boy!

You can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #ironboyau

Bad. Ass.


    That's awesome. Totally need to get some serious cosplayers into this as well, could make for one really awesome unforgettable day

    This frightened the piss out of me. I live on Charles Street and my daughter goes to the school on Charles St where Police HQ is (and where there was a shooting a few months back) PLUS I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. So when I heard 5-6 police cars blare their sirens and block off traffic on Macquarie Street, I freaked the F*ck out. I abandoned the cafe I was sitting at and sprinted down to my kids school. Nightmare.

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    What happens if he survives the disease and gets a taste for Iron Man's powers and develops his own suit, but his thirst can't be quenched anymore and turns evil and takes over the world. Now we don't have anyone powerful enough to defeat Iron Boy all because of Make-A-Wish had to give a dying boys one last wish.

    Quis custodiet ipsos ferrum puer?

    This is the best thing I've read all year.

      Yup same. So good. Go Iron Boy!!!

      I understand - disease and sickness is a part of life. But god dammit I wish it didn't have to affect kids. :(

    There's a live blog on abc website which is great with lots of photos plus tweets from RDJ and L Hemsworth.

    Get treatment. Problem solved.

      Seriously. It aint quite that easy ffs

    Best news story of the year.
    Amongst all the rape and murder, it's so nice to hear stories like this even if you have to hold back a few tears due to the inevitable ending.

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