Want To Know Why You Lose In Fighting Games?

Want to know why you lose in fighting games? Longhaired guru Patrick Miller has a great essay+video combo up on his Tumblr about how each button press in a match-up needs to happen in conjunction with a meaningful understanding of moves and situational awareness. \


    the 3 yr old loses in fighting games because she doesn't button mash as much as the 5 yr old does.

    Is it because I need to git gud? Or maybe it's because I am a scrub.

    Porque no los dos?

    I know some moves, but I lose becausewhen it gets hectic I just hit stuff semi-randomly...but I sometimes win, which annoys the shit out of everyone except me.

    I lose when I'm either not as skilled as the opponent or too tired to execute commands correctly. One of the good things about Dive Kick, you can't fail to input a command unless you really want to :P

    I learn enough moves to spam particularly powerful/cool looking ones and occasionally win.

    Because I'm shockingly bad at video games, especially for someone that plays them so much.

    Probably because what I think is a best way to fighting game is different than what others think is best.

    Also there's a tipping point I don't like to cross; when the game stops being about me pretending to be a wicked Kung-Fu master and becomes a probability equation about frame-timings and hit-boxes etc.

      It's got nothing to do with probability, at that level it's about mind games; baiting reactions out of your opponent, getting reads, punishing accordingly. Yes, frame data and hit boxes are important, and you need to know that information as you play, but you have that information in your head as you play and you use that information to fight your opponent's brain as well as their physical ability.

        Yeah that's where I lose interest. I learn some special moves and combos and that's enough, everything else is reactionary on my part - trying to dodge/block that attack, do a jump kick or a special. I know I'll never remember sequential combos, never have the high reflexes, never have the patience for mind-games and most importantly: never care about those things, 'cause I know anybody can learn them with dedication.
        My favourite fighting games are OMF 2097, Mortal Kombat 9, and Soul Cailbur.

          I think the mind games are the best part about playing a fighting game competitively though. It's a battle of wits as much as it is a battle of fists. Do you try to bait something out? Do you go balls out aggression? Do you sit back and wait for your opponent to make the first move, then react? Have you been paying attention to your opponent's habits in a match? Think you can predict what their next move is and get a hard read?

          You don't need to necessarily have the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose to play competitively. Your ability to analyse how the match is playing out on the fly and being able to think a few moves ahead of your opponent takes you a long way.

          (Please tell me someone spots that movie reference :P)

          Last edited 09/02/16 12:12 am

            Sorry. I've got a long way to go on my martial arts films.
            And everything you said is what goes out the window for me when under pressure.
            Like for all games... I'm not very good at any.

              The quote is actually from Ace Ventura :)


    I lose so I can get it over with and move onto something more interesting.

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