WarCraft 3 Is Being Remade In StarCraft 2 As A Mod

WarCraft 3 Is Being Remade In StarCraft 2 As A Mod

Given the power of the StarCraft 2 editor and the long-running history modders have with Blizzard games, the only disappointing thing about this mod is that it didn’t come to life sooner.

It’s called WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth, and it’s a fan-lead project — much like the remake of the original StarCraft and Brood War campaigns in SC2 — to remake WarCraft 3 in the StarCraft 2 engine.

An alpha build of the mod has been released for all and sundry on the StarCraft 2 Arcade, with the creators asking fans to hang out in the #warcraftforever, #warcraft4plz and #warcraft_aa channels on Battle.net if they want to chat or pass on feedback.

If you want to try out the alpha build, simply search “WAA Turtle Rock” after clicking on the Arcade tab within StarCraft 2. More progress on development will be posted online through their ModDB summary as well.


    • Pretty sure it’s Russian made.

      Now, if Blizzard could see that we want a wc4 and stop beating the dead horse that is WoW that would be great.

      • They make so much money why would they? Warcraft 4 couldn’t have the same subscription model, and therefore couldn’t earn them anywhere near as much ROI.

        • were it any other developer I would agree with you but blizzard seem to be one of the few devs to give a crap about their fan base and while they are perhaps not always on the right track with design choices or releases I wouldn’t put it past them to know there is a desire for another WC RTS out there. With overwatch, legion and the warcraft movie on the horizon I doubt there is much time to focus on new products at this stage.

          Strangely enough, Square Enix I feel have been pretty in touch with their fans as well, business choices and potential episodic FF7 Remake notwithstanding, there has been quite a bit of feedback about ongoing projects as well as recent successes like Life is Strange and the anomaly that is FF14 ARR surviving as a subscription based MMO where everyone else has fallen into the freemium trap.

        • that’s the problem unfortunately 🙁

          Though at the same time many people still play WC3 especially the custom maps/game modes.

          Hell people would be happy even if Blizzard made a wc3 expansion, though apparently WoW had ruined the story?

      • The problem with making a Warcraft 4 is that WoW’s story is still ongoing, and because WoW introduced heroes other than the big names (ie. PCs) taking on threats I do not expect so see any continuation of the RTS-side of Warcraft until WoW is dead and Blizzard can write a new story with the next generation of characters (ie. not Thrall and co.).

        • Yer it’d have to be set far into the future or past. Most likely past. Wow won’t die for a very, very long time.

          EDIT: Now releasing a HD version – yer i could see that.

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